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Investing in IPTV

Brian Hicks
Updated January 31, 2007

Wealth Daily Editor Steve Christ reports on investing in IPTV, a digital video stream delivered by Internet protocol which is set to revolutionize television over the next five years

Lithium-Ion Batteries Lead the Charge

Brian Hicks
Updated April 17, 2007

In automotive boardrooms from Tokyo to Detroit the race is not only on, it’s as heated as ever. This time, though, it has less to do with sexy styling and more with something considerably...

Marketwatch: Feeling Stronger Every Day

Brian Hicks
Updated April 19, 2007

The broader market averages turned red this morning as the “Shanghai Surprise” Part II roiled the international markets overnight.

Not Watch?...Fugetaboutit!

Brian Hicks
Updated May 3, 2007

If you weren't watching, then you probably missed it. Last week was National TV Turnoff Week, an event sponsored by TV-Free America.

Top Docs Prep for Surgery on Mars

Brian Hicks
Updated May 17, 2007

In the deep blue waters off the coast of Key Largo, NASA’s “aquanauts” are hard at work. Sixty feet below the waves, they are busy practicing the same types of tasks that they may one day be...

Gates Squirms, Jobs Chuckles

Brian Hicks
Updated June 15, 2007

When it comes to taste in all thing digital, Steve Jobs is a man with an uncanny knack for the pulse of consumers everywhere. It’s a simple fact that’s not lost on his biggest rival, Bill Gates.

iPhone Hype Intersects with Reality

Brian Hicks
Updated June 28, 2007

With the long awaited debut of Apple's iPhone tomorrow, Steve Jobs won’t be the only one hoping to earn a buck or two after six months of hype. In fact, a virtual cottage industry has sprung up...

Cracks in the Great Wall

Brian Hicks
Updated July 3, 2007

When it comes to the incredible economic growth story being written in China these days, the numbers--like the country’s population--are simply off the charts. According to the data, the economy of...

A Few Bright Spots in the Markets

Brian Hicks
Updated August 17, 2007

Well, after holding sway over the markets for so long, the bulls have had it absolutely handed it to them since those heady and short-lived days at the 14 k mark on the Dow.

Change is in the Air

Brian Hicks
Updated August 29, 2007

Since last November, it has been my great pleasure to bring you the stories that I believe will lead the markets for years to come. From nanotech to Web 2.0 to robotics to IPTV and everything in...


Brian Hicks
Updated April 23, 2006

Hot damn, I love the sun. It gives us light, Vitamin D, and is the world's foremost nuclear power no matter what Iran and the US do to each other. Now it's music to my ears.

World Trade on the Ropes

Brian Hicks
Updated August 4, 2006

In the boxing match of global commerce, the World Trade Organization is in a position to award championship belts. Unfortunately, though, the fighters too often walk away from the ring.