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Commodities Spring Cleaning
Barclays Backing Out of Commodities: What it Means - 2014-04-21
Barclays is reducing its commodities operations in response to poor market conditions.

Income Tax, Flat Tax, or No Tax?
Pay No Income Tax Ever Again - 2014-04-18
Another April 15th, the usual tax-filing deadline, has come and gone. Did you get all of the government you paid for in 2013?

Atmospheric Satellite Technology
Bringing Internet... Everywhere! - 2014-04-17
Atmospheric satellites are opening up new opportunities for tech companies. Like drones, they're unmanned, but unlike drones, they operate autonomously... and they can solve many problems regular satellites never could.

How to Play This Correction
It's a Controlled Burn - 2014-04-16
What we have been seeing (so far, at least) is a controlled burn of momentum stocks. No doubt about it, these sectors were expensive. But the rest of the stock market is fairly valued...

Chicken is Booming
Expensive Beef and Pork means big Chicken Demand - 2014-04-16
America's chicken producers have beaten the S&P, and the year ahead looks to be more of the same.

Uh oh, General Motors (NYSE: GM)
Was the US Treasury's exit from GM good timing, or something else? - 2014-04-15
The Treasury sold off its remaining stake of GM in December, then the recalls began. Coincidence or not?

Investing in Sustainable Agriculture
Buy Farmland! - 2014-04-15
It's one of the least-covered opportunities on the planet, yet it's also one of the most lucrative. The future of farmland is a profitable one. And those who invest now stand to make a small fortune.

Low Inflation Now, but What Next?
Eurozone Five-year Low Inflation Rate Causes Concern - 2014-04-14
The IMF is worried that inflation has been kept too low. Are these worries justified?

Benefit from Volatility by Trading the VIX
Don't Freak Out... - 2014-04-14
Is the market a bit too volatile for you right now? We've got just the thing...

Revealed: A New Government Plan to Kill More Small Businesses
A New Prohibition on Beer Has Arrived! - 2014-04-11
As if it wasn't enough that the government wants to steal your money, your guns, and your health care, now they're after your beer. I'm not kidding.

Investing in the Oldest Commodity
Forget Precious Metals... - 2014-04-10
Land, on top of its practical utility, is a commodity in ever-decreasing supply. And as its rarity increases, so does its importance, which is why investment in land is reaching levels never seen before...

Investing in the Shrinking Cable TV Business
Buying into the Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA) Empire - 2014-04-10
The proposed merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable means different things to different people. Here's what it should mean to investors.

Hedge Funds are Stupid
Here's How to Beat Them - 2014-04-09
When you see stock market sell-offs like we've seen over the past couple of weeks, you can be pretty sure some hedge funds are getting taken to the cleaners...

Gold in 5 Charts
Factors Pointing to a Favorable Run - 2014-04-09
Five simple charts explain our positive outlook for gold over the next year.

They Told Us This Would Happen
Crowdfunding is Lousy with Scams - 2014-04-08
There have been a few major crowdfunding success stories, but the holes in this type of funding system are so big, you could drive a Buick through them.

Is This a Top?
Know Your Bull - 2014-04-08
No one really knows whether we've reached a top or just a correction. But to me, it feels like a correction. Here's why...

The Railroads Can't Hack It
Oil vs. Agriculture - 2014-04-07
Oil and agriculture are fighting for an equal share of the limited rail infrastructure. Warren Buffett really knew what he was doing when he bought the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway.

Earthquake Investing
More earthquakes means more value in Seismic and Geophysical - 2014-04-07
With an increase in earthquake activity, the value of seismic, geophysical, and geotech companies is high.

Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) Investing
How to Profit from Inflation - 2014-04-04
The government is cheating you on cost-of-living increases, but you can combat this a couple of different ways and actually make a profit.

Breakout Digital Advertising IPO
Adtech finally Scores a Win with Rubicon Project (NYSE: RUBI) - 2014-04-03
After two years of bad Adtech IPOs, one company has beaten the trend.

Investing in Rupees and the Sensex
Cashing in on India's Volatility - 2014-04-03
Within the last year, India's rupee has fallen by 21 percent and bounced back by 14 percent. This fluctuation could be turned into gains on India's market.

Tesla's (NASDAQ: TSLA) Spectacular Transformation
The Company That Redefined an Industry - 2014-04-03
The electric car industry was fraught with stories of failure... until this unlikely player turned the whole industry on its head.

The Natural Gas Stock to Buy Now
163% Gains are Coming - 2014-04-02
West Texas Intermediate prices will hit $120 a barrel this year, and natural gas prices will average above $4.50 per mcf. Here's why...

Target Fraudster Challenges Bank Fraud Law
Check Thief argues Banks Weren't Hurt in his Scheme - 2014-04-02
A check thief argues his attempt to rip off Target was in no way an attempt to rip off the banks.

Improving American Confidence in Retirement
Stuck at a Record Low, Outlook can still Improve - 2014-04-02
American taxpayers are at record low levels of confidence in retirement security, and it's been this way for three years.