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Emblem Cannabis to be Biggest Cannabis IPO of 2016

Big Pharma Takes Cannabis Company Public in 3 Days!

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted December 6, 2016

Check out this headline...


This headline, by the way, is not from some cannabis blog or college website. It’s from the BBC, one of just dozens of major mainstream media sources reporting on this story.

Of course, as a Wealth Daily reader, you already know the story, because I shared it with you a few weeks ago.

That’s right. Last month I told you about Emblem Cannabis, the Canadian cannabis producer that’s about to go public and make a lot of early investors a lot of money. That stock will debut on December 9.

The bottom line on Emblem is that it’s being run by the same guy who used to run Purdue Pharma. Purdue Pharma is the company that introduced the world to OxyContin: a drug that generated $3 billion in just one year.

Because Emblem is headed by former big-shot big pharma exec John Stewart, a lot of Big Pharma money is now getting funneled into this one. After all, with this kind of Big Pharma representation in the cannabis industry, Emblem is essentially serving as the game changer that legitimizes the industry.

We’re talking about the marriage between Big Pharma and cannabis for the very first time. And insiders are taking full advantage.

Our Next Pre-IPO Deal

Earlier this year, Big Pharma millionaires and a few cannabis industry insiders had the opportunity to buy pre-IPO shares of Emblem for $0.50.

The IPO is expected to debut between $1.60 and $2.00 a share, representing a potential gain in excess of 220% the moment the stock goes live.

Now, for the sake of full disclosure, I also had access to this pre-IPO deal, as did members of my Green Chip Stocks investment community.

Because I’m so close to the major players in this space, I’m often given the opportunity to take part in these pre-IPO deals.

In fact, just a few days ago, I had the opportunity to get in on another pre-IPO deal with a new Canadian organic cannabis producer. And rest assured, I’m getting a piece of this one.

A Quick 750% Gain

Last Friday, when I shared this latest pre-IPO deal with Green Chip Stocks members, a few folks didn’t understand why I was so bullish on an organic cannabis grower. After all, it’s such a small niche.

And this is true.

But it’s also insanely profitable.

You see, a couple of years ago, I recommended another small organic cannabis company called OrganiGram Holdings (TSX-V: OGI).

As an advocate of both legal cannabis and organic farming, OrganiGram was an easy pick for me — especially after I realized just how potentially profitable the stock was.

We actually bought shares of OrganiGram when it was trading around $0.40. Today, it trades over $3.00 a share.

In less than two years, we’re sitting on gains of 750%.


Now, I’m not telling you about OrganiGram today because I think you should buy it. After all, while I still love the company, the big money’s already been made.

I’m actually telling you about OrganiGram because what we saw with that company is about to be repeated again.

You see, this new organic cannabis producer is backed by the same financial team that brought us OrganiGram and that incredibly sweet gain of more than 750%.

It’s also the same financial team behind Emblem Cannabis, which many now believe could end up being the biggest cannabis IPO of 2016.

My friends, this is exceptional company to be in.

And as luck would have it, members of Green Chip Stocks are already placing their orders for pre-IPO shares of this new organic cannabis company.

If you’re an accredited investor, you can check out my original write-up on this pre-IPO deal by becoming a member of my exclusive investment community. Just click here.

To a new way of life and a new generation of wealth...

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