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Here’s Where Marijuana Legalization Is Headed Next

The Next States Ready to Legalize Cannabis

Written by Jason Williams
Posted December 20, 2018 at 7:00PM

Knowing what’s coming down the pike is the best way to make a profit in the stock market.

It sounds pretty simple, right? If you can figure out the next trend, you can get rich by investing in it before everyone else catches on.

If you’d been paying attention to all the kids (and adults) reading The Hunger Games, you might have invested in Lionsgate Films before the movie blew away audiences.

Or if you’d noticed that all your daughter’s friends were only wearing True Religion jeans, you could have bought shares for around $10 in early 2009 and sold them a few months later for around $30 each.

High Reward with Higher Risk

Early investors in the internet got even bigger gains. But they had to wade through treacherous waters to do so. Most of the early dot-coms crashed and burned. And they took billions of dollars in investor money with them.

Early investors in cannabis have been paid handsomely for their foresight. But, like the internet boom, there have been many schemes, scams, and just outright failures that have cost shareholders billions.

When Canadian cannabis companies first came to market, they had nothing to show investors but hopes, dreams, and projections. They hadn’t set up operations yet. They weren’t selling any marijuana. Some didn’t even have licenses. And a substantial market didn’t exist yet.

It was a crapshoot for most investors. And many people lost big.

The Proof in This Pudding Is Just Right

But we’re coming to a time when the new companies hitting the market actually have a solid history behind them. They’ve got sales. They’ve got assets. They’ve got proof.

And they’re American companies. Because the next frontier in legal cannabis is right here in our own backyard. And it’s going to change the entire industry.

Investments will go from speculation to mainstream overnight. And investors who get in now will see their accounts grow exponentially.

But you’ve still got to know where and when the next phase of U.S. legalization will occur. Until the federal government repeals prohibition once and for all, these companies have to operate within individual states.

So knowing which states are going to legalize next is the only way to really win big before federal legalization hits.

New England Becomes New Greenland

New England was one of the first places east of the Mississippi River to give its citizens access to medical cannabis. And the states there have continued to help lead the nation towards widespread legalization.

Legal recreational dispensaries opened in Massachusetts in November 2018. Vermonters and Maine-iacs(?) have been able to grow their own for a little bit now. And other states are looking to follow their lead possibly as soon as this year...

The Green-er Mountain State

As I just pointed out, Vermonters have been able to legally smoke and grow cannabis for personal use since July 2018. But the government didn’t go as far as legalizing commercial sale when it passed the law making this possible.

That may change in 2019, however. The Vermont Democratic Party expanded its majorities in both the state House and Senate in the midterm elections. It had already officially endorsed legalization and regulation (read: commercial sales) in August. Now, there’s a much bigger likelihood it can get a cannabis regulation bill through the state legislature.

The governor doesn’t think the state’s ready for retail sales yet. So he could veto a bill. But if he is shown that cannabis sales could create jobs and tax revenue and take money away from organized crime at the same time, he’s likely to let it become law.

Home of Hedge Funds and Hemp

Vermont already had legal weed. You just can’t sell it. But Connecticut is looking to get straight to the punch.

Its newly elected governor says legalization is a top priority of his administration.

“It’s something I would support, and I don’t want the black-market controlling marijuana distribution in our state,” Governor-elect Ned Lamont told reporters at a press conference. “I think that’s a lousy way to go.”

I fully agree, Ned. And it looks like the Connecticut legislature agrees, too. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle — and both sides of the argument — say they’re pretty sure the vote will swing in legalization’s favor in 2019.

The Cannabis Plantation State

Until just now, I had no idea Rhode Island was known as the Plantation State. I guess that’s because the whole state is the size of a small plantation?

Jokes aside, Rhode Island has a pretty large population for its geographic size. And seeing the success of legalization happening all around it, Little Rhody is ready to get in on the action.

The state legalized medical cannabis over a decade ago. But recreational legalization efforts have stalled in the state House every year they’ve been brought forward.

This year could be different now that residents need only drive an hour or so to get to dispensaries in Massachusetts. As representative Scott Slater said:

Even if you’re against recreational cannabis and you feel there are social costs to it, you’re going to be dealing with those issues within your own borders, regardless, and without any of the revenue you could be raising. You might as well regulate it and tax it and put some of that money toward prevention.

And the governor seems to agree with him. Governor Gina Raimondo’s only concern is keeping it out of the hands of children. As long as that’s addressed, she’s on board, too.

Not Quite New England

I know I said I was only talking about New England legalization. And these next two states are definitely not in New England — no matter how much they may like to be.

But they are closely connected, both in geography and policy...

