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Monica Savaglia

monica-savaglia-300Monica Savaglia is Wealth Daily’s IPO specialist. She regularly covers the stock market's hottest newcomers and provides readers with the most up-to-date information on all things having to do with initial public offerings. Monica's dedication to delivering crucial insight on tomorrow's IPOs today leaves our readers with invaluable and unparalleled insight.

Monica's biggest gripe with investing today is that not enough people are familiar with the IPO market or how to navigate it. This is why she launched her career covering the most interesting IPOs that have recently braced the field. From Snap and MuleSoft, to Blue Apron and Emblem Cannabis – if it's new to the public markets, Monica is on top of it.

Monica's passion for knowledge and research has led her to the editor role for The IPO Authority, an investment newsletter that provides readers organized and well-researched information on upcoming and recent IPOs.

Monica resides in Baltimore, Maryland and has a strong passion for music, art, and the outdoors. Growing up in a military household she's keen on adapting to many different environments, which she believes has shaped her research into the reflective and observant content it is today.

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