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Liberty Watch

Inch by little-noticed inch, government and corporate interests are limiting or taking control of everything you do in an effort to make themselves richer and more powerful.

The Establishment is waging war on personal choices that only affect the individual while continuing their criminal actions that affect billions of people — from illegal drone wars to currency debasement to shadow banking.

And speaking of...

None of this is going to stop if the entire system doesn't change. And that can only happen if people take notice of this ongoing liberty grab.

Here's to keeping a record of your disappearing rights. 

California: Daniel J. Saulmon was jailed for four days and charged with obstructing police after recording cops on a public street. He was arrested after failing to produce ID to one of the officers he was recording. There is NO LAW against recording police actions. There is NO LAW requiring you to produce ID in California. This is intimidation. 

Florida: Pinellas County schools have now installed palm scanners. This has been introduced to pay for lunches, but it clearly has wider implications. It's a slippery slope to complete government intrusion when government agencies are biometrically tracking the identities of citizens. 

Congress: The Senate has introduced a proposal to allow 22 federal agencies to access your e-mail, Google documents, Facebook posts, and Twitter direct messages. It also would give the FBI and Homeland Security more authority, in some circumstances, to gain full access to Internet accounts without notifying either the owner or a judge. It doesn't get more intrusive or privacy-eroding than that. Your freedom is teetering on the brink.

Texas: Andrea Hernandez, a student at John Jay High School in San Antonio, was expelled for refusing to be tracked with an RFID chip. Because she won't submit to tracking of her every by an out-of-control government, she is being involuntarily withdrawn. Folks, they're starting to issue penalties if you don't submit to their control.

California: Christopher Chaney gets 10 years in prison for accessing the email accounts of 50 citizens. Fine, I have no problem with that. What I do have a problem with is the United States' government admitting to doing this to millions of citizens under the guise of a "War on Terror." It's either illegal or it isn't. Motive shouldn't matter. 



California: Courtni Webb, 17, is suspended and facing expulsion for writing a poem about the Sandy Hook massacre. It's a poem. Words on a page. Free speech. But when the government is systematically dismantling your rights, writing about a shooting becomes unacceptable. Your rights continue to descend a slippery slope.


Maryland: A six-year-old has been suspended for making a gun with his fingers and saying "pow." When I was young, this was called playing. Today, with your freedoms eroding away every so slowly, this is grounds for being suspended from elementary school and having "threatening another student" attached to your school record.

If action can be taken against individuals for finger guns, where does it stop?

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