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Europe's Economic Woes
Is This the Fate of the U.S.? - 2014-08-29
The EU economy is headed down a dark path, and even Germany isn't immune. Is the U.S. headed for a similar fate?

Investing in the LendingClub IPO
The Ugly Breakdown - 2014-08-29
Considering investing in LendingClub? Do yourself a favor and read this first.

Calling Russia's Bluff
RSX and the Russian Economy - 2014-08-28
A no-nonsense look at the Russian economy before and after sanctions, and how investors can play the situation.

Golfing and Investing
Can You Imagine Making Money While You Golf? - 2014-08-28
The game of golf is changing as it slowly loses its key demographic. Here's how to fix golf's profitability problem.

Alibaba Is About To Rock The Market
A Turning Tide - 2014-08-27
With Alibaba's IPO lurking ever closer, here's what we can expect from its competitors, as well as its major stakeholder Yahoo.

Buffett Does It Again
His Latest Billion-Dollar Deal - 2014-08-27
When a company goes public, it's the private equity company that owns the shares that get sold during the IPO. Now there's a way for you to get those kinds of returns, too...

Investing in Value Stocks
J. Paul Getty's #1 Secret to Making Money - 2014-08-26
The world's most legendary investors have always used this one secret to build wealth.

Investing in Wine
Uncorking the Napa Valley Situation - 2014-08-25
An outlook for California's wineries, recently shaken by a magnitude 6.1 earthquake.

Investing in Custom 3D Printing
An Incredible Opportunity - 2014-08-25
With 3D printing, engineers, inventors, and hobbyists alike have the potential to create custom parts, but the technology is still incredibly expensive. Here's the company that's changing that.

Investing in Dollar Stores
Deep Discount Retailers Seek Consolidation - 2014-08-22
Brick and Mortar discount retailers are fighting to consolidate and dominate.

Investing in WWE (NYSE:WWE)
Is WWE (NYSE:WWE) a Buy? - 2014-08-22
WWE isn't ready to tap out, and may actually realize new opportunities with overseas markets.

Investing in Palladium Futures
Is Palladium a Better Investment Than Gold? - 2014-08-22
Palladium futures are moving, recently hitting a 13-year high. But is it a better investment than gold?

The World's Largest Metal Mining Company Is Shrinking
BHP Billiton (NYSE: BHP) Executes Huge Spin-Off - 2014-08-21
By chopping off approximately 9% of its overall business, the world's largest miner is shrinking by some $16 billion.

Investing in Panama
How to Invest in the Panama Canal - 2014-08-21
Panama is booming, and now is the time to invest.

Nobel Prize Winner Gives Bad Advice
This Man is Dangerous - 2014-08-20
Based on his own P/E ratio, Robert Shiller is telling people to sell. But the notion that we are in a bubble just doesn't seem to fit...

Silver in the Digital Age
How the New Fix Will Play Out - 2014-08-20
With the new fix in place, and a handful of major outside factors, silver is ready for a big move.

Better Alternatives to Money Market Funds
Marginally Increase Risk, Greatly Increase Reward - 2014-08-19
Consider some of these profitable alternatives to money market funds.

Real Estate Investing in Hong Kong, Dubai, and Brazil
How to Live Next Door to a Billionaire - 2014-08-19
If you want to live next door to a billionaire, try these three real estate markets.

Investing in Big Pharma Buyouts
Why Big Pharma Pays the Little Guys to Do its Homework - 2014-08-18
Every year, large pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars taking the easy way out of doing the hard work. And for investors, this can be a huge bonus...

When Fear is Great: Money Market Investments
How Safe is "Safe" Anyway? - 2014-08-18
Not all money market vehicles are as low-risk as they might seem.

The Default of Social Security
How the Government is Secretly Pilfering Your Retirement - 2014-08-15
Do you trust the Social Security Trust Fund? You shouldn't. Here's how to protect yourself from the inevitable Social Security default...

Investing in Commercial Real Estate
REITs and How to Use Them - 2014-08-14
After a real estate crash to end all crashes, the sector has rebounded into one of the hottest ones going.

Investing in Monopolies
How to Own Your Own Monopoly - 2014-08-14
Want to be rich? Do what the rich do... own monopolies! And here are some of the most lucrative places to look.

Kurdish Oil Ban: What it Means
Crisis in Iraq Continues - 2014-08-13
The Iraqi central government has banned the export of oil from the Kurdistan region, here is how it could affect your portfolio.

Fed Cover-Up
The Fed is Helping Banks Profit - 2014-08-13
The Dodd-Frank financial regulation law was supposed to rein in the banks and keep them from taking huge leveraged risks. But if the Fed won't enforce the rules, how can we expect anything to change?