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Time to Buy Oil Stocks?
Why the Decline for Oil Stocks is Over - 2014-10-29
As a consumer, I love the recent drop in oil prices. But as an investor, I have to wonder if it is a good thing. Can U.S. producers survive $80 a barrel oil?

Does High-Speed Trading Hide Insider Trades?
The 24-Second Advantage - 2014-10-29
When it all boils down to a handful of seconds, how can you detect an inside angle?

What a Warmer Winter Means for Your Portfolio
Profit from the Weather - 2014-10-28
Last year, unpredictable weather caused tremendous shifts in the energy industry. Don't be taken by surprise this year!

Investing in Costa Rica Real Estate
Waterfront Property for Less Than $100,000 - 2014-10-28
Looking to retire overseas? Consider Costa Rica, where locals report the highest life satisfaction in the world and the second-highest average life expectancy in the Americas.

How to Invest in Expectation of a Bear
Here's How to Prepare for the Coming Correction - 2014-10-27
Every time a bear happens upon us, we are always left with great buying opportunities that reward us amply during the bull runs that always follow.

Investing in Dark Corporations
Why Some Companies Prefer to Become Ghosts - 2014-10-27
An obscure, recently passed SEC loophole allows public companies to behave like private ones. Are the owners trying to hide something from you, or are they just trying to keep it all to themselves?

Chick-fil-A IPO Update
Will Chick-fil-A Ever Go Public? - 2014-10-27
Will the $5 billion chicken ever cross the road? Wealth Daily explores why it hasn't yet and more importantly, why it should.

Is Another Housing Crisis In The Making? - 2014-10-24
How can we avoid another housing bubble and eventual collapse when mortgages renew to higher rates?

Permanent Portfolio Investing
Your Portfolio is Controlled by the Fed! - 2014-10-24
The best way to protect yourself from Fed control is to invest in a permanent portfolio.

Airline Stocks are for Trading not Holding - 2014-10-23
If they are traded instead of held, airline stocks can be great vehicles for capturing their notorious volatility and converting it into profit as they soar, crash, and soar again.

Investing in Food Stocks
Make Money by Feeding the World - 2014-10-23
It's time to feed your portfolio with profits. Invest in food and biotech stocks.

Why McDonald's and Coke Might Stop Growing
What Trend of Healthy Eating Means for Investors - 2014-10-22
The changing tastes sweeping across America today will be sweeping around the world tomorrow.

Earnings Season Sell Signal
Sell These Two Stocks ASAP - 2014-10-22
This is the last time we will hear from Corporate America this calendar year. It is vital that we pay attention so we can set up our investment portfolios to be as successful as possible.

Why Markets Might Turn Next Week
A Turn-around Might Be Closer Than You Think - 2014-10-21
Investors should tread carefully in these still turbulent waters. Yet they should not be fearful of picking up some bargain stocks at these rare 10% discount prices.

Ebola: Just Another Opportunity
Panic Can Redline Markets, But You're Still Steering - 2014-10-20
When Ebola comes to your town, what's your reaction going to be?

Why Oil and Gas Will Rise Again
Enjoy Lower Fuel Prices While You Can - 2014-10-20
How much further can oil fall before wells are forced to start going offline?

Invest with the Cato Economic Freedom Report
Economic Freedom Equals Prosperity - 2014-10-17
The best place to invest is where economic freedom is strong. And according to the Cato Institute, these 10 countries have the highest levels of economic freedom...

Let's Get Real About Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX)
Reaping Royalties from the Internet - 2014-10-17
Despite lowered earning estimates, lower subscriber acquisition, and an impending rate hike, don't get too bearish on Netflix.

Subway IPO Update
How Much Money Can You Make When Subway Goes Public? - 2014-10-17
After over three years of waiting, is it finally time for the sandwich chain to go public?

Investment Outlook for Year-end 2014
Corrections and 'Buy' Signs - 2014-10-16
Based upon recent market activity, here's how you should position yourself moving into the home stretch of the year.

Investing in Distressed Coal Assets
A New Trade on THIS Coal Stock - 2014-10-16
Has coal bottomed? If so, this stock could be in for a quick pop.

Time to Sell?
How Afraid Should We Be? - 2014-10-15
The media wants us to be terrified about Ebola, global growth, oil prices, Chinese economic collapse, and war in the Middle East. But for all I can tell, this looks like just a run-of-the-mill correction.

Can the Secret Of Rich Man's Row Change Your Life In a Month?
Don't Let the Feds Keep You From Joining the 1% - 2014-10-15
Think the federal government is on your side? Think again. There is one rule in the books that clearly states who it prefers... and it's not you.

Medicare Open Enrollment
Changes Taking Place - 2014-10-14
Medicare Open Enrollment begins this week. Here's what you need to know.

Investing in Waterfront Property
Buy Waterfront Property on the Cheap - 2014-10-14
It's a great time to invest in waterfront property, especially if you're looking for a second home.