7 Best Investment Newsletters for 2023

Mike Munno

Updated August 11, 2023

Investors from all over the world utilize the best investment newsletters to amplify their returns. Investors can save ample amounts of time by utilizing investment newsletters, freeing them from the bonds of research. Investment newsletters also offer investors sound investment advice.

Most investment newsletter gurus spend their days scanning markets and reports trying to find the next big win. Compared to non-gurus who spend most of their time at their 9-5 or with their families, this is a significant luxury.

By finding an investment newsletter that aligns with your goals and morals, you can take your portfolio to the next level. So where do you start? How do you find the best investment newsletter in 2023? I'm glad you asked.

Best Investment Newsletters

Best Investment Newsletters 2023

Today, we’ll go over some of the most successful investment newsletters in the industry. By the end of this article, you’ll have an idea of which investment newsletters can help you meet your financial goals. 

Without further ado, let’s get into the best investment newsletter to subscribe to in 2023. First up is The Wealth Advisory.

The Wealth Advisory

The Wealth Advisory was founded by Jason Williams, an ex-Wall Street banker who has made it his goal to help the “little guy.” Jason is a firm believer in the “power of growth” and has made it his mission to get everyone access to that power. 

For instance, If you put $5,000 into a $50 stock that pays 8% a year and held it for 20 years, your investment would be worth $24,377. That would equal a 487% gain. That’s not bad, but with The Wealth Advisory, it could be a lot better. 

That same $5K in a stock that pays just 3% — but grows that payment at 20% a year — would be worth $4,055,388 after 20 years. That’s a phenomenal 81,327% gain. 

Discover how to harness growth power with The Wealth Advisory. See why it's one of the best investment newsletters of 2023.

Also, at the beginning of every month, Jason releases The Wealth Advisory Top 10 which lists the top 10 stocks they’re recommending for consistent gains that month. You can view the Top 10 Stocks to Own for August 2023 right here

Technology and Opportunity 

If you’re aware that the technology landscape is ever-changing, creating profits at every turn for forward-thinking investors, then Technology and Opportunity is for you. As managing editor Keith Kohl likes to put it: “Times change, technologies evolve… dot-coms move on to mobile apps… floppy discs move beyond flash, and data goes to the cloud… The great thing for investors like you and me is that each of these leaps forward gives you the opportunity to make ten, twenty, or even fifty times your money.” 

One of the most lucrative and easy-to-understand strategies for the beginning investor is to get in early on the next technology trend. But that’s easier said than done. Not only do you have to be ahead of the next technology trend, but you also have to time it well.

That’s where Keith Kohl and the Technology and Opportunity team accel. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, the technology sector is about to undergo another revolution. But what will come after AI? Well, we’re glad you asked. Learn more about what Keith Kohl and the team at Technology and Opportunity are looking at right now. 

Energy and Capital 

Founded in 2005, Energy and Capital dedicates itself to covering all energy market aspects. It was among the first free newsletters connecting investors to energy stock profits. 

Some ask “Why a whole newsletter dedicated to energy investments?” And the answer is easy. Energy is one of the most important and largest sectors in the global economy. Each issue of Energy and Capital contains the latest news and information regarding energy from all facets. 

From electric vehicles to lithium batteries, to green energy movements, coal, fossil fuels, and more. Energy and Capital covers it all. And the experts of EAC are the best of the best. They are true market veterans with a knack for providing ground-breaking recommendations to their readers.

If you're serious about investing in energy, then Energy and Capital is the newsletter for you. Learn more here and start profiting from the global energy boom.

Bull and Bust Report

Bull and Bust Report is led by the legendary Christian DeHeamer. Known as “The Hammer,” Christian has his own unique investing style. Taking a blend of value investing and a specific catalyst he calls "The Hammer, Trigger, and Spark System,” Christian has been making money for himself and his readers for over 20 years. 

As The Hammer says, Bull and Bust Report can be summed up with a timeless phase: Absque argento omnia vana, or “Without money, all is in vain.” He doesn’t care if you plan to take care of your family or simply live well while the world falls apart. You can’t do it unless you are financially stable.

If you’re not already there, Hammer and the Bull and Bust report plan on taking you to wherever your financial goals may lead you. Whether it’s a new trend like Bitcoin for a cool 3,593%, or something more traditional like Broadcom for 308.19%, Christian knows how to deliver. 

Discover if the Bull and Bust Report is the newsletter that will help you reach your financial goals right here. 

Insider Stakeout 

Insider Stakeout is a newer premium investment letter but with an average trade outcome of 76%, it’s safe to say it deserves a place on the list of best investment newsletters. The main idea is simple, legal insider trading happens every day. 

What makes it legal or illegal is whether or not the insider fills out one of three key SEC forms: Form 4, Form 13F, and the political disclosure form. Alex Boulden and his readers at Insider Stakeout are able to target these insider buying opportunities and take advantage. 

To get a better understanding of how Alex’s system works, take a look for yourself right here

Outsider Club

Outsider Club is another free investment newsletter that focuses on helping “Outsiders” get their due. Wall Street is one big club of insiders and you’re not in it. Rather than get taken advantage of, Outsider Club aims to equip its readers with the smarts and know-how to survive the ebbs and flows of Wall Street. 

The Outsider Club is a group of people ready to take our finances into our own hands; to manage our own investments; to not give into a system that skims off the top until it's time for you to retire, leaving you wondering what you've been working for for the past 40 years.

They provide expert guidance on saving, retirement, taxes, investments, and financial independence, outside banking and government.

Learn how to get your position on the Outside right here

Green Chip Stocks

If you’re looking to take advantage of the growing green economy, Green Chip Stocks is for you. Led by market veteran Jeff Siegel, Green Chip Stock aims to grow wealth by investing in green energy projects. 

“Doing well by doing good” is how Jeff likes to describe the investment philosophy behind Green Chip Stocks. It has also been referred to as “socially responsible investing.” 

Socially responsible investing has gotten a bad rap from a lot of Wall Street sharks. At the end of the day, companies acting in a socially responsible manner tend to perform well. Companies like Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), Whole Foods Market (NASDAQ: WFM), and Canopy Growth Corporation(CGC) have all helped propel Jeff and his readers to new highs. In a socially responsible way. 

If you’re interested in beefing up your portfolio while also feeling good about what you put your money into, then you’ll want to read more on Green Chip Stocks

Final Thoughts – Best Investment Newsletters 2023 

The newsletters listed above are some of the best investment newsletters that you can subscribe to. They are the cream of the crop in regards to Angel Publishing investment research, one of the best publishers in the investment newsletter industry. It is important to remember that while even the best investment newsletters can save you hours of time, you must still do your own due diligence. 

Do the research to make sure the investment newsletter you're signing up for is not only successful, but aligns with your goals and personal beliefs. It's one thing to make money in the stock market, it's another to feel good about how you do it.

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