5G Is Finally Here… And You Can Still Profit

Written By Jason Williams

Updated January 10, 2024

Last Wednesday, the biggest maker of chips that connect smartphones to wireless networks reported impressive earnings.

Profit per share was close to $2, while analysts were predicting it would be closer to $1.50. Revenues (overall sales) grew by a whopping 63%.

And the company is convinced this is just the beginning of a massive wave of profits about to come rolling in.

The company I’m talking about, in case you haven’t already guessed, is Qualcomm. It’s the biggest supplier of the chips that make our smartphones work.

And it makes a ton of money licensing its technology to anyone who wants a phone that will connect to a wireless network.

And with a new network gaining steam, Qualcomm sees a major upgrade coming that’s going to deliver massive profits.

People are mostly back out in the wild. And with 5G networks slowly popping up across the country, they’re upgrading their phones.

Qualcomm makes the best 5G chipsets and provides them to major customers like Apple and Samsung.

But even if companies don’t buy chips directly from Qualcomm, they’ve got to pay to use its technology because Qualcomm owns the patents on some of the most fundamental parts of mobile communications.

So, needless to say, the 5G revolution is going to be very good for Qualcomm. It’s going to be so good, in fact, that shares shot up nearly $10 right after earnings were announced.

Qualcomm is already a massive company, though, so that $10 pop only equated to about a 7% gain. That’s not bad, but it’s nothing to write home about.

But what if you could find a company that’s going to benefit from 5G just as much as Qualcomm — but for which a $10 gain would equal a 100% win?

Would you want to invest in it?

If your answer is a resounding YES, then you’re going to want to keep reading… because I’ve found just such a company…

And I expect it to far more than double as 5G continues to sweep the nation.

The Gatekeeper

Back in the olden times of covered wagons and settlers heading west, there was a class of entrepreneurs helping them make their way.

You see, there weren’t bridges over any rivers back then. And there were only a few places that were shallow enough to cross (or ford) the rivers.

If you didn’t want to go several days off course looking for a safe place to cross, your only option was to enlist the help of a ferryman.

He’d load up your oxen and wagons on his raft and pull you across the river by means of a line strung from one bank to the other. And you’d pay him a small fee for each family that crossed.

He didn’t charge too much because he knew he’d get more business that way. But he made a pretty good living off all those small fees as they added up.

And that’s exactly what the company I’ve uncovered does.

You see, 5G may be really fast wireless. But in order to store the data that travels over the 5G network, you’ve got to connect it to a physical building called a data storage center.

These buildings are what make the “cloud” people refer to. They’re just tons of servers that are connected to each other and the outside world by way of fiber-optic cable.

And they’re connected with fiber because that’s the only physical link that can transmit data fast enough.

So in order to give the data on a 5G network a place to live, that 5G network has to be connected to fiber-optic network.

It’s kind of funny that this new form of wireless communications can’t work without wires. But it’s the cold, hard truth.

And the company I’ve uncovered has the most extensive fiber-optic network in the country.

It’s got more than Comcast, more than AT&T, more than Verizon. It’s got more than all of its top competitors combined.


And the competition knows it. That’s why they’re all inking deals with this company to mount their 5G networks on its fiber-optic network.

It’s no surprise that every city with true 5G access is also a city on this company’s fiber network:

5g cities 2020
5G cities on left, fiber network on right.

There’s Still Time for Early Investments

But what’s surprising is that with all that value and potential profit packed into this company, its shares still trade right around $10.

The market simply hasn’t discovered this company yet. But when it does, that $10 gain Qualcomm got last week will double the company’s share price.

And it’ll actually look paltry. Because I’m convinced this company has what it takes to climb from $10 all the way through $20 and $30, past $40 and $50, and potentially as high as $60!

And I think that could happen in the very near future. 5G excitement has been building for years.

As consumers get to experience what they’ve heard about for so long, they’re going to get very excited. Adoption is going to be incredibly fast.

And profits are going to come rolling into the company guarding access to the high-speed connections.

RUN, Don’t Walk

I’ve been watching this company for years now. And I implored the investors of my advisory service to buy it back when it was still trading for less than $5.

Tollbooth Double

That was last summer. Just a year later it’s already up nearly 150%. Imagine how much more it will have risen by this time next summer.

You don’t want to miss out on any more gains. So take a little time today and check out this presentation my partner and I put together.

It details the opportunity, gives you a little more in-depth information about why this company’s network is so critical to 5G, and explains exactly how to make your investment.

I hope you’ll take some time to check it out. It could be the most profitable time you ever spend.

Click here now to find out more.

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