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Why McDonald's and Coke Might Stop Growing
What Trend of Healthy Eating Means for Investors - 2014-10-22
The changing tastes sweeping across America today will be sweeping around the world tomorrow.

Earnings Season Sell Signal
Sell These Two Stocks ASAP - 2014-10-22
This is the last time we will hear from Corporate America this calendar year. It is vital that we pay attention so we can set up our investment portfolios to be as successful as possible.

Why Markets Might Turn Next Week
A Turn-around Might Be Closer Than You Think - 2014-10-21
Investors should tread carefully in these still turbulent waters. Yet they should not be fearful of picking up some bargain stocks at these rare 10% discount prices.

Why Oil and Gas Will Rise Again
Enjoy Lower Fuel Prices While You Can - 2014-10-20
How much further can oil fall before wells are forced to start going offline?

Ebola: Just Another Opportunity
Panic Can Redline Markets, But You're Still Steering - 2014-10-20
When Ebola comes to your town, what's your reaction going to be?

Let's Get Real About Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX)
Reaping Royalties from the Internet - 2014-10-17
Despite lowered earning estimates, lower subscriber acquisition, and an impending rate hike, don't get too bearish on Netflix.

Subway IPO Update
How Much Money Can You Make When Subway Goes Public? - 2014-10-17
After over three years of waiting, is it finally time for the sandwich chain to go public?

Invest with the Cato Economic Freedom Report
Economic Freedom Equals Prosperity - 2014-10-17
The best place to invest is where economic freedom is strong. And according to the Cato Institute, these 10 countries have the highest levels of economic freedom...

Investment Outlook for Year-end 2014
Corrections and 'Buy' Signs - 2014-10-16
Based upon recent market activity, here's how you should position yourself moving into the home stretch of the year.

Investing in Distressed Coal Assets
A New Trade on THIS Coal Stock - 2014-10-16
Has coal bottomed? If so, this stock could be in for a quick pop.

Can the Secret Of Rich Man's Row Change Your Life In a Month?
Don't Let the Feds Keep You From Joining the 1% - 2014-10-15
Think the federal government is on your side? Think again. There is one rule in the books that clearly states who it prefers... and it's not you.

Time to Sell?
How Afraid Should We Be? - 2014-10-15
The media wants us to be terrified about Ebola, global growth, oil prices, Chinese economic collapse, and war in the Middle East. But for all I can tell, this looks like just a run-of-the-mill correction.

Investing in Waterfront Property
Buy Waterfront Property on the Cheap - 2014-10-14
It's a great time to invest in waterfront property, especially if you're looking for a second home.

Medicare Open Enrollment
Changes Taking Place - 2014-10-14
Medicare Open Enrollment begins this week. Here's what you need to know.

A Cure Synthesized from Your Own DNA
It's a Multi-Billion Dollar Problem Nobody Talks About - 2014-10-13
Bedsores don't sound serious, but in the U.S., they cost between $21,000 and $152,000 per incident to treat. Now, however, the end may be in sight... and we've got a small East Coast biotech firm to thank for it.

The Rise of the US Dollar
What it Means for Your Portfolio - 2014-10-13
After six years of abuse, the US Dollar is again on the rise. How should you adjust your portfolio?

Investing in a Volatile Market
Using the Short-Term Chaos to your Advantage - 2014-10-10
Following expert investors in times of extreme volatility.

The Number One Reason You Should Invest in Oil Stocks
Screw OPEC! - 2014-10-10
Although manipulation will be attempted, for the long-term, oil is a solid bet.

New Nuclear Plants In the UK: Who Wins?
Competing Interests at Odds over Power - 2014-10-09
With energy independence at top of mind, the UK is doubling down on nuclear.

Investing in the U.S. Economy
10 Benchmarks of U.S. Supremacy - 2014-10-09
For all its faults, the U.S. remains a superior economic powerhouse.

XL Gold Cycle: A Pattern of Fortune - 2014-10-08
Every 40 years, like clockwork, a gold bull market takes hold. It's called the XL Gold Cycle, and every time it's has over, millions - even billions - of dollars have been made.

8 Stock Market Signs That Say BUY
4 Bad Omens and 4 Good - 2014-10-08
Four apocalyptic omens have taken place, but four good ones are ready to counteract them.

Crony Capitalism in America
Sue the Government! - 2014-10-08
Approval ratings for the president and Congress are at all-time lows. And it's because Americans all know that crony capitalism rules. The question is: What can we do about it?

Investing in Japan
A 133% Play on Japan - 2014-10-07
Will Japan's third arrow of Abenomics hit the bull's-eye? And if it doesn't, what does this mean for the Japanese and American economies?

Stock Buybacks and Special Dividends
Companies Paying Out More Than Reinvesting - 2014-10-07
Companies in the S&P 500 are spending almost all their profits on buybacks and dividends. Should you be concerned?