Biden Just Said WHAT?!

Written By Jason Williams

Updated January 10, 2024

Biden just said WHAT?!

Love him or hate him, he’s always good for a laugh. I grew up knowing him as the senator from the neighboring state and the dad of the girl my buddy’s brother dated.

But most people know him as the president of the United States. And no matter when you met him, you’ve certainly heard him say things he shouldn’t.

Well, the announcement the president just made this week may be the biggest gaffe that’s ever slipped out of his mouth. But what’s surprising is that what he said was no mistake… no matter how laughable it is.

50%? Might as Well Be 50,000%

Just a few days ago, President Biden and the national automakers pledged to have 50% of all U.S. domestic vehicle sales be electrified by 2030.

I’m sure there was a lot of fanfare as there always is with these ridiculous statements. But no amount of “greenwashing” by the progressives is going to clean away the dirty truth…

And that’s the fact that Joe Biden may as well have said 50,000% of sales will be from electric vehicles (EVs) by then. Because it’s just about as realistic a goal.

You see, we literally can’t make that many electric vehicles. There isn’t enough lithium in the world. There isn’t enough copper in the world. There isn’t enough cobalt in the world.

Period. Hard stop. It CAN’T be done.

Unless we get some major advances in the technology that powers EVs, that many of them are just not coming, and anyone who thinks otherwise is just plain stupid or gullible — or both.

Sorry if you’re one of those people and I offended you. It’s just the facts. You know facts; they’re the pesky part of science everyone is always arguing about these days.

And the facts about EVs are definitely cringeworthy.

Expensive, Explosive, and Dirty?

I’ve covered pretty much all of the reasons that the EV revolution can’t progress without a major technological shift. But I’m going to go over them again quickly.

The batteries in these vehicles are made of some of the most expensive metals on Earth. So the end product can cost as much as $10,000.

And since they only last a short amount of time before they can’t be recharged, you’re going to have to replace them. You could buy a new internal combustion vehicle for that price.

Plus, there’s the fact that the batteries blow up from time to time. You see, they get hot when they’re charging fast or when they’re being discharged quickly (think driving). And as things get hot, they expand.

One the batteries expand enough, they break the box they’re in and the volatile metals are exposed to the air.

As soon as that happens, they burst into flames. It’s not a pretty picture:

And if that weren’t enough, they’re also far dirtier than any of the “greenwashers” want you to believe.

For reference, here’s an image of one of those dastardly polluters, a fracking well:

fracking well

You’ll notice all the dead vegetation and the polluted setting surrounding it. Oh, wait, you won’t, because those trees are green.

So if that’s where the evil energy comes from, the “green” energy must be coming from some utopia, right?… Wrong.

Here’s a lithium mine:

lithium mine

And here’s the water runoff from it:

lithium mine runoff

Here’s a cobalt mine. (Ignore the child laborers and it almost looks like a nice place, huh?)

cobalt mine

That’s what we’re transitioning to by “going green,” though.

That is, if we try to do it with the technology and the resources we’ve got now.

But fortunately for us (and for the planet and the president), there’s a company that’s working to solve those problems holding back the EV revolution.

And if it’s as successful as I’m convinced it will be, then Joe Biden’s recent gaffe might actually end up looking like foresight and not stupidity.

The Future Is Waiting

You see, this company has developed a completely new way to power electric vehicles. And its technology is powerful enough to run whole cities.

But it’s not producing the technology at scale yet. And that means nobody has really seen this tech in action.

That’s the ONLY reason this company’s stock doesn’t cost $1,000 a share…

Because once its technology moves from the lab and onto the showroom floor, every investor in the world is going to be falling all over themselves to get a piece of the action.

And that’s going to happen very soon. You see, the company’s already proven its technology in the lab, and now it’s just got to get it into EVs.

But it’s got all the cash it needs to move development forward. It’s even got everything it needs to build the factories that will be churning out its technology to nearly every automaker on the planet. AND it’s got a built-in buyer in the form of the largest EV company on the planet.

Investors who see that this company is the ONLY way we can meet those ridiculous goals — like 50% by 2030 — and invest in it now are going to reap the lion’s share of the rewards.

That’s why I’ve put together a presentation detailing the market, the opportunity, the technology, and the investment.

Electric Glass Video Player

All you’ve got to do is click here and give it a look. Then you’ll be a few mouse clicks away from setting yourself up to profit as this company takes the EV world by storm.

I’ve also got a written report because I know sometimes you prefer to read rather than watch and I’m adamant about getting this information out to you.

So, if you don’t have time to sit through a video presentation, you can peruse this report at your leisure.

Just click here for access.

Both the presentation and report contain all the same information. But don’t be too leisurely about getting it.

Like I said, the company is ready to make big moves. And once those start, the stock is likely to fly.

If you get the information and get invested today, you’ll be set up to ride that wave of profits all the way to a very comfortable retirement.

I hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity. It’s one of the best I’ve ever come across.

But you’ll have to make that choice for yourself.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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