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Jon Stewart on the BP Oil Spill

The Spilling Fields

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted June 3, 2010

bp oil spill

Forty five days into the spill, BP is now onto Plan D. Or is it Plan E?... I’m losing count.

Despite the best efforts, oil continues to gush from a hole in the ground that is under a mile of water.  Meanwhile, the worst case scenario has oil still leaking well into December.

And while none of this is actually funny, you may find this bit from Jon Stewart amusing. It’s entitled “The Spilling Fields”


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The Spilling Fields
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By the way, Fitch Ratings downgraded BP p.l.c.  today, backtracking on its earlier view that the massive spill would have a limited financial impact on the company.

"The downgrade of BP's ratings reflects Fitch's opinion that risks to both BP's business and financial profile continue to increase following the Deepwater Horizon accident," Fitch said on Thursday.

Estimates for the total cost to BP range from $5.3 billion from Dutch bank ING to $37 billion from Credit Suisse.

In the meantime, let’s hope the fifth time is the charm

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