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5G: T-Minus Seven Days

Written by Briton Ryle
Posted October 7, 2020

We've got seven days until lift-off. Seven calendar days until perhaps the most important investment trend of 2020 gets fully underway. 

I'm talking about 5G mobile networks. And I'm telling you that while this megatrend has been percolating under the surface for several months, that's about to change. The 5G opportunity is about to move above the fold. Come next Wednesday, October 13, at around 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, every investor is going to have "5G stocks" cued up in the Google search bar.

Now, I know you've heard me talk about 5G a lot. You might be getting a little tired of me blathering on about it. But don't miss this opportunity cuz you're sick of the messenger.

If you think about it, companies like Zoom and Teladoc have only scratched the surface of what's possible. They are constrained by how much data mobile networks carry. Have you ever tried to do a video conference meeting with your doctor using a smartphone? My advice is don't. It is amazingly frustrating. The app will crash or freeze or just won't connect in the first place. 

But just wait until mobile data speeds are 100 times faster than they are right now and see how quickly mundane, time-consuming things like doctor's appointments pole vault into the 21st century.

We are truly at a jumping-off point for some pretty amazing innovation as 5G emerges.

And like I said, next Wendesday will be a major milestone for investors. Seven calendar days. But, there's a weekend in there, and if I put it in market hours, you've only got about 32 hours to get positioned.

The Missing Link for 5G 

Next Wednesday, October 13, Apple is expected to release its full slate of 5G-enabled devices. They will likely be shipping by November 1. That means Americans will have 5G in their hands and at their fingertips in the very near future. 

OK, I know, Samsung already has a 5G phone out there. But you know what? Who gives a crap? I have nothing against Samsung. I'm sure its phones are fine, but the mobile world spins on Apple's axis. 

I don't know what Apple's gonna say next week. Two 5G phones? Three? 5G iPad? 5G iWatch (which I'm not even sure is possible)? I also don't think it matters. The point is that all the rumors, the hype, the projections — they won't matter anymore. 

Now, I can't say that every 5G stock out there is gonna start running higher the minute Tim Cook starts talking. The fact is: Most 5G stocks have already been doing pretty well.

I've had Qualcomm in my Wealth Advisory portfolio since it was a $51 stock. If you didn't know, Qualcomm is the 5G chip stock. It will have a chip in every single 5G device on the planet, including Apple's iPhones. That's gonna be a pretty big number. And a little history concerning Qualcomm's dominance: Apple had been withholding royalty payments and griping in court about Qualcomm supposedly abusing its position. Then, all of a sudden last year, Apple dropped its lawsuits and cut a $5 billion check to Qualcomm — friends for life!

It's kinda funny in a way because the whole reason my Wealth Advisory subscribers were able to buy Qualcomm at $51 is that most people just naturally assumed Apple would win the dispute. Bigger company, more cash... but it just doesn't work that way in tech land. As a tech company, if you've got the tech, the market is going to come to you sooner or later. It was always clear to me that Qualcomm had the tech and so the stock, at $120 right now, has given us a nice little payday — OK, a nice triple-digit payday.

Care to Join Us for the Next One?

I've recommended a slam-dunk 5G winner to my Wealth Advisory subscribers, and I've been trying — with varying degrees of success — to invite Wealth Daily readers to share in our windfall. (As an aside, this is the great thing about investing: It's not a zero-sum game. This little 5G stock I'm telling you about is going higher. Big funds like Rockefeller and heavyweight CalPERS will see to that. So we can all enjoy the run... or not. Up to you.) 

I wrote about this little 5G winner right here in Wealth Daily back in February when it was around $7. I wrote about it again just a month ago when the stock was around $9. And I'm doing it again today (because I'm remarkably stubborn and tend to miss social cues that my input is not wanted) with the stock around $10.50. 

The trend seems pretty clear — to me anyway. You can join us HERE, or I can be back in a few weeks to tell you how this little beauty just broke over $13 and is headed to $20. Your choice...

Until next time,

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