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Scott Kessler Talks Blockchain, L03 Energy, and the Future of the Energy Industry

Written by Alexandra Perry
Posted April 13, 2018 at 3:22PM

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Welcome to Episode 24: "Scott Kessler Talks Blockchain, LO3 Energy, and the Future of the Energy Industry"

Over the course of the last year, I spoke with many innovators and game changers in the blockchain space. The truth of the matter is that blockchain is hot. And because it's one of the hottest markets in tech, it tends to draw talent.

That being said, of the many talented people in the space, only a few stand out.

One such person is Scott Kessler, the business development manager of LO3 Energy. I first met Scott at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). And I instantly became interested in LO3 Energy's mission.

Unlike many people in the blockchain space, Scott seemed unaffected by blockchain hype. He was more interested in the application, specifically how blockchain could be applied to help an ailing sector — the energy industry.

With that considered, it shouldn't come as a surprise that LO3 Energy doesn't like to call itself a "blockchain" company. Rather, the six-year-old startup prefers to be called an energy company that works with blockchain. In doing so, it's marrying a dying industry with an emerging one.

Over the last six years, LO3 Energy has received investments from Braemar Energy Ventures, Centrica Innovations, and a Siemens-backed firm in Brooklyn, New York.

The LO3 team produces both hardware and software that can be applied to the energy space. Its most famous project is the Brooklyn Microgrid. This project worked to empower a whole community in New York and restore energy independence.

Aside from the Brooklyn Microgrid — which was produced through collaboration with the Siemens Digital Grid and Siemens’ startup financier, next47 — LO3 Energy is busy working on a host of other products.

One of these products is the Landau Microgrid Project (LAMP). LAMP is the first test of a local energy market in Germany and already has 20 customers.

All these projects are demonstrations of how old technologies, like the traditional energy grid, can be coupled with blockchain to provide innovative solutions.

In this week's Investing After Hours, Scott shares his thoughts on the future of the energy industry, where LO3 Energy is headed, and how he sees the blockchain being used in the energy space in the future.

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Scott Kessler

Scott Kessler is the current director of business development at emerging energy company LO3 Energy. LO3 Energy develops both hardware and software for the energy industry, providing cutting-edge technology solutions for a wide range of energy-related issues.

Before holding his position at LO3 Energy, Scott worked in administering energy efficiency programs at NYSERDA and CT Light and Power. He also spent time at a consulting firm that assisted utilities in striving to improve existing programs.

Through nearly 10 years of experience in both the California and New York energy sectors, Scott has managed to couple his engineering background and experience in business to assist the energy industry even in difficult regulatory environments.

Alexandra Perry


Alexandra Perry is Wealth Daily's research director and an associate editor of Technology and Opportunity.

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