Special Report: 4 High-Flying Dividend Stocks for Extra Income

Today, I’m going to tell you about how dividends can give you supplemental income… and then I’m going to give you four high-dividend paying stocks… including one $12 energy company that’s pays a juicy 14.5% dividend. And it pays those dividends every, single month!

That’s right, monthly! That means if you own $10,000 worth of this company stock, you’d be collecting a sweet $125 check every month, or a total of $1,500 for the year.

I’ll reveal the name of it in a second, but first, here’s a quick and dirty definition of a dividend.

There are two ways to make money in a stock. The first is through capital appreciation. You buy a stock at $10 a share, it goes up to $20 a share and you sell; You just made a 100% profit. 

The second way to make money on a stock is through a dividend.

A dividend is the distribution of a company's earnings to its shareholders. Dividends are often distributed quarterly and may be paid out as cash or in the form of reinvestment in additional stock.

The dividend yield is the dividend per share and is expressed as as a percentage of a company's share price, such as 2.5%. 

For example, let’s say you bought a stock at $10 a share and it pays a 10% dividend. That one share of stock will pay you a $1 dividend. It’s pure income to you. 

To give you an idea of how dividends can give you a substantial bump in your income, the owner and founder of Angel Publishing Investment Research – Brian Hicks – currently makes about $100,000 a year just from dividends in the stocks he owns.

Not bad, right?

So here’s the moment you’ve been waiting on... 

4 High-Flying Dividend Stocks

I’m going to give you 4 names of high-flying dividend payers that are some of the most unique businesses in the world. You won’t hear about these stocks anywhere else except here at Angel Investment Research.

So let’s jump right in.

Our first high-dividend payer is a company called Outfront Media (OUT - NYSE), which is REIT. REIT stands for Real estate investment trusts (“REITs”). And they’re a special kind of investment that allows you to invest in large-scale, income-producing real estate. These may include office buildings, shopping malls, apartments, hotels, resorts, self-storage facilities, warehouses, and mortgages or loans. 

And here’s the big benefit: REITs provide a way for individual investors to earn a share of the income produced through commercial real estate – without being a landlord.

So what does Outdoor Media do? They’re one of the largest billboard advertisers in North America. You know, the kind you see on the highways all up and down on I-95, for example. Well Outfront Media rents these billboard spaces to thousands of companies like McDonalds who want to advertise to the millions of American drivers 

Outfront’s current revenue is over $1.7 billion dollars – up from $1.4 billion in 2021.

But here’s the kicker: they pay a 5.5% dividend… and it’s expect to grow to nearly 7% next year.

See, I told you these were very unique businesses.

Next up is Medical Properties Trust (MPW – NYSE), another REIT.

Medical Properties Trust is one of the largest owners of hospitals in the entire world. They own properties in North America, South America, Europe and even Australia. 

In 2019, they’re annual revenue was $854 million. Today? It’s $1.57 billion!

And here’s why we like it for 2023 in beyond: they pay a 9% dividend. And healthcare will always be an in-demand industry. Always.

Next up is CVR Partners (UAN – NYSE).

You’re going to love this one because it’s business model is so simple, but necessary for everyday life on the planet. 

You see, CVR Partners makes fertilizer for farms. See? Simple, right?

This is another company that’s growing like a weed. In 2020, revenue for their precious fertilizer was $349 million. Last year it was $532 million.

And today? It’s over $812 million. It’s more than double its business in just two years. 

CVR’s stock is up nearly 40% for the year… and it pays… wait for it… a 16% annual dividend!

Now our final high-dividend high payer is the one I talked about at the beginning of the video… the energy company that pays a monthly dividend.

San Juan Basin Royalty Trust (SJT – NYSE) operates as a trust that controls royalty interests in wells producing oil and gas in the San Juan Basin in northwestern New Mexico.

The stock trades for $12 a share and pays a dividend of over 14%.

It’s a no-brainer for anyone looking to supplement their income. And we feel it’ll only get better. 

You see, the stock has nearly doubled in 2022 as America regains it’s grip as a energy empire while the war in Ukraine rages on with no end in sight. 

In fact, the entire planet is looking to American oil and gas companies to save them from what we are referring to as a “coming Black Winter.”

As you read this, European nations and even its citizens are stockpiling firewood, 2X4s, pallets, cutting down trees and even switching to coal to heat their homes and cook their food this winter. 

But wait, there’s more…

Bonus: Energy Divdend for Europe’s “Black Winter”

One of our energy experts, Keith Kohl has a special investment situation that’s developing right now…

It’s a tanker company that’s ships precious liquified natural gas all across the globe. They have 13 of some most technologically advanced and fuel efficient tankers sailing the high seas. 

The stock is up 74% year-to-date… and it’s paying a sweet 8% dividend.

Some of the biggest investment banks in the world own it, including JP Morgan, Bank of New York and Citibank…

Keith thinks the stock is going way higher.

If you’re interested, he’s prepared a special report just for you.

So there you have it. Those are some of the best high-flying dividends in the stock market right now. And if you’re interested in a deeper dive, then we highly suggest checking out Keith’s “Black Winter” stock that will have the global LNG market in a choke hold the next few months. 

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