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Solar Investors Score 62% Profit in a Single Day

Written by Jason Williams
Posted August 3, 2016

On Monday morning, Trina Solar Limited (NYSE: TSL) announced that it’s accepted an all-cash bid to be taken private for $1.1 billion. That’s billion, with a “B”!

And investors sent the stock skyrocketing — it went up over 25% in the first day. But that’s not where it stops.

You see, after those 25% gains, Trina’s market cap is a lofty $877.73 million. That’s still a far cry from the $1.1 billion the group of investors taking it private is going to pay. In fact, it’s over 30% less.

That means there’s a practically risk-free 30% gain still to be made for just buying the stock and waiting for the buyout to happen.

Big Buy Signals Bottom in Solar

This is all great news for shareholders of TSL... and great news for savvy investors who pick up the stock now and collect a nice premium when the transaction is complete. But it’s also good news for investors in other solar companies as well.

You see, the buyout offer shows that the solar industry is at a bottom and that we’re now looking at an upward path as more and more people switch to solar power and more and more investors pile into this growth industry.

In fact, just by taking a look at the German solar industry, you’ll see what is coming down the pike in the U.S. over the next decade or so. Back in the 1990s, German companies and individual consumers started looking for new ways to get their electricity. Now, nearly 20% of the businesses in the country are generating all of it by way of solar power. And of the companies that haven’t gone solar yet, 23% are planning to make the move soon.

As you can see clearly from the chart below, solar energy capacity literally skyrocketed over that period of time, and now Germany holds a place of honor as the biggest generator of solar energy in the world.

German Solar Capacity

And investors who saw the future of energy coming made a pretty penny buying solar stocks as the industry grew.

Never a Better Time to Invest in Solar

That same kind of growth has already started in the U.S., and it’s not even close to over. That’s why I’m convinced that investments in the solar industry are some of the smartest and most profitable we’ll see in this lifetime.

My colleague Briton Ryle recommended Trina to his readers a couple of years ago after seeing its massive potential. Those readers who followed his advice are going to reap some serious profits when that buyout takes place.

Brit and I are now working together at The Wealth Advisory and have gotten our subscribers into the absolute best solar company at a rock-bottom price. You see, we know it’s only a matter of time before solar energy costs as much (or even less) than that generated by traditional sources. And that’s when widespread adoption by both businesses and retail consumers will really take off. Then we’ll be seeing the kind of growth in the U.S. that Germany witnessed over the past few decades.

And for less than the cost of a dinner out, you too can have access to this (and much more) groundbreaking research! That’s not much of an investment to secure your future financial freedom. If opportunities like this interest you, you can find many more like them right here.

The First Gain is on Me

But to get you started earning some serious solar profits, I’d recommend putting in an order for Trina Solar now before the purchase gets priced in and the gains are gone. I mean, who doesn’t like a risk-free 30%+ profit?!

For more information on clean energy and some excellent investments in the future of power generation, check out the Wealth Daily archives.  You can even get advice on how to start investing on the cheap, how to support causes you believe in and make a profit at the same time, how to take advantage of mispriced markets, and just how to be a better investor in general (no matter what the market is doing).

To investing with integrity (and intelligence),

Jason Williams
Wealth Daily

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