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Briton Ryle

Baltimore, MD - Investment Director, The Wealth Advisory

Briton L. Ryle has helped individual investors protect and grow their wealth since 1998.

Brit Ryle SketchA 17-year veteran of the newsletter business, Briton Ryle is the editor of The Wealth Advisory income stock newsletter, with a focus on top-quality dividend growth stocks and REITs. Briton also manages the Real Income Trader advisory service, where his readers take regular cash payouts using a low-risk covered call option strategy. He also contributes a weekly column to the Wealth Daily e-letter.

He succesfully navigated the Internet bubble (1998-2000), the ensuing Internet crash (2000-2001), the jobless recovery (2003-2004), the housing bubble (2004-2007), the financial crisis (2008-2009), and the recovery (2009 to the present).

Briton recommended Petrochina at $20 a share, six months before Warren Buffett bought in and the stock ran to $180.

He kept his readers out of bank stocks during the financial crisis of 2008.

And he advised readers to load up on oil stocks (like Gulfport (NASDAQ: GPOR) at $1.50) in spring of 2009. Gulfport has since hit $75 a share.

Briton makes use of fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and good old-fashioned horse sense to help individual investors grow their wealth. He's a firm believer that hard work and thorough research leads to investment success.

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