AI + Phones = Huge Investment Opportunity

Written By Alexander Boulden

Updated May 15, 2024

A new headline out of the tech world this week caught my eye…


This is good news for AI companies working with Big Tech giants. Experts are predicting the small AI companies are going on a bull run akin to the dot-com mania.

And I’ll reveal our No. 1 investment opportunity in the AI phone space below, but first I want us to revisit how we got to this point.

I remember when I was a kid, I thought it would be the greatest thing in the world to have a hand-held computer that could do everything for you.

Now I think it’s one of the most destructive inventions in world history…

I mean, life is just so much easier without a smartphone…

Is that so hard to imagine?

Maybe you were like me and grew up without one.

In fact, for most of my life, I never even had a cellphone.

I guess my parents had a bit of an “open door” policy, where I could come and go when I wanted to — within reason, of course.

We lived in a pretty small neighborhood at the time, so I would hang out with friends and walk in the woods for hours, finding vines to swing on, trees to climb, and old rundown farmhouses to explore.

I never needed a phone to do what I needed to do. If I felt unsafe, I would run away. And yes, there were multiple times where I ran into unsavory characters in the woods or on the street and I used my feet to get myself out of there.

I still remember the days of finding a pay phone at camp or on vacation if I needed to make a call.

I remember calling a girlfriend’s house and politely speaking to her parents in order to talk to her, knowing full well that her parents or siblings might be listening in on the other line…

I remember the freedom of being independent as a kid — keeping track of the time with an old Fossil, Casio, or Timex and setting a date and time to meet friends somewhere. They almost always showed up, and if they didn’t, I’d figure out a way to find them.

Those were the before times… the times I’ll talk about when I tell my grandkids, “When I was your age…”

But what’s happening now is different. A human experiment, the end result of which we still don’t know.

If you stop to think about it for just two seconds, you’ll realize the majority of tasks in your day can be accomplished without a phone.

In a lot of ways, phones make it harder to accomplish tasks.

Maybe that’s intentional, to keep us using them…

Sure, GPS is nice if you’re lost, but you probably take the same roads every day. You don’t need a GPS to tell you how to get to the office or local grocery store.

You can talk to strangers in public, but that would be kinda weird, right? Yet you interact with them nonstop through Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Once the first cellphone was introduced to my family, it was kept in the car, only for emergencies.

Then they got smaller, cheaper, sleeker.

As a default, we all got wireless accounts, got hooked into the Matrix. Spent all our money on these “plans.”

Then everyone started carrying them like a sidearm.

We carried them to school. Got in trouble for looking at them in class.

If you were caught texting in one class, a teacher would read the text message out loud. Oof.

Then Apple decided to exploit the human race even further and brought the iPhone to market.

It’s so important to realize how badly it disrupted our communication system as humans.

We were never meant to constantly text or “like, comment, and subscribe.”

It’s not natural.

Little did we know how prolific cellphones would become.

Now they rule our world.

They’ve destroyed our ability to be human.

And they’ve taken away our humanity.

It’s not hard to see why.

While smartphones have brought about numerous benefits and conveniences, they’ve also been associated with drawbacks and negative impacts on individuals and society.

Here are just some of the ways…

  • Excessive smartphone use can contribute to social isolation, as people may spend more time on their devices and less time engaging in face-to-face interactions.
  • Texting and social media have led to a decline in traditional face-to-face communication skills.
  • Smartphones can be a source of distraction, especially in situations where focus is crucial, like driving or during work or school.
  • And they’re addictive. Smartphone addiction is now a recognized phenomenon, and excessive use can have negative consequences on mental health and overall well-being.
  • The blue light emitted by smartphone screens can interfere with sleep patterns, potentially leading to insomnia and other sleep-related issues.
  • Smartphones can be vulnerable to privacy breaches, with personal information and data being accessed or exploited by malicious entities.
  • Prolonged use of smartphones, especially with poor posture, can contribute to physical health problems such as neck and back pain, eye strain, and something called “text neck.”
  • Social media apps on smartphones can contribute to feelings of inadequacy or low self-esteem, as individuals may compare their lives to the curated content of others.
  • The anonymity provided by smartphones and online platforms can facilitate cyberbullying, which can have severe consequences for mental health and has led to countless suicides.
  • The production and disposal of smartphones contributes to electronic waste, and the mining of materials for these devices has negative environmental and ethical consequences.

According to Android Authority, the average smartphone costs $790, and you have a monthly plan to use it! And many people buy new ones every year!

They’re keeping us poor and spying on us at the same time.

Not to mention, they’re all the same. You buy a new one and it’s the exact same thing as five years ago. Sure maybe the camera is better, but who cares?

Ultimately, smartphones have destroyed the world economy, killed people, and rotted our brains.

It’s the ultimate con by the OG tech giants.

Now that AI is being integrated into our phones, I actually think it’ll help us be more productive and get back to a sense of normalcy.

Sure, you could go back to a “dumb phone” or use something like the Light Phone, which is meant as a way for you to take a break from the smartphone.

But you’re not thinking outside the box.

Because right now there’s a replacement technology that far outpaces the capabilities of your dusty old smartphone.

Soon every phone is going to come with what I call an “AI assistant.”

And these AI assistants will soon replace the iPhone, no joke.

And no, I’m not talking about Siri or Alexa — we all know how terrible those technologies are.

I’m talking about an AI that can access to the entire internet in real time and can accomplish tasks for you so you can go back to living like a human again.

There are already companies bringing AI assistant products to market, and they all have one thing in common…

They listen to your voice through a microphone.

And it’s this technology behind that process that we’re targeting as an investment opportunity.

The software that processes the vocal input is as valuable as digital gold.

It’s got phone-makers like Apple and Samsung shaking in their boots. They’re literally saving money as we speak to buy this technology for themselves.

Learn about the tiny company threatening the tech giants here.

Stay frosty,

Alexander Boulden
Editor, Wealth Daily

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