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Cannabis: The Opportunity of the Decade or Your Lifetime?

Written By Monica Savaglia

Posted February 5, 2019

Cannabis is off to a great start in 2019.

Right before heading into the new year, cannabis had experienced a very lackluster fourth quarter. The Global Cannabis Stock Index, which is managed by New Cannabis Ventures, gained over 44% in January, which made up for the 44% drop in the fourth quarter.

This industry has become one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. It’s bringing a lot of excitement to the market, especially for investors who are looking to be a part of something huge — that’s exactly what the cannabis industry is becoming. It’s growing at an unbelievable rate.

However, despite all the opportunities that are arising, marijuana is still considered an illegal Schedule I drug on the U.S. federal level. Federal institutions, like banks, aren’t able to do business with marijuana companies.

Is the U.S. Ready to Make Money from Cannabis?

The battle to legalize marijuana on the federal level in the U.S. has been picking up — just a few years ago, there was no legalization of the drug at all, not even on a state level. This year could be the year for even a stronger battle for cannabis reform, and that could help unlock a $56 billion annual U.S. cannabis market by 2025.

There are a lot of moneymaking opportunities in the cannabis industry, and it seems kind of careless of the U.S. government to take its time at full legalization of marijuana, especially when we know it’s poised to greatly improve the world’s economy.

A report from New Frontier Data indicated that federal legalization of medical and adult-use cannabis will create $86 billion in additional U.S. tax revenue between 2019 and 2025. As of right now, there are 33 U.S. states that have legal state cannabis programs, and 14 have approved CBD use. Support from other U.S. states continues to grow.

According to New Frontier Data’s founder and CEO, Giadha Aguirre de Carcer:

Cannabis legalization and decriminalization has not only occurred in nearly 60% of the United States; it is now being explored or adopted in over 60 nations around the world. Our data shows how full federal legalization, specifically in the U.S., will drive material gains across key economic sectors, including federal revenue generation and national job creation while reducing government health-care spending and crime rates.

The obvious next step is full legalization in the U.S. Full legalization has already happened in Canada, but it will most likely take the U.S. a few years until full legalization is on the nation’s horizon. In the meantime, more states will join the 33 others that have legal state cannabis programs.

But just because there isn’t full legalization of marijuana in the U.S. right now doesn’t mean there aren’t investing opportunities that you should be paying attention to. There couldn’t be a better time than now to begin investing in cannabis.

More and more people are paying attention to the ways they can invest legally in cannabis. Many of those investors are looking for newly publicly traded companies, specifically initial public offerings (IPOs).

Cannabis IPOs Are Getting Even More Attractive

Capital markets are warming up to cannabis companies, which is why you’ve probably been hearing more about cannabis companies that are making innovative products.

Almost every investor wants to be a part of something great before it truly takes off, which is why IPOs, or reverse-mergers or reverse takeovers (RTOs), as they are known in Canada, are getting attention. These are ways investors can invest in new listings.

RTOs are a quicker way to go public. Essentially, it’s merging into a company that has already been trading its stock. However, these deals tend to be a little difficult if you aren’t an accredited investor with a direct relationship with a Canadian investment bank.

It could seem nearly impossible to be a part of these types of deals and even harder to pick an investment that is set apart from all the other cannabis investments on the market. That’s the downfall of a new and booming industry: a lot of hype is followed by a lot of companies emerging on the market that want to set themselves apart from the rest.

However, you don’t have to wait much longer to be a part of the cannabis industry. A colleague of mine, Alex Koyfman, has been following an opportunity that could allow investors to fulfill their dreams of being among the first to invest in a company that’s set to explode in this massively growing industry.

You probably haven’t heard of this company, but don’t let that stop you. This tiny company just went public, and it has signed dozens of high-profile contracts. One of those was a three-year $54 million contract. The company successfully operates throughout the world in one of the fastest-growing industries.

This is an opportunity of the decade… maybe even your lifetime. Alex saw this hidden investment potential at the very beginning. He knew it was an opportunity that wouldn’t come around often, which is why it’s time you truly start paying attention to what’s going on with this company.

Alex is more than willing to disclose more information about this company and how the stock could have you on the path to earning your life’s fortune.

He created a presentation in which he talks about this tiny company, what it is doing in the cannabis industry, and how you can begin diversifying your portfolio to reach your fullest money potential. Click here to watch the presentation. In it, you’ll find out more about this tiny company that’s doing big things in one of the fastest-growing industries.

Making this one small investment could bring you the endless supply of wealth you’ve been hoping for.

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