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Is Facebook a Monopoly?

Usually we focus on the transformative benefits of technological innovation. But right now, maybe we should be thinking about the monopolistic aspects of companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

By Briton Ryle
Updated September 20, 2017

Roku Aims for $252 Million for its IPO

Digital streaming company Roku is planning to raise $252 million in its initial public offering on September 28, 2017.

By Monica Savaglia
Updated September 19, 2017

Investing in the iPhone X: The Stocks Behind the Curtain

What investors really need to know about Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Wealth Daily editor Jason Stutman breaks down the specifics...

By Jason Stutman
Updated September 17, 2017

Bitcoin Just Collapsed. Should You Buy?

Bitcoin has plummeted $2,000 (almost 40%) in the past two weeks. Is it time to be a buyer?

By Luke Burgess
Updated September 15, 2017

The World's Most Important Metal

There are a lot of essential elements that go into the creation and maintenance of the modern world. But one in particular has seen skyrocketing demand recently, and it's about to face a big problem.

By Alex Koyfman
Updated September 14, 2017

Monday's Trade DOUBLED Overnight

The market loved the surprise that Irma wasn't as bad as initially feared. Yes, bad things happen. But we try to make hay when the sun shines... and here's one way to do that.

By Briton Ryle
Updated September 13, 2017

Equifax Puts Americans at Risk for Fraud

Equifax (NYSE: EFX) announced late last week that it was victim to a massive data breach that could have affected millions of Americans. Which leads us to one question... will our personal data ever be safe?

By Monica Savaglia
Updated September 12, 2017

Five Stocks Jump from Hurricane Irma

You might have noticed that stocks are up pretty big following Hurricane Irma. Is there any way this makes sense? Well, actually, yes, there is...

By Briton Ryle
Updated September 11, 2017

How Digital Media and VR Are Killing Movie Theater Stocks

Movie theater stocks are collapsing. Is it time to sell and walk away, or buy them while they're cheap?

By Jason Stutman
Updated September 9, 2017

The Cannabis Question Everyone Forgets to Ask

Cannabis has a long and divisive history in the U.S. But as legalization efforts ramp up, two industries are set to benefit.

By Alex Koyfman
Updated September 8, 2017

The Birth of an Industry

There's a massive opportunity forming in the stock market right now. And it's happening right under investors' noses. Jason Williams has the inside scoop on how you can ride this trend to massive profits...

By Jason Williams
Updated September 8, 2017

Gold, Bitcoin, and Biotech?

Are you an investor or a speculator? It's an important question if you're buying stock or other assets and makes all the difference in how you make your money.

By Briton Ryle
Updated September 6, 2017

Analysis and Opinion

Ethereum Approaches Metropolis: What Investors Should Know

Written By Alexandra Perry
Posted September 10, 2017

A Hurricane of Profits

Written By Jason Williams
Posted September 8, 2017

Investing in Cobalt 101

Written By Alexandra Perry
Posted September 8, 2017

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