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Dividends in the Tech Sector

Investor Presentation

Posted by Briton Ryle on July 27, 2015
In San Francisco last weekend, I gave two presentations to the investors in attendance. I'd like to share with you my second, on tech dividends.

Market Commentary

Gold's Early Warning

Deflation May Be Coming

Posted by Geoffrey Pike on July 24, 2015
For the last couple of years, the weak gold price has been a reflection of the incredibly strong dollar. In this sense, it is hard to imagine a significantly higher dollar price for gold until we see a weaker dollar.
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The True Doomsday Index

Tall Skyscrapers Equal Crashing Economy

Posted by Alex Koyfman on July 23, 2015
According to the Skyscraper Index, the location of the world's current tallest building under construction is where financial ruin is coming or has already arrived.
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Netflix Buyout?

It Won't Go Solo Much Longer

Posted by Briton Ryle on July 22, 2015
For the life of me, I cannot understand why Netflix is still an independent company.
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Analysis and Opinion

Geoffrey Pike

China to Spark a Global Correction

Is China manufacturing a sign of what's to come?

Jeff Siegel

California Marijuana Investing

Only the government could take a booming market and limit its ability to grow.

Geoffrey Pike

The Rigged Game of the Big Banks

Your tax dollars are being used to prop up the big banks. How does that make you feel?

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