The Hempire State

After securing one half of the new split Amazon HQ2, New York governor Andrew Cuomo set his sights on bringing recreational cannabis to the Empire State.

He hasn’t offered to change his name to Cannabis Cuomo yet as far as I know. But in mid-December 2018, he called on the state to fully legalize recreational marijuana.

Instead of focusing on the tax revenues, the jobs, or getting criminal organizations out of the game, he’s using a very different tactic. And it’s so brilliant that it’s bound to succeed.

New Yorkers love to protest inequalities. Especially income inequalities. I direct your attention to exhibit one, Occupy New York, if you disagree.

And the governor is targeting that soft spot his state has for those they feel are unfairly treated. He says legalization would help bring an end to “two criminal justice systems; one for the wealthy and well-off, and one for everyone else.”

I’ve got to admit, not only is this a smart strategy, but he’s also right. If a kid gets arrested for marijuana and can’t afford a lawyer to get probation, he’ll get convicted. He may serve jail time. He may not. But it’ll go on his record and he’ll be ineligible for scholarships to college and even taking out student loans.

If a high school student gets convicted for pot, he may never get the chance to become a college student.

But if you can afford the legal help, you’ll usually just get a probationary sentence that falls off your record as long as you stay out of trouble.

Having money does make the legal system much easier to navigate. Legalizing cannabis both eases burdens of the court systems and evens the playing fields for lower-income smokers.

Truck Loads Farms of Cannabis

Not to be outdone by its more famous neighbor, New Jersey is pushing to get cannabis added to the produce for sale in the Garden State.

New governor Phil Murphy pretty much ran on a campaign of recreational legalization. He ousted incumbent Chris Christie with this platform. And he’s not changing direction now that he’s in the governor’s mansion.

He’s been at odds with lawmakers about how to regulate and tax recreational marijuana in New Jersey. But he says he’s very pleased with the progress they’re making.

In fact, a joint panel met in December 2018 to discuss legalization and sale. And it overwhelmingly approved it. The governor would still have to approve that bill before it could go to the general assembly for a vote. And if he doesn’t like what the committee came up with, he’s likely to do so.

But every revision gets us one step closer to the end result: legal cannabis in New Jersey in 2019.

And the Grand Total Is…

If all five states approve their various initiatives, we’ll have 32 states with legal medical marijuana industries. And we’ll have 15 with booming recreational markets, too.

Plus, there are groups in Oklahoma, Illinois, and Ohio, medical marijuana states, pushing to legalize adult use.

The organizers in Oklahoma still have a lot of ground to cover. But it’s possible we’ll see a vote on recreational use in Illinois and Ohio this year, too.

That’s a solid foundation for the massive industry that’s going to come once the entire country legalizes cannabis.

And federal legalization is getting closer and closer to reality with every state that votes yes and every penny that flows into tax coffers.

That’s why we’re so adamant that people get invested now.

If you wait until it happens, well, then it’ll already have happened. And you’ll have missed out on the biggest profits.

“The Best Cannabis Investment Ever”

That’s also why we insist you check out this presentation the founder of our company put together, all about what he’s called “the best cannabis investment” out there.

When he found out about this stock and saw its connection to the cannabis industry, he immediately bought shares in his own account.

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That’s right. You get checks from this company the whole time you’re watching its stock shoot up the charts.

Over the last year, investors saw their share price more than double. And they collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash payments, too.

Talk about adding fuel to a fire. This industry is already red hot. This company is right in the middle of it, providing the one thing everyone else has to have to operate. And now it’s promising to pay you nearly all the money it makes on any cannabis-related deal.

It would be tough to come up with a better investment in anything. We’re sure you can’t find a better one in the cannabis industry.

This company is practically guaranteed to grow another 1,000%. And it is guaranteed to pay out millions in cash to investors each and every year.

In fact, investors will be collecting their next payments in just a few short weeks.

Most of them will probably use the money to buy more stock in the company.

And we highly recommend you do, too. Opportunities like the one cannabis legalization is presenting don’t come around often. Don’t miss out on what could be a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Click here to view the presentation. Or get a written report here to read at your leisure.

Just don’t take too much time to watch or read. Because a massive rally is coming as we approach voting day. And an even bigger one is right behind it when the entire country goes green.

Don’t wait any longer. Get on board for the big win.

And have a relaxing holiday, whatever you're about to enjoy or just finished celebrating.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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After graduating Cum Laude in finance and economics, Jason analyzed complex projects and budgets for the U.S. Army. Then, at Morgan Stanley, he led the assistants' team for the North American repo sales desk, responsible for hundreds of multibillion-dollar trades every day. Jason is the assistant editor for The Wealth Advisory income stock newsletter. He also contributes regularly to Wealth Daily. To learn more about Jason, click here.


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