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Here's Your Sign!
Short-term Positioning Analysis - 2014-12-20
An in-depth analysis of the signals of the week gone by, and what they mean for the week ahead.

Investing in U.S. Government Debt
Why Gold is the ONLY Safe Haven - 2014-12-19
If China falls, will it dump all its U.S. government debt?

Will NASA Launch Boeing (NYSE: BA)?
Boeing Crushes It - 2014-12-18
Boeing's dividends and share buyback programs make huge jumps as the aerospace company hits its first milestone on its $4.6 billion NASA contract.

Winter is Coming
And So is an Oil Upside - 2014-12-18
Crude oil has fallen to a 5-year low in only 6 months, but the bottom is within sight, and an upside is on its way.

Positive Outlook for Markets in 2015
Fed Report Provides More Clues - 2014-12-18
All of the signs are indicating that 2015 will be one of the best years the market has ever had.

Can This Spell the End for ALL Epidemics?
We Can't Cure All Disease... But There is Another Way - 2014-12-18
When it comes to threats to humanity, there hasn't been, nor will there soon be, a more important story than Ebola.

3 Rules for Successful Penny Stock Trading
17-Year-Olds are NOT Penny Stock Gurus - 2014-12-17
There's plenty of money to be made in penny stocks, but don't believe the hype.

Why Stocks Are Crashing - 2014-12-17
Oil stocks have been killed, but that doesn't explain why the Dow is down ~700 points in the last seven days...

Santa's Coming to a Market Near You!
Market Signs Before The Holiday - 2014-12-16
A look at the market signals moving into the Christmas holiday.

Marijuana Stocks for 2015
Time to Buy Marijuana Stocks? - 2014-12-16
Although growing pains will still exist, 2015 should be a great year for some marijuana stocks.

Top 8 Oil Stock Buyouts
Make 30% to 50% on Oil Buyouts - 2014-12-15
When the fifth-biggest oil company in Canada is on the verge of being bought out, it suggests the time for bottom fishing in oil stocks may be close at hand

Economic Recovery? Only if you Participate!
Recovery doesn't knock. Opportunity does. - 2014-12-15
They say there's economic recovery, yet wealth is falling for many. There's a reason for that.

Investing in Junior Mining Stocks
5 Junior Mining Stocks to Own in 2015 - 2014-12-12
Will 2015 be the year that junior mining stocks come back to life?

Two Signs the Pullback Will Continue
Outlook for the week ahead - 2014-12-11
Two key indicators are pointing at more downward movement.

How Saddam Hussein Overlooked His Most Prized Asset
A Trillion-Dollar Ego - 2014-12-11
Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq with his ego rather than his brain, and it was this that resulted in him losing out on a massive oil discovery...

Is China Still Growing?
American Markets Panic in Response to China - 2014-12-10
Adopting a realistic long-term outlook on China.

It Could Get Worse for Oil
A Buying Opportunity is Coming - 2014-12-10
The time to scoop up some cheap oil stocks is coming pretty soon... but first, things are going to get worse.

Getting High on Pot Stocks with OrganiGram (OTCBB: OGRMF)
My Top Pot Stock for 2015: OrganiGram (OTCBB: OGRMF) - 2014-12-10
It's a speculative game for sure, but I still love to get high on pot stocks.

Investing in Russian Real Estate
How to Live Like a Russian Billionaire - 2014-12-09
Russian billionaires are escaping the collapsing ruble with international real estate.

The War With Russia Never Ended
Economic War Lives On - 2014-12-09
The economic and political shoving match between the world's nuclear superpowers continues.

The Mafia State
Putin is Dangerous to Your Wealth - 2014-12-08
Vladimir Putin might as well be a Corleone. Right now, he's convincing a whole new generation of Russians that America is the enemy.

Why Donald Trump is Always Bankrupt
Real Estate Mogul Strategies - 2014-12-08
Real Estate bigwig Donald Trump has filed for bankruptcy protection more times than any of us will. What's the deal?

The Real Reason the USA is #2 - 2014-12-06
China has knocked America out of the top position in the global economy.

Gold Buys Protection Against Central Banks
Central Bank Head Busted for Corruption - 2014-12-05
The head of the NBU has been accused of manipulating currency for her own personal benefit.

The Federal Government Has Been Waging Class Warfare
Why These Investments are Illegal for You - 2014-12-04
In 1933, the federal government under FDR made the phrase "the rich get richer" not just a reality but an unbreakable chain binding the middle class to their financial fates. Today, you can break that chain.