What I Love About AI Data Centers That Investors Should Too

Written By Jason Williams

Posted March 8, 2024

Dear Reader,

I’ve been interested in AI data centers for a long time. And the readers of my introductory investing community, The Wealth Advisory, can attest.

ai data centers

As you can see, they’ve had their fair share of profits thanks to that interest. Back in 2014, I told them about CoreSite, a data center that was later bought by American Tower, serving them a 536% gain.

When AI Data Centers Led Me to Nvidia

But that all seems like peanuts compared to the next gain my interest in AI data centers could have scored them. You see, back in 2019, I finally got the opportunity to recommend Nvidia after shares took a tumble in the first cryptocurrency meltdown.

On a split-adjusted basis, they were trading for $37 each. But I saw the value in the chips the company was building and the role they would play in the AI boom I was sure was coming. In fact, here’s a screenshot of the actual recommendation:

ai data centers nvidia

The rest is history, as Nvidia’s shares have climbed all the way from that $37 to over $900. And my interest in both AI and data centers set my investors up for potential gains worth more than 2,280%!

ai data centers nvidia gain

But even that pales in comparison to the next path my fascination took me and those same investors down…

When AI Data Centers Did One Better

About a year and a half later, my curiosity got the best of me again and I started dreaming about AI data centers. This time it was because I’d just stumbled across a very small company called Super Micro Computer that made AI-capable chips for data centers in need of upgrading.

I knew that the servers in data centers around the country and across the globe were in dire need of an upgrade if they were going to be able to manage the kind of data and traffic the AI explosion was going to bring with it. I even pointed out that the data center stock we were about to exit for a 500% gain was going to be spending money upgrading its data centers for AI…

ai data centers super micro computer

And, as you can see, my love affair of AI and data centers paid off for my investors once again. They got the chance to buy that future darling of the AI market for $35. And they did it long before anyone else even heard of the company.

Today, Super Micro Computer is outfitting more and more data centers for AI. Its share price has soared to an incredible $1,169.50. And investors who stuck it out are sitting on 3,480% gains of pure profit that are still growing because I love AI and data centers:

ai data centers super micro computer gains

Now the AI boom is just getting into full swing and adoption is just starting to accelerate. And my investors are starting to profit from yet another investment brought to them by my longtime interest in AI and data centers…

AI Data Centers Are Calling Again

You see, those chip stocks have gone through the roof because data centers need to be upgraded for the growth of AI to continue. But data center stocks are going through the roof as well because AI companies need all that extra space to store all this extra data.

And one data center company in particular holds possibly the most desirable AI data center real estate in the entire world. I call it the “AI Tollbooth” because it controls access to the AI data center superhighway that AI companies need to make their AI work.

AI data centers tollbooth

So it’s able to charge something like a toll every time a customer wants to use an AI program like ChatGPT, DALL-E, or whatever other AI app they favor. But it gets even better. Because there’s a special law that grants this company immunity from paying federal taxes on its profits.

There’s a catch to getting that special tax status, though. The catch is that the company MUST share nearly all of its profits with shareholders. And since it’s publicly traded, anyone can and should be getting a share of those massive and growing AI data center profits.

That’s why I’m telling you all about it today. I want you to get in early on my next big win brought to investors by AI and data centers. And I want to share a special presentation I made to explain the ins and outs to my investors.

So that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to give you special (but limited-time) access to my research. Then you can learn how this AI data center company has the industry in a chokehold. And you’ll learn how you can stake a claim to its growing AI-funded income stream.

I’ve shown you what my love of AI and data centers has done for my investors. But I’ll do it one more time before I leave you with my latest opportunity:

  • CoreSite Inc. (NYSE: COR) — 535%
  • Nvidia Corp. (NASDAQ: NVDA) — 2,280% so far
  • Super Micro Computer Inc. (NASDAQ: SMCI) — 3,480% so far

Even the smallest of those AI data center profits would be a career highlight. All three of them could have completely changed an investor’s life. And I’m convinced that my next AI data center investment is going to add one more feather to a cap that’s starting to look like a headdress. So I hope you’ll get invested today before another AI data center gain passes you by.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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