Canadian Government "Super-Charges" EV Income Stream

Written By Jason Williams

Updated January 10, 2024

Well, folks, it’s a weird week in the markets…

Monday was Christmas Day and markets in the States still recognize that as a holiday. So they were closed.

Next Monday is New Year’s Day and markets in the States will be closed for that, too.

Many people on both Main Street and Wall Street are on vacation, enjoying some time with their families and friends before getting back into the swing of things in 2024.

So trading is likely to be volatile, and as I wanted to have some time with my family and friends (and as yesterday was my birthday), I’m writing this in advance.

And it would be pretty pointless for me to try to cover something truly timely when I don’t know what’s going to happen between now, when I’m writing this, and now, when you’re reading it.

So instead of trying to predict the short-term future in the markets, something I often warn you against, I’m going to take a little time today to make sure I drive home a point I’ve been trying to make for months.

And I think now is an especially good time since the Canadian government recently announced its plans to ban the sale of all gas-powered vehicles in the country by 2035…

canada ev headlines


As many of you know, my wife and I recently picked up shop and moved from Baltimore City out to the Appalachian foothills in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia.

And after a few months out here in “God’s country,” I can tell you two things…

First, John Denver was absolutely right. This place is “almost Heaven.”

And second, there are EVs everywhere! Even out here in what many would call coal country…

There are two Teslas in my neighborhood of 50 families. There’s also a Lucid Air and even a Nissan and a GM EV.

And they’re putting in new EV charging stations at all of the local shopping malls and filling stations, too.

Rumor has it that we might even be getting our very own Tesla “showroom” right here in our small little mountain town!

But that really shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s been paying attention…

Since 2010, when Elon Musk first took Tesla, the world’s only EV company at that point, public, the market has absolutely exploded…

Back then, there were only a few thousand EVs being sold every year. Today, there are over 10 million new EVs sold each year.

ev growth to today

And that growth is only expected to continue to accelerate as the years pass. In fact, some researchers predict that EV sales will explode to over 31 million by 2027. That’s just a few short years away!

ev growth projections

That’s why I’ve been beating the table imploring every single investor I can reach to get some skin in this game while it’s still in the early innings.

Because there’s still a TON of profit to be had for investors who know where to put their money.

A Fool’s Errand

But as I said earlier, it would be foolish of me to try to predict what’s going to happen between when I’m writing this and when you’re reading it.

And it would be even more foolish of me to suggest you put all your chips on one investment I can’t possibly predict will certainly win.

So I’m not telling you to invest in any EV companies…

And I’m not telling you to invest in any battery-makers…

I’m not even telling you to invest in any company that manufactures EV chargers…

Because nobody can tell which of those will become the universal standard and market leader.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great companies out there in all three fields. And spreading some bets out among them wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

But if you want the closest thing you can get to a guaranteed win when it comes to investing, you really need to bet on something that will profit no matter who wins the races to EV and battery and charger supremacy.

And I’ve uncovered exactly that…

EVs Need Picks and Shovels Too

You see, I’ve had a ton of success in the past investing in companies and operations that support growth industries.

Instead of betting on whether Amazon, Microsoft, or some other company would win the cloud wars, I bet that all that cloud computing would need a lot of server space in order to operate.

And I found a company that rented server space to all those cloud companies. And it didn’t matter if AWS or Azure was better or had more customers.

They were both renting space from me and paying me a steady income stream for the privilege.

The cannabis markets were no different. Instead of betting on which cannabis company would become the most profitable (which turned out to be none of them), I bet they’d all need space to grow their weed and facilities to process it.

And I found a company that provided just that. While pot stocks got crushed, I got a 1,000% profit, PLUS a steady income stream from the rental of all those properties.

These kinds of investments are called “pick-and-shovel plays” in remembrance of the guys who struck it rich during the California Gold Rush not by digging for gold but by selling supplies to the miners.

Levi Strauss and Co., Wells Fargo, even American Express all got their start supplying miners with needed goods and services.

And the EV industry will be no different…

There will be winners and losers among the companies vying for market dominance in EV sales, charger sales, and battery sales.

And there will be investments that profit no matter which of those companies come out on top.

So, since I’ve had such success investing in these kinds of plays in the past, I dedicated countless hours of research to finding a similar one in the EV market.

And that’s exactly what I’ve uncovered in a program I’ve dubbed “Plug-in Payouts.”

EVs Get Charged and You Get PAID

It’s a way for investors to profit from the EV market and its growth no matter which company comes out on top.

Because it derives profits from the fact that every EV on the road will need to be charged at some point.

It doesn’t matter which brand of EV or which kind of battery it has, or even what charger it’s plugged into.

This program allows investors to essentially scrape a tiny fee from every EV charging transaction that takes place on its network.

And that network is pretty small right now, but it’s already paying out well over $300 million a year in steady income to in-the-know investors.

As the network grows, which it will have to (and which will be at least in part funded by national governments), those payments are only likely to grow right along with it.

In time, I see a program that’s paying out well over $300 BILLION per year. And I want you to stake your claim on it now, before it balloons so much and all the rank-and-file investors pile in.

I want you to get in early so you can watch your share of the payouts grow and grow. And so that you can watch the value of your share grow, too, should you ever wish to sell it.

It’s the best of all worlds: capital appreciation as the EV market grows, diversification to protect your assets, and steady income to pad your portfolio and spend however you choose.

So I’m imploring you to take a look at the presentation I prepared for the members of my investing community and get yourself invested, too.

A few years down the line, you’ll be very happy that you did.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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