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Recession Coming?
All About Earnings - 2015-03-30
Why have interest rates been able to stay so low without sparking inflation? The answer isn't a good one...

Index Funds vs. Mutual Funds
Are Index Funds Better? - 2015-03-30
How do index funds compare to actively managed funds?

The Economic Implosion of Saudi Arabia
How Low OIl Prices Could Crush the House of Saud - 2015-03-30
The tables have turned for Saudi Arabia.

The 401(k) Doesn't Measure Up - 2015-03-27
Americans often list retirement as their top financial worry, and 401(k) contributions are frighteningly low.

The First Step to Nationalizing U.S. Banks
The Latest in Government Waste, Porn, and your Bank Account - 2015-03-27
No, you're not schizophrenic. They ARE watching you!

Police Shakedowns Fund the Justice System
Crooked Cops are Getting Sneakier Every Year - 2015-03-26
Protect and serve is no longer relevant.

Oil Prices Spike As Bombs Fall
Saudi-Led Coalition Assaults Yemen - 2015-03-26
A Saudi-led coalition has begun bombing Yemeni rebels. Oil prices are reacting accordingly.

The World War China Almost Won - 2015-03-26
China has a monopoly on a very important resource... and we are just starting to feel the effects.

The #1 Reason to Buy Gold
$5,000 Gold is Coming! - 2015-03-25
AMZ makes bullish call on gold, and it's still to conservative.

Wrong Reason to Buy Gold
Don't Listen to This - 2015-03-25
Peter Schiff is telling you that the dollar is about to collapse and you should stock up on gold... Here's why you shouldn't believe him.

Investing in Utah Real Estate
Invest in the Next Silicon Valley - 2015-03-24
Looking to hit it big in tech? Move to Utah!

Investing in the Greek Bailout
Lock in a Quick 10% Gain on National Bank of Greece (NYSE: NBG) - 2015-03-24
Greece is sinking, but there's always opportunity for a quick score.

Blame Congress - 2015-03-23
We're not going to see any actions from Congress that might help the economy. They're willing to let U.S. corporations do the heavy lifting.

How to Rig the Gold Market
Does the Electronic Gold Fix Matter? - 2015-03-23
New electronic gold fix to provide more transparency.

Protect the Second Amendment: Invest in Walmart (NYSE: WMT)
Anti-Gun Zealots Make me Love Walmart - 2015-03-23
Why I'm loving me some Walmart right now.

How to Fund the National Debt
The Government Has a Trick Up Its Sleeve - 2015-03-20
The national debt now stands at just over $18.1 trillion... the new debt ceiling.

Investing Through The Oil Surplus
Storage Companies Are Making A Killing - 2015-03-19
As long as oil there's plenty of cheap oil, this part of the oil industry will do just fine.

Wall Street is Terrified of This Research Paper - 2015-03-19
A research report being circulated through the financial community right now has both independent traders and hedge fund managers alike scratching their heads and cursing under their breath.

Game-Changing 3D Printing Technology Unveiled - 2015-03-18
The 3D printing industry just took a huge step forward with this innovation.

Don't Bet Against the U.S. Dollar
How Foreigners Subsidize the U.S. Government - 2015-03-18
Foreigners still like U.S. debt.

U.S. Influence Takes A Hit
Euro Zone Nations Commit To China-Led Bank - 2015-03-18
As our European allies commit to a Chinese-led bank, American influence wanes abroad.

Managing Your Cash and Credit in Europe
7 Tips for European Exchange Rates - 2015-03-18
There's always room for improvement in managing money on an overseas trip. Here are 7 tips from my experience...

Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) Brews Talk of Racism
Should Starbucks Invite Conversation about Race? - 2015-03-17
Starbucks' new anti-racism campaign is a bold, yet somewhat shortsighted move.

Gold Cannot be Stopped!
Why I Continue to Invest in Gold - 2015-03-17
In the absence of a free market, gold smuggling is big business.

Air Force Seeking To Award $55 Billion Contract - 2015-03-16
The United States Air Force plans to upgrade its stealth bomber fleet and award a $55 billion contract to do so.

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