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Donald Trump to Legalize Marijuana

President Pardons Pot

Written by Jason Williams
Posted June 22, 2018

It’s truly an amazing time to be a cannabis investor.

More and more states are voting to legalize medical and recreational marijuana. Those that aren’t are decriminalizing marijuana-related offenses.

Our neighbors to the north just voted to approve recreational cannabis use for the entire country — more on that in another article.

And now, most astonishing (and encouraging) of all, our very own president, Donald J. Trump, is saying he supports the end of federal prohibition! And he can’t wait to light up!

OK, I just made up that second part. But he really did say he supports ending the federal ban on it.

And that means it’s time to get yourself invested before the industry takes off across the country.

It's All About the Benjamins, Baby

I know what you’re thinking. I found it pretty tough to believe, too.

But as the president was heading off to the most recent G-7 conference, reporters asked him about a bill sponsored by Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Cory Gardner (R-CO) that would effectively end federal prohibition. The Donald had this to say:

“I support Senator Gardner. I know exactly what he’s doing.”

In case you don’t know exactly what Senator Gardner is doing, let me fill you in.

So far, California, Colorado, D.C., and seven other states have voted to approve recreational use of marijuana. Twenty more states have voted to approve medical use. That’s more than half of the country for those keeping score.

And yet, the businesses that operate legally according to state law are at risk of being shut down by the federal government for operating as drug cartels.

But that’s not the biggest problem for them. And the biggest benefit to legalizing marijuana is all about a different kind of green.

You see, if you’re in the business, you can’t get a bank loan. You can’t even open a bank account in most places. You can’t grow your business without access to money.

And you can’t get access to the kind of money you need when banks that are beholden to the federal government won’t give you a loan for fear of breaking the law.

As Senator Gardner puts it, that’s “public hypocrisy.”

Senators Gardner and Warren are proposing simply taking control of cannabis out of the hands of the federal government and making it a state issue. Kind of like schools.

The federal government gives states money to help run their school systems. But the states decide how to spend the money and how to run their schools. Technically, if a state’s voters decide they’ve had enough with this evolution baloney, they could vote to stop teaching it in public schools.

Cannabis could be the same. But it would be even better because instead of shelling out money to support cannabis, cannabis would shell out money to support the federal government.

And cannabis companies would finally have access to the kinds of banks that can loan them billions of dollars to really grow.

So now that you’ve got a better grasp on the bill and its potential consequences, let’s get back to why Trump’s support is so huge.

The President of Pot

A Republican president just became the first sitting U.S. president to give the nod toward legalizing cannabis nationwide. That in itself is impressive.

But what’s really exciting about the president’s words is that they’re the first cracks in the dam that is keeping federal prohibition in place.

And once the first cracks appear, it’s not long before the dam breaks. I’m willing to bet we’re going to start to see other politicians recanting their arguments against legalization now that the president has broken the seal.

As more and more people in power change their positions, the cracks in the dam will widen. It’s going to take some time, but eventually, the dam will break and a tidal wave of profits will wash over the entire industry.

A Chain of Gains

When the federal government promises not to intervene and to let states decide the matter, big banks will get involved and give the industry the fuel it needs to really grow.

It’s going to start a chain reaction of growth and gains that will carry those who position themselves well from middle class to majorly wealthy. It will create a whole new generation of billionaires.

And it’s coming very soon. That’s why it’s so important to get involved now.

As soon as federal prohibition ends, retail investors and institutions alike will get the green light to start buying massive quantities of stock.

That increased buying will drive prices up, leading to major profits for early investors.

Fresh capital from banks will allow cannabis companies to grow to scale and become even more profitable.

That earnings growth will support more stock price growth. That, in turn, will attract more buyers. Those new buyers will drive prices even higher.

And when the industry finally reaches maturity — at around $45 billion per year — the early investors can retire as billionaires, and the late investors can still be happy with their millions in profits.

Now Is THE Time

Sure, cannabis investments have already proven resoundingly successful. Just take a look at some from the first months of 2014:

Those gains are nothing to sneeze at. But none of those companies had any staying power. They're all gone now. And their gains, albeit impressive, are nothing compared to what’s about to come.

So, if you haven’t gotten started — or even if you have and you just want the absolute best and every advantage — I’ve got just the investment for you.

It's geared up to give gains even better than those in the chart above. And it's got real staying power, so you can count on it being around much longer than four years down the line.

This company has already nearly doubled investors’ money in just a few months. And its growth is just getting started.

This is the kind of momentum that led companies like Intel up 13,000% during the internet and smartphone revolutions.

But this investment isn’t just primed to deliver massive, market-crushing returns. It’s actually set up so that you’re guaranteed to collect a share of the profits — real money — the whole time you’re invested.

It gives you a cushion of stability in an unstable market. And the cash you collect adds up fast.

In fact, the company recently shared some of its profits with investors. And they got a lot.

You know what? I’ll just show you a sample of some of the real payments regular investors like you and me actually collected:

  • Bobbie S. got a check for $27,000 this year.
  • Gary A. got one for more than $28,000.
  • Pauly S. racked up nearly $40,000.
  • Cathy H. took home over $12,000.

Those are all real people. And they got real money. And that’s just a small example of the kind of cold, hard cash you can rake in.

Don’t forget, all four of those lucky folks saw their investments double in value last year, too.

So, before more payments come...

Before all the profits are gone...

Before you’re left wondering why you waited...

Take a few minutes and check out this report — no, this proclamation my publisher put together because he was so impressed with the investment I’d brought to him.

And once you get your cannabis portfolio started, you’ve got my personal guarantee that I’ll be right there with you as long as you want me to be.

To your wealth,

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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