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The World's Largest Metal Mining Company Is Shrinking
BHP Billiton (NYSE: BHP) Executes Huge Spin-Off - 2014-08-21
By chopping off approximately 9% of its overall business, the world's largest miner is shrinking by some $16 billion.

Investing in Panama
How to Invest in the Panama Canal - 2014-08-21
Panama is booming, and now is the time to invest.

Nobel Prize Winner Gives Bad Advice
This Man is Dangerous - 2014-08-20
Based on his own P/E ratio, Robert Shiller is telling people to sell. But the notion that we are in a bubble just doesn't seem to fit...

Silver in the Digital Age
How the New Fix Will Play Out - 2014-08-20
With the new fix in place, and a handful of major outside factors, silver is ready for a big move.

Better Alternatives to Money Market Funds
Marginally Increase Risk, Greatly Increase Reward - 2014-08-19
Consider some of these profitable alternatives to money market funds.

Real Estate Investing in Hong Kong, Dubai, and Brazil
How to Live Next Door to a Billionaire - 2014-08-19
If you want to live next door to a billionaire, try these three real estate markets.

When Fear is Great: Money Market Investments
How Safe is "Safe" Anyway? - 2014-08-18
Not all money market vehicles are as low-risk as they might seem.

Investing in Big Pharma Buyouts
Why Big Pharma Pays the Little Guys to Do its Homework - 2014-08-18
Every year, large pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars taking the easy way out of doing the hard work. And for investors, this can be a huge bonus...

The Default of Social Security
How the Government is Secretly Pilfering Your Retirement - 2014-08-15
Do you trust the Social Security Trust Fund? You shouldn't. Here's how to protect yourself from the inevitable Social Security default...

Investing in Monopolies
How to Own Your Own Monopoly - 2014-08-14
Want to be rich? Do what the rich do... own monopolies! And here are some of the most lucrative places to look.

Investing in Commercial Real Estate
REITs and How to Use Them - 2014-08-14
After a real estate crash to end all crashes, the sector has rebounded into one of the hottest ones going.

Kurdish Oil Ban: What it Means
Crisis in Iraq Continues - 2014-08-13
The Iraqi central government has banned the export of oil from the Kurdistan region, here is how it could affect your portfolio.

Fed Cover-Up
The Fed is Helping Banks Profit - 2014-08-13
The Dodd-Frank financial regulation law was supposed to rein in the banks and keep them from taking huge leveraged risks. But if the Fed won't enforce the rules, how can we expect anything to change?

Investing in Frontier Markets
Why I'm Investing in Frontier Markets - 2014-08-12
If you like emerging markets, you're going to love frontier markets... at least if you like making money.

Controversial Biotech IPO Could Be Big Score
Multiple Sclerosis Drug Topic of Dispute - 2014-08-12
A biotech company is looking to go public so it can wage patent war against the maker of a successful multiple sclerosis treatment.

The Science of Penny Stocks
This is How the Rich Get Richer - 2014-08-11
Don't let the term "penny stock" intimidate you... Some of the market's biggest players started off in the same boat as these micro-cap firms.

Major Midstream Oil and Gas Consolidation
Kinder Morgan (NYSE: KMI) Acquiring Three Companies - 2014-08-11
Kinder Morgan is turning into the biggest midstream energy company in the United States.

Investing in Aluminum
The Uncommonly Useful Common Element - 2014-08-08
Aluminum is the third most common element on the surface of the Earth, and it's got a big year ahead of it in 2015.

Investing in Australia
Better Than BRIC - 2014-08-07
Countries like Brazil, Russia, India, and China are down over the past few years, even though the mainstream media is touting them as good plays. But this under-the-radar pick has all the benefits with none of the losses...

Investing in Steel
A Durable Investment - 2014-08-07
Steel is extremely durable, and very versatile. How's it doing in your portfolio?

The Income Strategy You Need to Know
Triple Your Income Now - 2014-08-06
Did you know that you can be paid in cash for simply agreeing to sell a stock you own at a higher price?

World War III Investments: Nickel
Invasions, Sanctions, and Your Portfolio - 2014-08-06
The current situation in Eastern Europe is shockingly similar to the first World War. Here's how it could play out in the commodity metals markets.

Investing in Physical Therapy - 2014-08-05
The largest pure-play operator of physical therapy clinics made a strategic acquisition this week. Here's what it will mean.

Investing in Public Transportation Real Estate
Where High-End Developers Are Investing Right Now - 2014-08-05
As fuel prices rise, so does the demand for convenient access to public transit, especially among millennials. And this is fueling the real estate market in a number of up-and-coming cities...

How to Become a Venture Capitalist
Beat the "Accredited Investor Rule" - 2014-08-04
An SEC rule prevents anyone without a high net worth or a fat income from investing in start-ups. So how can you provide venture capital without being accredited?