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Taking Control of Your Investments
The Government Wants to Help - 2015-04-24
Despite the bull market in stocks, many Americans are not feeling all that rich. Here's how to take matters into your own hands...

The Age of Cyborgs is Here
Cybernetics Are No Longer Just for the Movies - 2015-04-23
The realistic problem with meshing man and machine, or living tissue and metallic/electronic systems, is opening the communication channel between the human brain and the artificial components.

7 Reasons Hillary Clinton Would be an Awful President
Big Government: From Cradle to the Grave - 2015-04-22
Seven reasons to oppose a Hillary Clinton presidency

Big Trouble Ahead for Greece - 2015-04-22
It sounds like something out of a history book: a heavily indebted ruler faced with the possibility that he might not meet a debt payment decides to steal as much money as he can from his country's coffers.

This Man Has No Shame - 2015-04-20
The S&P 500 is trading within a stone's throw of all-time highs. And yet the companies themselves are earning less than they did a year ago. How's this possible?

Bloomberg Outage is a Warning for Investors
How Safe is your Money from the next Trading Glitch? - 2015-04-20
Nervous about the stock market? Then it's time to hedge your bets.

Investing in Taser (NASDAQ: TASR)
Taser's Crushing it! - 2015-04-17
Good cop, bad cap - Either way, I'm getting paid!

Municipalities Face Bankruptcy
Is Chicago Next? - 2015-04-17
New York Federal Reserve President William Dudley has warned of the dangers of municipal bankruptcies. But the federal government has the same habits...

How to Build a Brain in Your Spare Time - 2015-04-16
When weekend tinkerers start messing with self-teaching artificial intelligence that can take the intellect of a four year old and apply it to almost unlimited streams of data, the technological revolution has officially begun.

Investing in Diamonds
How the UAE could corner the Diamond Market - 2015-04-15
The diamond industry is being set free!

Investing in Molycorp (NYSE: MCP)
Molycorp (NYSE: MCP) Surges on Siemens Deal - 2015-04-15
Bulls finally find a reason to like Molycorp (NYSE: MCP) again.

Dividends that Grow
One to Sell, Three to Buy - 2015-04-15
Be careful when you read financial media coverage. I mean, is McDonald's really a top-five dividend stock? I don't think so...

Investing in UK Shale
UK's 100 Billion Barrel Oil Find is a Joke! - 2015-04-14
Is there really British oil under British soil?

India Statists Love to Steal Gold
$20 Billion in Gold up for Grabs! - 2015-04-13
This is India's version of Obama's MyRA plan.

Wall Street is Nickel-and-Diming You
This is Outrageous - 2015-04-13
We all have the helpless feeling that America has been taken over by the rich and powerful. But voters are starting to demand change...

Is America Losing? - 2015-04-10
Central planning across the world is failing. But you don't need an international bank to own gold...

Stocks You Legally CANNOT Own
Only for the Rich - 2015-04-09
Want to turn a modest $300 investment into $30,000? It's possible.

Don't Listen to Wall Street
They Don't Want You to Buy This - 2015-04-08
The narrative for oil is changing. The consistently negative coverage is becoming more positive. And Wall Street has already bought low...

The Government Wants Your Gold
Gold Smuggling or Voluntary Trade? - 2015-04-08
The black market for gold is the result of government intervention.

S&P 500 Ramps Over 200% In Last Six Years
Eclipses Wage Growth By Most In 50 Years - 2015-04-07
The S&P 500 is on a six-year bull run but at what cost?

Investing in Military Solar Power
U.S. Military Turning to Flower Power? - 2015-04-07
Solar's going the way of the Internet, rifle, and computer - right into your home, and onto the battlefield.

Eurozone In Crisis - 2015-04-07
The euro's falling down to the dollar's level and Greece is running out of time.

Uber Would Crush Ford (NYSE: F)
Ford Wishes it Could be Uber - 2015-04-06
Ford, Uber, and a parking nightmare await.

Get Ready for a Short Squeeze
93 Million... - 2015-04-06
Here's why J.C. Penney could be a pretty good stock to own for the rest of the year...

Germans Prepared to Loot Greek Banks
Greeks Would be Wise to Hide All Assets Now! - 2015-04-06
In a violent welfare state, where can wealthy Greeks go?

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