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Your Ticket to Backdoor Profits

Written by Jason Williams
Posted June 16, 2017

What if I told you there was a way to get a piece of the profits from companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Wal-Mart, and Target... and you don’t even have to own a single share of any of their stock?

You might say it’s too good to be true. You might tell me I’m crazy. You might even ask if a leprechaun riding a unicorn told me about it.

I understand. It seems too good to be true. It does sound a little crazy. And until I saw how it worked, I thought it was just a fantasy, too.

But it’s completely true. It’s crazy like a fox. And it’s the farthest thing from make-believe.

What’s best is it’s extremely profitable.

In fact, there are people who are already pocketing thousands of dollars with this simple strategy.

They're already literally raking in money hand over fist: $7,000... $16,000... even as much as $23,500 in a single month. And that’s cold, hard cash. Not stock price gains on paper.

We’re talking about money in the bank. Profits a market turn can’t wipe out.

And they’re not hedge fund managers or super-wealthy private equity investors. They’re regular folks just like you and me.

Before I get into more detail about how you can get in on these profits, let’s look at the companies that are paying out these big bucks...

Straight from the Source

Why not just invest in the companies paying out the profits? It sounds like a solid idea.

I mean, if people with no skin in the game are getting paid off big time, wouldn’t investors get even more?

Let’s take a look...

If you’d bought into Google at the beginning of the year, you’d be looking at an 18% gain so far this year. That’s not too bad... until you realize that gain could easily be wiped out if the market turns on Alphabet, Inc. stock. If it sells off, you might not be able to react fast enough to save your profits.

That’s because it’s entirely on paper right now. It’s not in the bank. It’s at the brokerage.

Same thing with Amazon. You’d be up 23% this year. And that’s respectable. But, again, it can get wiped from the board in just one day of trading. Unlikely, but very possible.

Facebook is up about 22% this year. So, if you’d put a grand into that, you’d have an extra $217 so far. But again, that’s all on paper. There’s no cash in your bank account.

Wal-Mart and Target are a little different. They pay dividends. So, you’d have a little extra cash in the bank.  If you’d bought Wal-Mart stock at the start of the year, you’d be up about 19% right now if you add in the payments you got.

Target investors, however, are down a solid 17% for the year at this point. And that includes the dividends. So, they got a little extra spending money, but they lost out on their stock investment. Not so great.

fortune 500 backdoor

If you’d taken $10,000 at the start of the year and split it up among these stocks, you’d be sitting on $11,234 as of today. That’s a 13% overall gain. And that includes the cash payments you got from Wal-Mart and Target.

Again, that’s not bad. 13% in half a year is a respectable return. If that keeps up, you’ll be netting 28% this year. In 10 years, you’ll have an amazing 1,052% profit.

You’ll have doubled your money 10 times over.

And that $10K you started with will grow to $115,230.

Anybody should be happy with that performance.

Turning a 10-Bagger into a 256-Bagger

But you could have doubled your money 256 times over AND gotten paid cold, hard cash along the way.

I’m talking about 32% profits so far this year alone, and in the form of a bunch of dollars in your pocket, not just paper profits that can disappear with the wave of some trader’s hand or some algorithm’s formula.

Backdoor profits

That’s an extra $3,200 in your pocket (if you’d started with the same 10 grand as before), and in just six months. Keep collecting the profits, and you’re talking about over $7,000 this year and around $2.6 million in a decade. All from that $10,000 investment you made.

annualized backdoor profits

Pulling Cash Out the “Back Door”

It’s like you’re pulling cash right out of the “back door” of these Fortune 500 companies. And for lack of a better description, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Before investors can get their hands on this chunk of their companies’ revenues, you’re swooping in to claim your share.

Before insiders lay claim to profits, you get a piece of the pie. And you get it when the pie’s much bigger.

You’re getting your money before employees at the companies even get paid for working there — CEOs and presidents included.

It’s so simple, yet so profitable. And before you get concerned, it’s completely legal. I’ve watched enough movies to know that criminals always get caught, and illegally gotten gains are quickly liquidated.

No, I’m all about the profits they can’t take away from you. And that’s what’s so amazing about this strategy. They can’t take the gains back. Not even a market crash can pull that money out of your bank account once it’s in there.

No matter what happens, it’s yours to do with as you wish. Buy a boat. Get a vacation home. Take a lavish trip to some exotic location. Whatever you want. Because it’s your money once you slip it out the “back door.”

Secure Your Dreams

I’d imagine by now you’re wondering how you can get onboard with this program... how you can start “backdooring” Fortune 500 companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

Well, it’s simple. My colleague Briton Ryle and I have put together a presentation and detailed report that will let you in on the secret that’s already making our readers’ dreams come true.

Click here and check it out. It’ll take a couple of minutes out of your day, but I promise you won’t regret it. In fact, it’ll probably be the most profitable couple minutes of your life.

To investing with integrity (and “backdoor” profits),

Jason Williams
Wealth Daily

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