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Will This AI Tech Kill Tesla?

Written By Alex Koyfman

Posted February 16, 2023

Dear Reader,

AI is the new crypto. 

If you look at how absolutely insane the business world is today over anything and everything related to artificial intelligence, that could even be somewhat of an understatement. 

Just look at this very partial list of notable investments made by some of the biggest, most influential corporations and institutions.

  • Volkswagen invested $2.6 billion in a self-driving startup, Argo AI.
  • IBM is building an entire AI research hub in New York, with more than $2 billion total invested.
  • Microsoft dropped $1 billion into the now famous AI research lab OpenAI.
  • MIT committed $1.1 billion in AI funding via investments in its Schwarzman College of Computing.
  • SoftBank and limited partners Microsoft, Apple, and Foxconn announced a $108 billion fund targeting AI development. This includes up to $525 million for Exscientia, an AI biotech firm focused on autonomous drug development.

Like I said, this is a highly incomplete list designed to give you a very broad idea of the general mood toward artificial intelligence. 

Look anywhere in the tech and venture capital world and "AI" is the buzzword of the year. 

This Is Where the Smart Money Is Investing

Venture capital investments in generative AI, one of the hottest subsectors of the field, have increased fivefold since 2020. 

Now, unlike cryptocurrencies which few people understand and even fewer know how to use for their intended purposes AI is almost self-explanatory. 

Today’s artificial intelligence solutions, for the first time history, have developed to the point where substantive decisions are being taken over by machines in a wide spectrum of fields, from writing to medicine. 

Given all of these facts, it seems odd to me that one of the most important AI companies operating today has been virtually overlooked by the mainstream financial media. 

This company, based in Calgary, has come up with an artificially intelligent power management system for the optimization of electric motor performance. 

A bit of background on how it works…

In the past and by that I mean going all the way back to the advent of the electric motor in the 1820s the flow of charge inside an electric motor’s copper coil was random and chaotic. 

Using cutting-edge AI algorithms, the company that invented this power management technology can now regulate charge depending on operational conditions. 

The Biggest Evolution in Electric Motor Design in 200 Years

This substantially increases the torque and horsepower output of an electric motor without increasing the required energy input. 

It also decreases resistance, which decreases energy lost to heat and, in turn, cuts down on wear and tear on the entire mechanism. 

How big of a difference does that make? This company recently tested its system on an electric motorcycle, the XP Zero by Untitled Motorcycles, resulting in an immediate 25% boost to power output. 


Of course, if it can be applied to an electric motorcycle, it can also be applied to electric cars, buses, trains, and even massive oceangoing cargo ships. 

The reason this innovation stands as one of the most important applications of artificial intelligence is that the electric motor, in its vast spectrum of forms, is the single most abundant electrically driven mechanism known to man. 

In fact, more than half of the energy we produce as a civilization goes toward powering electric motors whether it’s the kind that makes your phone vibrate or the kind that helps move millions of tons of goods and resources between our cities and our nations. 

That’s why it’s so important… and that’s why the company behind it all stands as one of the biggest potential benefactors of today’s AI investment craze. 

The Most Underbought Tech Stock Trading Today?

Now, to the really interesting part. 

The company that owns the patents trades publicly on two North American exchanges, but, as I already mentioned, it’s not getting its fair share of attention from the MSM. 

The reason why is simple: It’s still too small to raise many eyebrows from the big institutional investors. 

Valued at just a couple hundred million dollars, this company, despite its relative anonymity, has the potential to disrupt trillions of dollars' worth of market capitalization with its revolutionary AI technology. 

Just think… Every electric vehicle maker in the world will have a vested interest in licensing these patents. 

To not do so opens the door to potential product obsolescence as the rest of the competition sees the light. 

Government contracts will be sure to follow, as this tech will be vitally important to tomorrow’s drones, robots, and manned electric aircraft. 

If I could put a figure to the value of this technology, I would, but it’s simply too far-reaching for any sort of sincere projection to be possible. 

Is a Buyout Inevitable?

What I can say with almost bulletproof certainty is that CEOs like Elon Musk are already looking at it as a buyout target, because if you’ve got the money to monopolize the tech today, why wait a few years for the price to go up 10x or 20x or 50x?

Right now this company is working closely with a list of potential client corporations. The technology has already been licensed by an e-bike maker and an electric boat company… but this is obviously just the beginning. 

Within a few years, this technology will probably be in multiple devices in your home and most likely in every EV on the road. 

How long do you think the media will be able to pass up a story like that?

The answer is: Not very long. 

Today, it’s a little-known small-cap tech startup. A few years from now, it could very well be a globally recognized brand name, with its logo appearing on hundreds of products the same way that Intel appears on most PCs.

Which is why it’s crucial that you get the rest of the story on this company and the tech right now. 

My team put together this informational video to help you do your due diligence. 

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Fortune favors the bold,

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