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Bernanke's Courage to Act

Posted by Geoffrey Pike on October 9, 2015
Ben Bernanke is now saying that more corporate executives should have gone to jail for their role in the financial meltdown. So why didn't he say something at the time?

Market Commentary

Fake, Substandard Parts in American Airliners?

Posted by Alex Koyfman on October 8, 2015
It's been said that the only thing real in China are the counterfeiters.
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Inevitable Oil Profits

Posted by Briton Ryle on October 7, 2015
Oil investors know that oil prices cannot remain under $50 for long. And there will come a point when the Saudis decide enough is enough.
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Good News for the Economy

Posted by Briton Ryle on October 5, 2015
This latest correction, which has dropped the Dow 12% from all-time highs, feels different. For the first time in years, it really feels as though corporate profits might actually shrink...
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Analysis and Opinion

Geoffrey Pike

Why are Central Banks Hiding their Gold?

Is gold being pilfered from central banks?

Geoffrey Pike

The War on Terror is Statistically Ridiculous

When it comes to the "war on terror," Saudi Arabia gets a free pass.

Geoffrey Pike

Central Banks Still Hoarding Gold

Free markets are illusions, and central banks are still hoarding gold.

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