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Brian Hicks

Baltimore, MD - Executive Publisher, Wealth Daily

He's known as the original "Bull on America." 

Brian Hicks SketchFor the past 20 years, Brian Hicks has shown investors how to profit from America's innovative economy. 

Whether it's disruptive technologies like hydraulic fracking — which has ignited an oil and gas boom in America — or robotics, nanotech, and biotechnology, Brian prides himself for being ahead of the trend. 

Brian co-authored the 2008 book, Profit from the Peak: The End of Oil and the Greatest Investment Event of the Century, in which he predicted the world was running out of cheap, easy-to-get oil. 

Thirsty for his next blockbuster, his successful theory for finding tomorrow's winning stocks has landed him frequent appearances on the screens of CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox News. Along with his television spots, Brian has headlined several investment seminars as well as countless talk radio shows. 

A seasoned future trend seeker, Brian holds a Political Science degree from University of Baltimore, as well as graduate-level work in Political Theory and Modern Studies. 

During his professional years as a top-ranked investment analyst, Brian has made several market-moving contacts — including high ranking D.C. officials, corporate CEOs, and various hedge fund managers. 

In addition to being the managing editor of The Wealth Advisory, Brian writes a weekly for Wealth Daily about high-profit opportunities in the currently tumultuous geopolitical environment. 

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