Crisis = Opportunity

Since Brian Hicks founded Angel Publishing and Wealth Daily, we've made some of the most shocking and successful market predictions of the past 20 years...

Today, Brian Hicks wants to talk to you about a crisis on the horizon and the reason he's coming out of semi-retirement. Brian started Angel Investment Research (the parent company of Wealth Daily) back in 2004. It’s a very unique, unconventional, and super-successful investment and market research company.

We are a small "boutique" investment research firm with less than 50 employees. And that’s how Brian likes it. We are small and nimble enough to make the kinds of insightful and sometimes shocking market calls that the big boys simply can’t or won’t do — like calling Brian's prediction in November 2022 that the stock market was about to go on a near-historic rally in 2023. For example, between January 2023 and July 2023, the tech-heavy Nasdaq went up a stunning 35% in just seven months. We made a killing for our unconventional investment-savvy individual investors like yourself.

Our singular goal is to provide our 1 million readers worldwide with unorthodox ideas and strategies that will help them build wealth and live free, independent lives.

We operate by a few simple principles:

  • We will never allow our views to be constrained by an increasingly conformist culture.
  • We will never stop championing the cause of individual liberty.
  • We will never stop pursuing any advantage that could help like-minded people achieve financial freedom.

Now about this coming crisis...

Let's be clear, Crisis = Opportunity. This a crisis that has the potential to be 10x bigger and more harmful, but way more profitable than any crisis before it. It’s a once-and-a-lifetime event that has the potential to change everything you do in your everyday life. Brian considers it to be the battle of his career if not life. He's ready and wants to help you prepare too...

Get prepared with the R.I.C.H. Report right here.