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Freedom of Choice

Written by Briton Ryle
Posted April 21, 2021

As an investor, it is a worthy question. How much freedom of choice do you really want? Because, if you’re the one making all the decisions, you alone own the results. Literally. 

If the stocks you own go up, great. You’ve done what an investor is supposed to do. You can feel good about yourself, and you can tell people that you’re at least as smart as the average human. 

Oh but if those stocks you own go down? Yeesh, that can open a whole can of worms...  

Second-guessing yourself, losing confidence, getting gun-shy — these are serious consequences.

Let’s be honest: The money we make, the value that we are awarded for our skills, absolutely has an impact on our self-esteem. 

Of course, it’s not the only factor. I mean, I’m shallow, but I’m not a total jerk. I very much get that you gotta love what you do. And that if you can say that you’ve helped people in some way, that can matter just as much as the loot (but not more than the loot, unless you're, like, Mother Teresa or something).

On both of those counts, I am extremely fortunate. In the stock market, you’ll find the smartest people in the world. Whether they are inventors and entrepreneurs, brilliant doctors, or Indiana Jones-type explorers, I get to study and learn from them every single day. 

It’s a full-time job, and this is why Angel Publishing exists. 

When I first started in this biz in the late '90s, one of the first things I did was load my library card with cash for the copy machine. I would be spending a lot of time in the library scrolling through microfiche archives and printing articles from The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, etc.

My kids laugh at me, like I was chiseling investment ideas on a stone tablet.

Today the amount of information available at your fingertips is overwhelming. There is simply no way for any human to take it all in. And if you consider the amount of misinformation and outright lies out there, I am not surprised that some people decide to just give their loot to a “pro” and say, “Here, you do it…”

Freedom of Choice

Question for you: What did you do with your investments a year ago, when the pandemic shut the entire world down and the stock market crashed faster and harder than it ever had before, including the Great Depression and the great financial crisis? (Why do they always call these events “great”? Seems to me they pretty much sucked all the way around.)

Clearly a lot of people sold into that panic. 

Here at Angel, we had our best year ever as a business. And it was because the team of editors isn't afraid to answer the question “What does it mean?” In fact, we live for the opportunity to delve into an issue, figure out what it means, and find a way to make money off it.

We are not shy. We will tell you exactly what we think. This ticks people off sometimes. But the readers who can deal with the rough edges stick around for years, because when you find a top-notch source for solid and profitable research, why would you leave? 

And so you know, we are beholden to no person or company. No kickbacks. We don’t do the “pay to play” thing where companies pay us for our research. Everything we offer is 100% independent. We do not sell your email address. And every subscription service we offer has a 100% money-back guarantee that’s actually as easy as a simple phone call to use.  

We offer this guarantee out of confidence in the quality of what we do. We’re good. Our analysis can make you money. If you don’t like it that’s fine. Most of our readers and subscribers love it, and they stick around.

The Brain Trust

I’ve worked with Christian DeHaemer of Launchpad Trader for over 20 years. I count him as a truly good friend. He also has one of the keenest investment minds I’ve ever encountered. Back in 2018, when oil was trading up around $110 a barrel, Hammer (as he’s known) was the only person saying that it was likely to crash to $35 or $40…

I recruited Jason Williams from Morgan Stanley after his experience with Wall Street BS led him to seek out an independent firm where he'd be proud to put his name on his work. He joined me at my flagship Wealth Advisory newsletter. One of the first stocks he brought to me for consideration was a REIT called Innovative Industrial Properties (NYSE: IIPR). We recommended it around $20 a share. It's $178 now. A cool 857% gain...

The old man (me) still has him beat. I found this little  company called Twilio that was the power behind mobile apps like Uber. I recommended it around $31. At $369 a share, it's not so little now. 

In the months leading up to the pandemic, we recommended Teladoc (up 234%) and Chewy (up 199%). You know how I feel about Spotify (up 127%). 

The Wealth Advisory portfolio has a 168% average gain for each and every stock we are currently holding. The stocks we sold in 2020 had average gains of 38%. 

Our newest blockbuster stock recommendation comes in the April issue of the Wealth Advisory today... You may do whatever you like with this information.

Until next time,

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A 21-year veteran of the newsletter business, Briton Ryle is the editor of The Wealth Advisory income stock newsletter, with a focus on top-quality dividend growth stocks and REITs. Briton also manages the Real Income Trader advisory service, where his readers take regular cash payouts using a low-risk covered call option strategy. He is also the managing editor of the Wealth Daily e-letter. To learn more about Briton, click here.

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