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Uber IPO Rumor
Uber's Got 99 Problems, and France is One! - 2015-06-30
Amidst mindless violence in France, investors still crave an Uber IPO.

Greece is Screwed!
10 Ways to Protect Yourself from the Global Economic Crisis - 2015-06-30
Don't let central planners steal your wealth and prosperity.

China Banks Setting Gold Prices!
How Gold Could Save China from Recession - 2015-06-29
China is starting to embrace gold. Here's why ...

It's Not a Saving Problem...
It's a Government Problem - 2015-06-26
The majority of Americans have trouble saving, but it is not a spending problem... it is a government problem.

Revolutionizing Health Care
Take Back Your Health - 2015-06-25
What if there was a technology... an actual device... that could knock over the first domino in rebuilding the health care industry from the bottom up?

Investing in Darden Restaurants (NYSE: DRI)
Darden Restaurants: The Food Sucks, but the Stock is Delicious! - 2015-06-25
Don't underestimate Darden Restaurants (NYSE: DRI), especially now that the company is pursuing a new REIT plan.

The Great Indian Gold Grab
Indian Bonds: As Good as Gold? - 2015-06-24
The government of India continues to scheme to steal its citizens' gold.

The Longest Bull Market
If You Own Stocks, Read This - 2015-06-24
Here's a bullish analysis on where the stock market is headed. Could the bull market really last until 2019?

The Fed's Fun House - 2015-06-22
The Fed's zero interest rate policy has created a hall of mirrors like you'd find at a carnival fun house.

Hillary Clinton and the Race to Save our Guns
A Final Check against Government Tyranny - 2015-06-22
Hillary Clinton's call for gun control will fall on deaf ears.

Fed Parties Like it's 1929 - 2015-06-19
It was originally speculated that the Fed would raise rates in the June meeting, but that expectation went away quickly over the last several months with less-than-stellar economic growth.

Disruption: The Investment Holy Grail
The Most Potent Force in Investment - 2015-06-18
From an investment standpoint, there is absolutely nothing like a disruptive technology... as long as you get in before the disruption.

Don't Be Satisfied With the Pros
It's Not Enough - 2015-06-17
There's a very good reason most mutual fund managers can't beat the S&P 500. And it's the very reason you can get market-beating returns year in and year out...

Guaranteed Returns in Cotton Futures!
Uncle Sam's $5 Billion Cotton Scam - 2015-06-17
How the U.S. government subsidizes the cotton industry with YOUR hard-earned cash.

Investing in Hafnium
A Metal More Valuable Than Gold! - 2015-06-16
Only a fool would ignore the opportunity to own some of this strategic metal.

Reviewing My 2015 Predictions
Is This For Real? - 2015-06-15
At roughly the halfway point of 2015, I thought it would be fun to have a look at my predictions for 2015 and see how they are doing...

Time to Buy Gold!
Is the Gold Bear Market Over? - 2015-06-15
The best time to buy gold is when no one else is interested.

Texas Gold Depository - 2015-06-12
The Texas legislature recently passed a bill that would establish a state-run gold bullion depository... a Fort Knox on a state level.

Speculating with First Majestic Silver Corp. (NYSE: AG)
Is this Silver Manipulation or Not? - 2015-06-12
Should First Majestic Silver Corp. (NYSE: AG) worry about speculators?

Investing in Technologies on the Cusp
Covert Meetings... Secret Technologies - 2015-06-11
A private meeting in Bel Air has revealed some of the most promising companies in existence... and how badly they need funding.

Where is Americans' Money Going?
This is Weird - 2015-06-10
2015 was going to be the year the American consumer started spending again. But retail numbers have stunk lately.

Investing in Rhenium
More Valuable Than Oil and Gold Combined! - 2015-06-09
It's one of the rarest and most expensive metals on the planet. And smart investors own it.

The G-7 and the End of Fossil Fuels
Nothing can Stop the Ultimate Demise of Fossil Fuels - 2015-06-09
Why the G-7's Call to End Fossil Fuels is Irrelevant.

Oil Bottom Is In
Why Oil Prices are Headed Higher - 2015-06-08
Saudi Arabia's ability to manipulate oil prices is waning. And that means U.S. oil stocks are a good low-risk investment right now.

T. Boone Pickens Oil Price Prediction
Why T. Boone Pickens is Right about Oil Prices - 2015-06-08
How much control does Saudi Arabia really have over oil prices? Probably not as much as you think.

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