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Written by Jason Williams
Posted June 7, 2018 at 8:00PM

I haven’t lived an incredibly long life yet. I’m only 35 years old. To 18-year-old me, that seemed old. To current me, that seems just about right (albeit surprising how quickly the years passed). To 55-year-old me in the future, I’m sure 35 will seem like the prime of my life.

But anyway, even though it hasn’t been really long yet, I’ve had enough experiences to fill twice that many years. And when I look back over them, I have very few regrets.

In fact, I don’t regret anything I’ve done. Sure, I made some dumb mistakes as a kid. Heck, I still make them as an adult — just ask my girlfriend or my sister. But without doing all the things I’ve done, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. And I like me. Sure, there’s always room for improvement. But when I compare myself to previous versions of me, I’m happy with where I am and who I’ve become.

The only regrets I really have are things I didn’t do. Some of them — traveling down the Amazon, trekking through Africa, backpacking across Asia — I can still accomplish. Some — spending more time with my grandparents and friends who are no longer here, taking time between high school and college to travel, enjoying being a kid and not spending those years wishing I was older — are opportunities passed that will not come again.

Most of the regrets revolve around life experiences, family, and friends. But there are a couple, albeit not quite as big, that have to do with investments I could have made.

And I want to talk to you about one of them today.

My Time with Morgan

You see, back in 2009, I had just finished getting my degrees in finance and economics. When I’d gone back to school a few years before, it made perfect sense. The stock market was soaring. People on Wall Street were making billions. I wanted a piece of that action.

Then, just before I started my final year, the markets plunged into the worst recession since 1929. And suddenly finance didn’t seem like that sure of a bet.

But I was already almost done, so I stuck it out and graduated. Within a few months, I got a job at Morgan Stanley helping sell fixed-income securities. I was probably filling the spot of someone who got laid off during the crash the year before. But I didn’t care. I was working my dream job.

Some time passed, and as I got more comfortable with my duties, I was able to spend some of my time at work investigating other securities and investments. And when you work at the second biggest investment bank (then, bank holding company) in the world, you’ve got a ton of stuff to check out.

We had teams that were creating completely new financial instruments that the market had never seen. In fact, the most successful sales team was the one that figured out how to securitize the Washington Mutual bankruptcy and sell rights to collect on debt once the proceedings were finished. That was the first time those kinds of assets had ever been tradable.

So, needless to say, I had a whole universe of investments at my disposal. And I checked out as many as I could. I invested in some and left others alone.

Some were way too expensive for me. Those WaMu securities were for institutions. You had to buy them in lots of $100,000 or bigger.

Some were way too speculative. And one of those is one of my biggest financial regrets.

I’m a Miner, '49-er '09-er

It was still 2009, and my friends and I had just found out about this new asset. Really, it had been around for a few years, but only a handful of people had ever heard of it. And most of them were involved with its creation.

Back then, I could have invested with just $50. But the prices were bouncing around so much, I just couldn’t stomach the thought of risking even that little — remember, I was fresh out of school and laden with student debt, plus I’d just bought a new house.

So I decided to sit that one out. But a couple of my friends went ahead and gave it a shot.

And let me tell you, I’m really upset with myself for not getting in with them...

That’s because their initial $50 investment climbed to be worth nearly $20,000 last year.

Think about that for a second: $50 goes in; $20,000 comes out. What kind of black magic is this?! That’s a 39,900% gain. In less than a decade. What the actual heck? It was like some kind of new gold rush 160 years later...

I mean, these guys made so much money that they really don’t have to work anymore if they don’t want to. And some of them don’t.

And now, working here at Angel Publishing, I’ve met some other folks who got in on the same investment — albeit a little later than my friends at Morgan — and made big bucks, too. And they didn’t even catch the whole run.

One coworker with zero investment experience put a little cash in and saw it grow by over 700%. Another made a bigger initial investment and used his profits to pay off his house.

I felt plain stupid.

But then I found out that there’s good news for me. And it’s good news for you, too.

One of those savvy investors at Angel has been investigating that investment and others like it that have cropped up over the years. And he’s identified a new financial instrument that’s poised to follow the same pattern as that fateful asset I ignored those nine years ago.

But what’s better is that he’s not keeping it to himself like those guys at Morgan Stanley did. He wants to share it with all our loyal readers here at Wealth Daily...

Sharing My Personal Tech Guru

I like to fancy myself a pretty experienced (and pretty successful) investor. I mean, I cut my teeth on Wall Street at the second biggest bank in the world. I’ve been investing on my own since my teens. I’ve had super-successful winners. I’ve had a few terrible losses, too. But overall, I’m up, and up substantially.

Some of my most successful investments have been in new technology. But when it comes to the wild, wonderful world of tech, my experience amounts to dabbling compared with my coworker and friend, Jason Stutman.

That’s why he’s my technology guru. Seriously, if I’ve got a new tech stock I want to recommend or invest in myself, he’s the first person I run it past after doing my own due diligence. And he’s helped me find some amazing winners.

That’s why I’m taking what he just told me so seriously. And I’m betting my own money on him being right.

To be honest, I’m more investing in the person than the asset. Even after having him explain it, I still don’t feel like any kind of expert. But I know Jason. And I know he doesn’t get this excited about just any venture.

In fact, the last time I saw him this ramped up over an investment, his readers banked over 1,000% gains in under a year.

So, when I say you need to listen to him and you must take his advice, I’m not exaggerating. This could be the investment that secures the rest of your life.

You could pay off your house. You could buy a vacation property. You could make those repairs you’ve been putting off. You could pay down credit cards and other debt. Or you could stockpile away your profits and save them for a rainy day and to pass on to your children.

This is truly the kind of investment that creates family legacies.

Now, Jason’s not completely done compiling his research report. But as soon as he is, he’ll release it here first.

You should get an email from him by this time next week. And when you do, I implore you not to waste any time. Read his report immediately so you can start investing and earning as soon as possible.

Every second you delay could translate into thousands of dollars you’ll miss out on.

If my experience is any reference, when these assets start to move, they go fast. And if you don’t get in before that, you’ll be feeling like I did when I ignored the signs back in 2009.

So keep an eye out for Jason’s email. And make sure you take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Because chances are you’ll never see something like this again.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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After graduating Cum Laude in finance and economics, Jason analyzed complex projects and budgets for the U.S. Army. Then, at Morgan Stanley, he led the assistants' team for the North American repo sales desk, responsible for hundreds of multibillion-dollar trades every day. Jason is the assistant editor for The Wealth Advisory income stock newsletter. He also contributes regularly to Wealth Daily. To learn more about Jason, click here.


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