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How to Play the Bitcoin Boom, But Without the Volatility

Written by Briton Ryle
Posted March 18, 2018 at 8:00PM

Well, the digital currency market crashed again last week as another wave of negative news hit the industry.

I think in total the entire market is down 50% so far. Ouch.

Last Wednesday, Google announced its intention to ban all cryptocurrency-related ads from its platforms in order to promote and maintain a safe online environment for consumers and advertisers alike.

Facebook made a similar decision back in January.

Bitcoin, the early dominator of the crypto market, sunk nearly 5% over the course of 24 hours after Google's announcement.

All other major cryptos were pulled along for Bitcoin's bearish ride.

Last year saw the astronomical, yet entirely predictable, ascent of the "alpha" cryptos. Their rise in popularity and price turned into downright frenzy in a matter of months.

But as soon as the new year rang in, they were all left in the dust.

Cryptos' Inherent Weaknesses

Sure, if you're anything like me, you've enjoyed watching the entertaining "Bitcoin Boom" run its course.

As I've told you many times before, the result of the madness was entirely predictable... textbook, even.

Bitcoin was undoubtedly in a bubble, solely reliant on the value placed upon it by overly eager investors.

And that's why we saw the price soar to $20,000 before quite literally crashing down to a mere shadow of its former dominance.

There was nothing to stabilize the unchecked Bitcoin and its lemming-like brethren to anything in the real world.

And there was absolutely nothing to substantiate its overinflated valuations.

It was all just one big guessing game, as speculators were ceaselessly bidding each other up and up and up.

It was a complete and total free-for-all.

But what if I told you there is a way to chain future cryptocurrencies to something unwaveringly concrete in the real world?

And what if that something is a material that has been used throughout history as a steadfast store of value?

You guessed it.

That something is gold.

A Way to Play the "Bitcoin Boom" Without Volatility

This may sound cliché, but it's a surprisingly fitting analogy.

"With great power comes great responsibility."

Before its debut in the popular Spider-Man film, this quote has long described the relationship between ascendancy and obligation.

It has been attributed to Voltaire during the time of the French Revolution, with similar statements being made by prominent leaders such as Lord Melbourne, Winston Churchill, Teddy Roosevelt, and Franklin D. Roosevelt in later years.

Being completely unchecked and unstable, the "power" behind Bitcoin was left to its own devices.

It lacked the proper direction, responsibility, and obligation needed in order to prosper in the long term.

And, well, you see the results just as clearly as I do.

But there is a new breed of cryptocurrencies emerging from the ashes of its forebears, and it's positioned to dominate the industry for the long haul.

It's almost shocking to think no one has thought of this solution before now; but alas, live and learn.

There's a small Canadian miner that has just recently discovered how to harness the power of cryptocurrency backed by gold.

It's a non-dilutive and non-inflationary method of raising capital for future project development.

So this revolutionary company got to work developing its own resource-backed digital token.

Once fully developed, this lone digital currency will be the most stable form of value storage available, aside from physical gold itself, of course.

And probably the most attractive feature of this crypto play is that it is safe!

The company developing this unshakable cryptocurrency trades on the public market. So you can easily own this risk-free investment in a matter of minutes.

No more buying coins off of sketchy websites, no more digital wallets, no more heart-stopping fluctuations in price, and no more fear of losing your personal information to frauds and scammers.

It's high time to say goodbye to volatility-stricken cryptos like Bitcoin and the thousands of untrustworthy "altcoins" out there.

This tiny miner is currently trading for $0.16 at the time of this writing.

But I'm sure once its coin launches, that price will soar, bringing with it the dawn of a new crypto era.

My colleague Alex Koyfman has just recently compiled a detailed report on this very company.

Don't miss out on a bigger and better "Bitcoin Boom." This opportunity is really a no-brainer. 

You can access the entire report here.

Until next time,

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