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Written By Jason Simpkins

Posted November 24, 2023

A few days ago, I wrote to you guys about a company that is actively making the world a safer place. 

A company that is literally saving lives by using AI to find and remove land mines in what is now the world’s most densely mined country — Ukraine.

This is a country that’s being invaded by a much larger neighbor with a real ax to grind about the fall of the Soviet Union.

Well, today I just want to go a little bit further in telling you how AI is being used in modern warfare and in a situation that bears all the complexities of 21st-century geopolitics.

Because in addition to finding and exposing land mines, AI technology is also being used to track down war criminals — the actual monsters that are planting these things.

Or worse.

And by worse I mean kidnapping children. 

That’s what Russia has done. They’ve kidnapped what is now believed to be 300,000 Ukrainian children and sent them to reeducation camps. 

Sad to say only a tiny fraction of those kids — 1%, if they’re lucky — will have a chance at finding their way home. But if they do, it will be because of AI.

That’s what Ukrainian authorities are using to scour Russian social media for lost faces. 

So far they’ve only found about 200.

At least it’s a start.

Just as importantly, though, they’ve been able to identify Russian soldiers both living and dead.

Right now there’s a team of about 1,500 people spanning 18 government agencies in Ukraine using a facial-recognition tool that’s identified more than 230,000 Russian soldiers and officials who have committed war crimes.

Every day, they scroll through social media sites using AI to analyze thousands of videos and images of Russian invaders, tracking down their names, hometowns, and affiliations.

With that information, they catch infiltrators at checkpoints and expose turncoat collaborators.

They can also process Ukrainian nationals — refugees that have lost their IDs in the course of this devastation.

And they’ve been able to counter Russian propaganda by posting the names and information of dead Russian soldiers when the Kremlin insists it’s not taking losses.

As of Nov. 13, more than 71,000 dead Russian soldiers were identified and publicly listed by Ukraine.

Similarly, AI is being used in Israel to identify hostages lost in last month’s terrorist attack, and to map out Hamas’ sprawling network of underground tunnels and target hostile assets.

These AI algorithms were all developed by a secret military unit I call the “Shield,” and they carry previously classified names like “Alchemist,” “Gospel,” and “Depth of Wisdom.” 

Gospel used AI to generate a high-quality list of potential targets to strike.

As a result, the IDF was able to strike hundreds of terrorist assets; rocket manufacturing, production, and storage sites; military intelligence offices; ships; submersibles; drones; and missile launchers that were aimed at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Prior to that, Israel spent years identifying possible targets, but with AI they were able to acquire them in real time.

They even identified the personal homes of top commanders, aiding in the elimination of more than 150 terrorist operatives.

One strike was so precise that it killed senior Hamas operative Bassem Issa, who was hiding out in a tunnel beneath a high-rise building surrounded by six schools and a hospital — and it did it without a single civilian casualty.

And speaking of tunnels, AI helped out there too.

Indeed, the Palestinian militants who are effectively walled into the Gaza Strip rely on an elaborate system of tunnels to sneak in and out of the territory and transport weapons.

Well, the Shield used an advanced AI algorithm to map out the entire underground maze. It created a complete picture of the network above and below ground — right down to the tunnel’s thickness. 

It even identified the tunnels' respective purposes.

With that information, the IDF was able to target its strikes in such a way that whole tracts of the sprawling network were completely closed off for good.

This information also ensured that the IDF used the right munition for each target — whether it was a smaller smart bomb for a precision strike in a densely populated area or a bunker buster for underground tunnels.

Furthermore, the efficacy of the AI program shortened intelligence gathering and target acquisition times, effectively shortening the length of the operation.

Meanwhile, another AI program, Alchemist, saved lives by alerting troops in the field to pending terrorist attacks.

This was essentially the first time AI was used in combat, but now we’re seeing similar technology used in Ukraine, as well.

And while Israel right now is in something of a “leveling” phase of this latest war (vengeance and an iron fist are trumping humanitarian concerns at the moment), continued operations in Gaza will require more precision and ingenuity.

Over time, there will have to be a renewed emphasis on intelligence and AI programs that the Shield continues to develop.

That’s why I highly encourage you to find out more about the Shield and its AI warfare in my latest report, right here.

Fight on,

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