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The Ron Paul Interview you Can't Afford to Miss

The failure of a Keynesian economic model

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted October 24, 2011

Before I could get to it, our spot on Wealth Wire reporter, Jimmy Mengel, found this can't miss Ron Paul video...

Here's what Mengel and Paul had to say.




On Sunday's Meet the Press, Dr. Ron Paul got the rare chance to fully explain his positions to a national television audience. He unloaded on the Fed, the worldwide sovereign debt crisis, and his controversial plan to make $1 trillion in government budget cuts.

While all of the Republican candidates have agreed that government spending is a problem, no other candidate has dared to take it to its logical conclusion of massive budget cuts. When host David Gregory asked if anyone would be hurt by Paul's “draconian” plan to cut $1 trillion, Paul stood by his guns:

“After World War II, we cut spending by 60% and cut taxes...and all the money and expenditures went back to the people, and we finally got over the depression by having these draconian cuts.”

Paul also clearly defined his vision of what the government should, and should not be doing:

“It shouldn't be that were the policeman of the world and we have this runaway entitlement spending. You can't keep spending like this - because now we face this world wide crisis of sovereign debt, which is our big problem, but you can't deal with it unless you cut spending.”

And offers a stark choice for government's role in the economy:

“What we're witnessing today is the failure of a Keynesian economic model, and today we have to replace it with something. We either replace it with more government and more authoritarianism and more controls, or we look toward the free market...”

Music to our ears!

Watch the entire interview, and be sure to pass it along. When people are able to actually hear a calm, lengthy explanation instead of just scary, simplistic headlines, Dr. Paul's support will only grow:


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