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Alpha Profit Machine

Nearly 800 miles northeast of Townsville, Australia, yellow buoy 41421 is floating in the Coral Sea. The buoy itself is basically just a floating transmitter. The real purpose of this buoy can be found on the sea floor, about two miles below the surface.

It's called a "bottom pressure recorder," BPR for short. The BPR takes pressure and temperature readings every 15 seconds. In standard mode, these findings get transmitted every 15 minutes. But, if the internal detection software sees some variance in the readings, the buoy will shift into event mode. Event mode transmissions come every 15 seconds for a few minutes and then switch to every minute.

Buoy 41421 is part of the Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunami, or DART, network of 57 or so similar stations. Their purpose is to detect subtle changes in water and sea floor pressure readings that might indicate seismic activity. 

As we know, when there's an earthquake miles below the ocean's surface, there's no one around to feel the tremor. But what starts as small tremors can build and build until there's a massive wall of water rushing across the sea. 

Big runs for stocks often start the same way. There will be little tremors of buying — small, hard-to-detect activity below the surface…

If you could pick up on these subtle buying signals, you could get positioned just as a big move is building. You could ride that price tsunami to some big profits…

Well, the Alpha Profit Machine is designed to be your Early Profit Detection System. The algorithm that makes the machine work is calibrated to pick up on the early signs of buying. 

Back on July 24, 2017, the Alpha Profit Machine picked up on some early buying in GDOT. A month later, the stock was up 18%. 

Another good example comes from August 1, 2017, when the Machine picked up on buying in gold stocks. Now, I probably don't have to tell you that gold stocks have been out of favor for a while now. But the Alpha Profit Machine detected buying in TGB, and the stock rallied 33% in just over a month. 

The Alpha Profit Machine typically holds a portfolio of 10 stocks. The stocks are not ranked. You will get the best results if you put equal amounts of you trading capital into each of the 10 stocks.