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Ian Cooper

Baltimore, MD - Contributing Editor, Wealth Daily

Ian CooperIan Cooper has spent the better part of the last decade mastering the art of trading options for triple-digit gains, avoiding the "herd mentality" of Wall Street.

He has shown thousands of investors exactly how to exploit carefully targeted market sectors for lightning-fast short-term gains — gains that prove to be several times more profitable than simply buying stocks alone.

How does he do it?

Ian relies on his technical and fundamental analysis. He sifts through general market research. He looks at the bigger picture, finding what sectors will benefit from any situation. He then scrutinizes hundreds of potential opportunities to invest in.

Ian incorporates four specific indicators — including Bollinger Bands, W%R, candlesticks, and breaking news. Using these four, he can call for tops and bottoms on indices as well as individual stocks.

He applies each one before ever making a decision... Every one of them has to align on a stock in order for it to be considered for recommendation.

These time-tested analysis methods have Ian's options services raking in triple-digit gains — including 9,500% cumulative gains from 2007 to today. 

It's his phenomenal track record of short-term winners that puts Ian in such high demand from mainstream outlets such as Investor's Business Daily and Forbes, and on investment shows such as Money Matters with Barry Armstrong and On the Money with Mike Stein.

They want to follow his advice as much as anyone. Because no matter what happens to the general market — or a stock's share price — people who follow Ian Cooper's advice make an immediate killing almost every time he alerts them!

There are boundless opportunities to capitalize on the transitional state of our markets. Ian did it by successfully calling out (and perfectly timing) the biggest spikes and dips in subprime, Alt-A, housing, and financials. I'm talking about the companies that lied, denied, or misled its investors, refused to cut dividends, and swept themselves into what could prove the century's greatest financial disaster.

But don't for a second think the easy gains are all behind us...

The profit-taking has just begun.

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