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Does Bill Gates Want Higher Taxes?
As a Business, Government Would Fail - 2015-05-22
If Bill Gates and Warren Buffett want to help fund more government spending, that is up to them. But don't force the rest of us to pay for it.

Stonegate Bank Welcomes Cuba as a Client
New Opportunities in Cuba are Upon us! - 2015-05-22
Despite the negative rhetoric of a small minority, a new relationship between Cuba and the U.S. is going to facilitate peace and opportunity.

Why Millennials Should Buy Real Estate Today
One Piece of Advice for the Millennial Generation ... - 2015-05-21
Today's Millennials will be tomorrow's home owners. But they shouldn't e waiting until tomorrow.

This Robot Will Perform Your Next Surgery - 2015-05-21
There simply is no comparing the relatively inaccurate human hand with the micrometer-precise servos of an infrared, laser-guided robotic extremity.

China's Great Money Experiment
Here it Comes - 2015-05-20
You may think our Fed has gone off the rails, but it's nothing compared to the financial experiment the Chinese are conducting.

Obama Loves Dictatorships
Obama is Funding the next World War with YOUR Money! - 2015-05-20
Obama has pledged support for six dictatorships in the Middle East, and this includes using your tax dollars to prop them up.

Yingli (NYSE: YGE) Gets Crushed!
This Solar Stock is Tanking, but the Solar Industry Remains Vibrant - 2015-05-19
Don't let one China solar stock scare you away from a booming solar market.

How to Retire Like a King
5 Tips for a $1 Million Retirement - 2015-05-19
It takes much more than money to enjoy a safe and happy retirement. Here are the five most important ways to ensure you retire like a king.

The Part-Time Problem
Why Part-Time Work Persists - 2015-05-18
There has been reason to be concerned about the quality of jobs being created and workforce participation. But these metrics are better than you might expect...

Central Banks Increase Demand for Gold
There's ALWAYS Demand for Gold! - 2015-05-18
Although gold demand has slipped a bit, the price is actually holding up pretty well. Here's why ...

Gold, Bonds, and Inflation
What's the Best Fear Trade? - 2015-05-15
Is this the end of the bond bubble? Is it time to start shorting bonds?

Gold Investing in Turkey
Who Cares about Gold in Turkey? - 2015-05-14
Is gold demand in Turkey about to pick back up?

What Free Speech Means - 2015-05-13
When someone insults or challenges something you believe strongly in, the tendency to get angry about it is also a call to action, to ponder why, exactly, does this bother me so much?

In Defense of Uber
Uber should be Applauded, not Condemned! - 2015-05-13
Does Uber treat its employees like modern day slaves?

Investing in Clean Energy Fuels (NASDAQ: CLNE)
The Bears are Sniffing around Clean Energy Fuels (NASDAQ: CLNE) - 2015-05-12
Although Clean Energy Fuels (NASDAQ: CLNE) has benefited immensely from the integration of natural gas-powered vehicle infrastructure development, long-term, the stock's not looking so hot.

Investing in Whole Foods (NASDAQ: WFM)
Warren Buffett Can't Stop Talking About THIS Stock - 2015-05-12
When Warren Buffett talks, people listen. But in the case of Whole Foods (NASDAQ: WFM), this may not be a good thing.

Investing in China Silver
Why I Recommend Gold over Silver - 2015-05-11
Silver just isn't holding up to gold in China. And there's a reason for this.

How the Bull Market Ends
Two Events That Cause a Bear Market - 2015-05-11
If you want to be bearish, make sure you're bearish about the right things.

Digital Gold
Gold-Backed Currency is Here! - 2015-05-08
A new cryptocurrency is making its way onto the scene, and it will be fully backed by gold.

Bernie Sanders for President: A Libertarian Perspective
Ready for a REAL Socialist President? - 2015-05-06
Bernie Sanders will make Hillary Clinton very uncomfortable. So for that reason, I like that he's running for president.

You Can't Trust Media
How Fox News Nearly Started a Riot - 2015-05-06
Fox News nearly set off another round of mayhem with inaccurate reporting in Baltimore this week.

The Death Knell for Pay-Per-View
Will Piracy Apps kill Pay-Per-View? - 2015-05-05
Stealing is stealing, but if you can't be 'em, you better join 'em.

Investing in the Bojangles (NASDAQ: BOJA) IPO
Buy this IPO! - 2015-05-05
It may not be the best southern food, but Bojangles could make you a lot of money.

Russia Gold Investing
Is Russia Moving to a Gold-Backed Currency? - 2015-05-04
Should you worry about Russia hoarding gold? Not unless you're a politician.

How Apple Could Save the Economy
Thoughts? - 2015-05-04
There's a huge number of topics to cover today, so it's time to break out the "random thoughts" format once again.

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