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The Birth of an Industry

Three Companies That Are Changing the Future

Written by Jason Williams
Posted September 7, 2017 at 8:00PM

Have you ever wished you could have gotten in on the internet boom back when it was just getting started? How about the massive increase in mobile communications? Or smartphones? Or been an early investor in companies like Facebook and Google?

Each of these events minted hundreds of thousands of millionaires. Some created millions more. In fact, the internet revolution in the United States created more new wealth than had been made in the last century.

But, alas, the technology for traveling back in time is still just a dream reserved for movies and fantasy writers.

You Can’t Rewrite the Past, But You Can Change the Future

Our only hope of riding waves of profits like those are to spot the next one coming... and then get on board before the wave crests and the fortunes have already been made.

Now, my personal investment strategy involves buying fundamentally strong companies — especially those that pay and grow dividends. But I’d be lying if I said I’m not always on the lookout for opportunities like those I mentioned above.

I want to build a solid portfolio that’s going to provide me with regular income when I’m ready to retire. But I don’t hate money. So, when I see an opportunity to double or triple my profits in short order, I jump at it.

And, after months of research, I’m convinced I’ve found just that. And I want to share it with you...

The Law That Built an Industry

About 20 years ago, the U.S. government enacted the Telecommunications Act of 1996. It basically paved the way for the internet as we know it today. And it helped to add nearly 9 million new millionaires and billionaires to the exclusive club of the super-wealthy.

Well, just a few months ago, the same thing happened in another country... one that’s about four times bigger than the U.S.

Remember when early investors in Intel made 67,000% gains from the internet revolution here in the States?

intel gains

Well, this time around, there’s potential that the profits could be even bigger! That’s because there are 1.3 billion people driving them this time.

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Internet for Every Citizen

The biggest difference between the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and this recent legislation is that the new one basically requires every citizen to get online.

You see, this new law is part of an initiative to streamline government programs, banking, and security. It’ll boost the efficiency and efficacy of government assistance programs. So that means there’ll be fewer ways to cheat the system. And the people who really need the assistance will be able to get it faster and with fewer bureaucratic loops to jump through.

It will also help to protect citizens from identity theft. It’ll curb leakage and fraud. It will help make sure people’s identities aren’t used by scammers for nefarious means.

And it’ll help citizens by making everything they do that requires identity confirmation easier and faster. That’s everything from opening and accessing a bank account to getting a driver’s license.

And since the program will allow for online verification, it’s going to bring the internet to every single person in this massive country.

A Few Options for Massive Rewards

The thing about this opportunity is that there really hasn’t been much chatter about it. So, if it’s the first time you’re hearing about it, that’s not so crazy.

You see, nobody has realized the massive potential created by this new law. Outside of a few experts and one or two articles buried in the pages of Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, it’s gone completely unnoticed.

And that’s where the real opportunity lies for us as investors. We’re going to be able to get in on the action before the rest of the market realizes what’s going on.

I’ve been researching this opportunity for months. I’ve literally spent hundreds of hours learning everything I can about it. I’ve looked into every company involved. And I’ve narrowed them down to a handful that stand to reap the biggest rewards.

One of them is going to be 3M (NYSE: MMM). That may seem odd if you only know it as the company that makes tape and hook and loop fasteners. But there’s a lot more to 3M.

In fact, it owns one of the few companies (and the only public one) that’ll be making some of the technology to facilitate this gigantic shift.

The subsidiary is called Cogent. And it’s going to supply fingerprint readers that will aid in identity verification at stores, banks, and government institutions.

But Cogent makes up a tiny percentage of 3M’s business. And the fingerprint scanners make up a small percentage of Cogent’s sales. So, while the parent company is going to see some serious cash flowing in the door from this venture, it’s already so big that that’s only going to move the needle on its stock price a tiny bit north.

The real opportunity lies in three companies that are providing the technology and knowhow to get every person in the country involved. That’s 1.3 billion people driving the gains through the roof. The sky really is the limit to how far their stock prices can rise once the profits start registering with the investing public.

And to help you maximize your gains, my colleague Briton Ryle and I have put together a presentation detailing all the pertinent information about this incredible opportunity.

It’s got everything you need to know about the law, the catalysts that will drive these companies to massive returns, and the companies themselves.

I highly suggest you take a few minutes of your time and learn about the amazing possibilities we’ve exposed. But if you would prefer to read a transcript of the presentation, you can check that out right here.

However you do it, I urge you to see what we’ve uncovered. It could turn out to be the most profitable minutes of your life. And it could get you your invitation to the millionaires and billionaires club.

To investing with integrity (and an eye on the future),

Jason Williams
Wealth Daily

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