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Alex Koyfman

Alex has been an active stock trader for almost half of his life, beginning in early 2002 when he made his first 6 figure trade on the crumbling WorldCom stock, buying shares when they hit a low of 7 cents, and selling when they briefly rebounded to 35 cents.

This single experience stoked an interest in technology investing, and in microcap companies — a status Worldcom briefly held before filing for bankruptcy that same summer.

During his second year of law school at Penn State, Alex traded the newly IPO'd Vmware, closing a 6 figure gain. In just a few months, at a time when most of his classmates where drowning in 6 figure debt.

In 2009, Alex made the decision to turn his back on a potentially lucrative career in the legal industry, to pursue stock trading, and financial writing full time.

Before joining the Angel team in the summer of 2014 to launch the microcap-focused Microcap Insider Newsletter, Alex spent 2 years running his own weekly financial blog, which was read by over 100,000 subscribers.

His philosophy of trading isn't just theoretical, but based on years of real-world experience.

Born in Soviet Russia in the waning years of the Cold War, Alex moved to the United States at an early age and has since lived on both coasts.

He has traveled the world extensively both for business and for pleasure.

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