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The 2018 Guide to Crypto Profits

Written by Alexandra Perry
Posted February 24, 2018 at 7:00PM

Just over a year ago, I found myself stepping into a quaint cafe on the edge of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

I was there for a job interview with Jason Stutman, the senior investment director of two technology-focused investment newsletters, Technology and Opportunity and The Cutting Edge.

Without sounding too creepy, I was very familiar with Jason’s work. I admired his no-nonsense approach to investing. And after almost a month of back and forth on LinkedIn talking about emerging technologies and markets, I knew he was the perfect investor to talk to about a market that interested me: blockchain and digital currencies.

When I sat down in that cafe chair, Bitcoin was worth around $1,000. One Ethereum could barely buy me lunch at $9.

At that meeting, Jason and I agreed that, though it wasn’t in the public eye yet, the digital currency market had a lot of room to grow and a lot of potential for investors.

And we weren't wrong. Within a few weeks of that meeting, I accepted a job as the associate editor of Technology and Opportunity.

A few months later, we recommended Ethereum to the subscribers of Technology and Opportunity. That recommendation banked 1,000% gains by the end of the year.

And the best part is, this digital currency venture is just getting started.

2017: The Year a New Market Was Born

To say a lot has happened since I signed onto Technology and Opportunity would be an understatement.

In just a year, a whole new market was formed. Investors witnessed Bitcoin moving from just over $1,000 a coin to near $20,000.

And Bitcoin wasn’t the only token enjoying dynamic growth. The whole digital currency market was basically bleeding profits. Investors could have made:

  • 299,900% on Nano
  • 9,344% on Golem
  • 968% on IOTA
  • 11,066% on Litecoin
  • 24,900% on Stellar

Of course, no one is going to sit there and say these gains were happening in a "rational" market.

The world pretty much went bonkers for blockchain, initiating an investing frenzy so volatile it probably made some nostalgic for the dot-com bubble.

That said, along this journey of profit and loss, a whole new market and asset class entered the public eye.

There are those who would argue that this is not a new market, but rather a hype-induced bubble.

But the truth is that, when you look past the hype, it's very obvious the technology behind Bitcoin and other digital assets is gaining momentum.

Bitcoin was just the spark that started this multibillion-dollar market. It won’t be the breath to extinguish it.

By introducing the world to blockchain technology, Bitcoin threw the doors of innovation wide open. It enchanted corporations, who then created massive corporate alliances to support the development of blockchain. It captured the imagination of investors with a glimmering utopia where we’ve cut ties with banks and entered a peer-to-peer global economy.

These days, it’s looking more and more like Bitcoin may not be the digital asset to connect the globe. That role may belong to another digital asset — one investors may not even know.

Why You Should Be Willing to Bet on Digital Assets

The argument for digital assets is an argument rooted in history.

Over the last 150 years, mankind has made countless innovations.

We’ve turned away from horse-drawn carriages and embraced the car. We’ve taken to the skies, traveling internationally on planes. We’ve turned to the internet and used it to create massive online businesses and networks. We carry small, personal computers everywhere with us. In fact, when we lose these little devices, we are up a creek without a paddle.

That said, the road to progress hasn’t been smooth.

It’s been mired with failures and market bubbles.

Just look at the internet. Many people laughed at the concept. They said it would never get off the ground.

Then the dot-com bubble happened. Leading up to the crash, everyone wanted a piece of the pie. That story ended with investors losing over $4 trillion. But the internet didn’t fade.

It became the foundation of some of the most powerful companies in the world. I’m talking about Facebook, Apple, Google, etc.

If you look at our history of progress, which is slowly pushing us toward a digital economy, it’s hard to say digital currencies don’t have value.

The world’s leading technologists and entrepreneurs certainly think there is value.

Bill Gates called Bitcoin a “technological tour de force.”

Larry Summers, a former U.S. Treasury Secretary, stated, “I’m reasonably confident... that the blockchain will change a great deal of financial practice and exchange.”

And then there is Marc Andreessen, the inventor of the first internet browser, who said, “Bitcoin gives us, for the first time, a way for one Internet user to transfer a unique piece of digital property to another internet user, such that the digital transfer is guaranteed to be safe and secure.”

All of these quotes come from great (and rich) men who’ve made a career out of being ahead of the curve.

They also draw on some of the key points that make Bitcoin and other blockchain technologies valuable: technology, innovation, value transfers, security, and the deletion of the middleman.

Even as Bitcoin deflated in value, other digital assets continued to provide these valuable services. Ethereum gained more members in its Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Ripple Labs’ blockchain-based tools attracted more customers.

You should be willing to bet on blockchain because you should be willing to bet on progress.

And we believe that, with more market regulation and stability, there is a lot of upside from here.

A Few Announcements for Our Wealth Daily Readers

With all that said about the digital currency market, I wanted to touch on a few updates that have been going on behind the scenes at both Wealth Daily and Technology and Opportunity.

Over the last year, we experienced a surge in demand for digital currency content. In fact, the demand was so great that we decided to launch a free digital currency education service, Token Authority Pro.

Now, in order to keep up with the rapidly growing digital currency market, we’ve decided to launch a new digital currency website, Token Authority.

As a subscriber to this website, you’ll get two weekly emails dedicated just to digital currencies. One of these emails will include a market update, with information on a wide range of events in the digital currency space. You will have access to digital currency resources and coin information.

So make sure to keep an eye on your inbox for updates. We’re planning to launch the website in March.

And if you still want to take advantage of our FREE Token Authority Pro offer, click here.

Best of luck with your investments,


Alexandra Perry

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Alexandra Perry is a contributing analyst for Wealth Daily and Energy and Capital. She has multiple years of experience working with startup companies, primarily focusing on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, alternative energy, and biotech. Her take on investing is simple: a new age of investor can make monumental returns by investing in emerging industries and foundational startup ventures.


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