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Municipalities Face Bankruptcy
Is Chicago Next? - 2015-04-17
New York Federal Reserve President William Dudley has warned of the dangers of municipal bankruptcies. But the federal government has the same habits...

Investing in Taser (NASDAQ: TASR)
Taser's Crushing it! - 2015-04-17
Good cop, bad cap - Either way, I'm getting paid!

How to Build a Brain in Your Spare Time - 2015-04-16
When weekend tinkerers start messing with self-teaching artificial intelligence that can take the intellect of a four year old and apply it to almost unlimited streams of data, the technological revolution has officially begun.

Investing in Diamonds
How the UAE could corner the Diamond Market - 2015-04-15
The diamond industry is being set free!

Dividends that Grow
One to Sell, Three to Buy - 2015-04-15
Be careful when you read financial media coverage. I mean, is McDonald's really a top-five dividend stock? I don't think so...

Investing in Molycorp (NYSE: MCP)
Molycorp (NYSE: MCP) Surges on Siemens Deal - 2015-04-15
Bulls finally find a reason to like Molycorp (NYSE: MCP) again.

Investing in UK Shale
UK's 100 Billion Barrel Oil Find is a Joke! - 2015-04-14
Is there really British oil under British soil?

India Statists Love to Steal Gold
$20 Billion in Gold up for Grabs! - 2015-04-13
This is India's version of Obama's MyRA plan.

Wall Street is Nickel-and-Diming You
This is Outrageous - 2015-04-13
We all have the helpless feeling that America has been taken over by the rich and powerful. But voters are starting to demand change...

Is America Losing? - 2015-04-10
Central planning across the world is failing. But you don't need an international bank to own gold...

Stocks You Legally CANNOT Own
Only for the Rich - 2015-04-09
Want to turn a modest $300 investment into $30,000? It's possible.

The Government Wants Your Gold
Gold Smuggling or Voluntary Trade? - 2015-04-08
The black market for gold is the result of government intervention.

Don't Listen to Wall Street
They Don't Want You to Buy This - 2015-04-08
The narrative for oil is changing. The consistently negative coverage is becoming more positive. And Wall Street has already bought low...

Eurozone In Crisis - 2015-04-07
The euro's falling down to the dollar's level and Greece is running out of time.

S&P 500 Ramps Over 200% In Last Six Years
Eclipses Wage Growth By Most In 50 Years - 2015-04-07
The S&P 500 is on a six-year bull run but at what cost?

Investing in Military Solar Power
U.S. Military Turning to Flower Power? - 2015-04-07
Solar's going the way of the Internet, rifle, and computer - right into your home, and onto the battlefield.

Germans Prepared to Loot Greek Banks
Greeks Would be Wise to Hide All Assets Now! - 2015-04-06
In a violent welfare state, where can wealthy Greeks go?

Get Ready for a Short Squeeze
93 Million... - 2015-04-06
Here's why J.C. Penney could be a pretty good stock to own for the rest of the year...

Uber Would Crush Ford (NYSE: F)
Ford Wishes it Could be Uber - 2015-04-06
Ford, Uber, and a parking nightmare await.

China Bull - 2015-04-03
China has come a long way for a communist country... but the bubble is still growing.

Oil Rises To Highest In Two Months
Reduced U.S. Crude Production - 2015-04-02
The oil industry has seen some slight improvements in the past week but it has a long way to go before it fully recovers.

The Road to Ruin is Paved with Gold: Buy Monsanto (NYSE: MON)
Drinking Poison, Kissing Butterflies, and Making Money - 2015-04-02
Monsanto is an evil corporation, but it's profitable. What to do?

The Robot Revolution
Paranoia or Precaution? - 2015-04-02
From an evolutionary perspective, computers are millions if not billions of times faster to adapt, evolve, and grow in functionality than the human brain.

Ford (NYSE: F) May Have Made a Huge Mistake
Ford's New Continental is Lame, but I Still Might Want One - 2015-04-02
Why I'm digging Ford's Latest Mullet.

Easy Trade for Oil Income
Do You Recognize This? - 2015-04-01
I normally don't mess with huge sell-offs because they are typically very difficult to get right, and you can lose a lot of loot if you don't get it right. But the situation with oil is a bit different...

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