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Revolutionary Electric Motor Company Finds its First Client

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted September 12, 2019

Dear Reader,

For several months now, I've been writing to my premium readers about a small tech company that's patented the first major improvement to the electric motor since the very advent of the technology nearly 200 years ago.

The improvement this company made involves the use of AI algorithms in managing the flow of electrical charge through the motor's copper coils.

Called dynamic power management, or DPM, it allows for electric motors to generate peak torque at any engine speed — a critical evolution over everything that came before it — giving the motor up to 10% more power efficiency.

This technological leap isn't just an edge over the competition, but a world-changing innovation that will eventually find its way into billions of machines and devices, from the tiny motors that make your smartphone vibrate, all the way up to the house-sized dynamos that the world's largest ships depend on for propulsion.

A Major Milestone

During the research phase of this technology's development, a number of companies worked alongside the creator of DPM, including manufacturers of electric rail systems and wind turbines.

Just this week, however, the company that owns the patent to DPM finally signed its first official licensing deal for a commercial product.

The licensee, an electric scooter and e-bike manufacturer also based in Vancouver, will start integrating this technology into its products by the end of this year and expects the improvement to make a marked difference in torque output.

Though this application may seem small on the surface, it is just the tip of the iceberg.

The benefits DPM will offer to the users of electric bicycles will be fully scalable all the way up to the largest and heaviest electric motors, as well as electric generators.

Just how profound will the effects of DPM be? Well, here are some very basic figures that will illustrate the potential market penetration of this tech.

Powering and Propelling Everything You See

Electric motors are the most common electrically driven mechanisms known to man. A full 50% of all power generated by mankind is consumed by electric motors of some form.

But even more shocking is the figure associated with the electric motor's first cousin, the generator.

Nothing more than electric motors operating in reverse in order to turn mechanical energy into electrical energy, generators account for 99% of the world's power output. 

99%. That's not a typo. That's not hyperbole. That's not exaggeration.

With solar cells being the sole exception, all other methods for producing power, from coal to nuclear to hydroelectric, rely on spinning generators to build a flow of electrons.

DPM, applied to these generators, will be able to instantly boost power output without having to increase the size or number of generators in a given plant.

Universal Demand, Ubiquitous Supply

Therefore, the term "world-changing," which you saw earlier in this article, isn't just appropriate, but the only term that does the matter justice.

Up until now, this company has been spending most of its time on research and development of the technology and the potential applications.

But this week's news marks a new day for the company, as revenue from the licensing agreement will finally put it on the road to self-sufficiency and growth.

Now, here's the part the investors among you ought to pay special attention to.

This company's stock is already public. You can buy it both on the Canadian and American markets.

Most tech companies wait until they're well into the billion-dollar-plus range before going public, but this company, valued at barely 1% of that, can be had today, right now, from the comfort of your online brokerage account.

In the time I've been following this story, shares of the company have been selling at relatively low volumes, with prices meandering lazily between $0.20 and $0.40 on the Canadian Stock Exchange.

With this licensing deal in place, however, I expect the dormancy stage of the company's stock to come to an end.

That means right now may be the last time you'll ever see these shares trading at the rock-bottom prices you see today.

I urge you to get the rest of the story on this company as soon as possible.

To help you do that, I've put together a video presentation that lays out the technology, the science, and the market potential of DPM, as well as the profit potential for shareholders.

Fortune favors the bold,

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