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The One Chart Every Virtual Reality Investor Should See

Written by Alexandra Perry
Posted June 1, 2017

If you haven’t invested in virtual reality (VR) yet, I want to show you a chart that explains exactly why you can't afford to hold back.

What you are looking at are all the sectors currently using, or preparing to use, virtual reality.

Virtual reality has the potential to make investors as much money as the early stage smartphone. By 2020, the VR industry will be worth $120 billion. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

VR has been the darling of the tech industry for years, because — let’s be honest — tech likes money.

And nothing spells money like VR’s widespread commercial application.

What makes VR so lucrative is its potential to be used in any field or industry.

Currently, VR is already being used to train new military recruits.

In the future, VR will improve and advance the medical field by training doctors. It'll allow prospective house buyers to see a house from across the country. It will even allow you to try on clothes before you buy them.

And its close cousin, augmented reality (AR), will revolutionize the way that we educate students. Imagine the ability to interact with the microscopic world or touch the surface of the moon.

These are the realities of an AR and VR future.

Augmented Reality Also Set to Boom

You may have noticed in the chart above that augmented reality actually eclipses virtual reality when it comes to profits. This makes AR just as lucrative of an investing field as its cousin.

AR will generate $90 billion of the overall sector's $120 billion growth.

For the investors unfamiliar with AR, augmented reality is applying aspects of virtual reality to the real world. Our technology analyst Jason Stutman discusses the long-term potential of AR in our Investing After Hours podcast episode "Top Ways to Invest in Virtual Reality."

On the podcast, Stutman talks investors through investing in both virtual reality and augmented reality and explains the foundational differences between the two very profitable technologies.

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