Blog: 3 Reasons to Ditch Your 401(k)

Written By Wealth Daily Research Team

Posted January 25, 2024

In the world of retirement planning, 401(k) accounts have long been hailed as a reliable vehicle for securing one’s financial future. However, a recent eye-opening video challenges this conventional wisdom, shedding light on three compelling reasons why you might want to reconsider your allegiance to the 401(k) path. Did you know that since 1987, the average equity mutual fund – the bedrock of your 401(K) – has earned only 3.66% per year. And that’s BEFORE you get hit with fees.

If you factor in the fees, you could be walking away with as little as 1.66%. Do you think you’ll be able to get rich off of those returns? Do you think you’ll even be able to retire from those returns? The answer is no. That’s why we’ve created our latest video “3 Reasons to Ditch Your 401(k).”

We could get into the details here, but it would be better for you to watch the video yourself and explore the little-known facts that could reshape your retirement strategy.

If you enjoyed “3 Reasons to Ditch Your 401(k)” and are interested in some resources that will help you take control of your retirement, simply keep reading!

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At the end of the video, Sara discusses a unique opportunity. She talks about a way to invest only $250 per month and retire with a small fortune. Financial advisers are terrified you’ll see this, but EVERY American deserves to know the TRUTH.

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