A Golden Opportunity in AI

Written By Jason Williams

Posted January 4, 2024

Dear Reader,

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technology among corporations and individuals has been accelerating at a pace that is nothing short of breathtaking.

This acceleration is not just a temporary surge; it’s a fundamental shift in how technology is integrated into every aspect of our lives and businesses.

Unprecedented Growth in AI Adoption

In the past few years, the rate at which AI is being adopted has surged dramatically.

For instance, Stanford’s 2021 AI Index showed a MASSIVE increase in AI-related patent applications over the preceding few years.

AI patent growth

This reflects a growing confidence and investment in AI technologies across various sectors.

The number of users interacting with AI in some form — be it through smart devices, online services, or business applications — has multiplied as well.

A study by Gartner predicted that by 2023, the number of people worldwide using AI support services would increase by 40% from 2020 levels.


It’s then expected to keep on growing at an average rate of 37.3% per year after that!

And financially, the AI market is set to skyrocket…

MarketsandMarkets forecast that the global AI market size will grow to over $400 billion by 2027, a significant leap from just $58 billion in 2021.

AI market growth

The Need for Robust Computing Power and Data Storage

AI’s functionality hinges on two critical factors: robust computing power and extensive data storage.

To process and learn from vast datasets, AI systems require an enormous amount of computing power.

This demand has spurred the growth of advanced processors and cloud computing services, with companies like Nvidia and Amazon Web Services leading the charge.

But that’s not the only thing AI’s continued success hinges upon…

AI models are data-hungry, too.

And they require access to large volumes of data for training and operation.

This necessity has led to an explosion in the demand for data storage solutions, a sector experiencing unprecedented growth.

But on top of those two things, there’s a third factor that really makes or breaks a company’s push into AI technology.

And that’s because the efficiency of AI depends on not just the quantity but also the accessibility of data.

This requirement has pushed advancements in database management and networking technologies, ensuring that AI systems can access the data they need swiftly and reliably.

The Demand for a Technological Superhighway

You see, for AI companies, the challenge doesn’t end with building powerful AI systems; they also need a direct avenue to reach their end customers, often situated thousands of miles away.

AI services must be globally accessible, requiring a network that acts like a technological superhighway.

high tech super highway

This network connects AI companies on one end with users worldwide on the other, ensuring seamless service delivery.

Users now expect instant access to AI-driven services, whether it’s for real-time language translation or personalized shopping recommendations.

This demand necessitates a high-speed, reliable network infrastructure capable of handling large volumes of data with minimal latency.

The real investment opportunity lies in this need for connectivity.

Companies that build and maintain this global network infrastructure are pivotal in the AI ecosystem, offering a crucial service to AI companies and their users.

The “Toll Collecting” Investment Opportunity

This situation creates a unique “toll collecting” opportunity for investors…

Instead of focusing solely on AI technology providers, investors can look towards companies that provide the essential infrastructure — data centers, cloud services, and high-speed networks.

Every time an AI service is accessed, these infrastructure companies effectively collect a “toll” for facilitating that interaction.

AI tollbooth

This model provides a steady income stream, evidenced by the nearly $1.5 billion already being paid out to investors annually.

As AI adoption continues to grow, the demand for these services will only increase.

And investing in this infrastructure sector is akin to betting on the entire AI industry’s growth, making it a nearly guaranteed win for investors.

So, with AI’s expansion showing no signs of slowing down, the infrastructure supporting it is poised for significant growth.

And that growth translates into nearly guaranteed profits for investors who get in early.

Seizing the Opportunity

There’s no questioning it: The AI revolution is here, and it’s reshaping the technological landscape.

By investing in the infrastructure that underpins AI technology, investors have the opportunity to benefit from this transformational growth.

So, to learn more about this investment strategy and how you can benefit from the AI boom, I invite you to read our comprehensive report

It details how this investment works, its potential returns, and how you can get started TODAY.

Don’t miss out on this chance to be part of the future and secure a life-changing income stream.

Get invested now and be prepared for the big win that AI’s continued growth is set to bring.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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