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A Modern Nightmare Meets Its Match

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted March 16, 2017 at 4:29PM

It's a scenario that will send chills through the bones of anybody living in the 21st century. 

An unhinged, disturbed individual, armed with a high-capacity semi-automatic pistol and explosives, enters a highly populated area with the intent of wreaking havoc. 

It happens, unfortunately, on an almost regular basis. 

We saw it in Orlando last summer, at the Pulse nightclub, when Omar Mateen entered the premises with a semi-automatic rifle; we saw it happen at the baggage claim of Fort Lauderdale International Airport just this past winter; a decade ago we saw it happen on the campus of Virginia Tech, when a deranged student marched across campus armed with two pistols; and it's happened on many other occasions, across the nation and the world — both in nations where guns are prevalent, as well as in those where they're uncommon. 

And when guns aren't available or convenient, we've seen the motivated psychopaths take to using bombs and knives to get the point across — whatever that deranged point may have been. 


Nobody is immune. Not even school-aged children. 

When Terror Becomes Commonplace

Saddest of all, perhaps, is that we haven't just come to fear these kinds of events... We've come to not be shocked by them anymore. 

Another day, another mass murder. Everyone is stunned; millions alter their Facebook profile pictures to offer support; a handful attend candlelight vigils; and usually, that's where the resistance ends. 

Love will conquer hate, we're taught to believe, despite the fact that innocent lives, regardless of age, gender, faith, or orientation, remain under threat just about anywhere short of a personal bunker. 

With today's population centers being what they are, it's not too surprising that psychopaths see nothing but opportunity out there.

This year, however, all of that changes. Forever. 

A young technology company based in Canada has unlocked what just might be a cure for this modern societal horror... a technology that is already being put into active testing in potentially targeted institutions across the country. 

We're all familiar with metal detectors. 

They'll Never See It Coming

Anybody who's been through the security checkpoint of a modern airport or even in an inner-city high school is familiar with them. 

They're highly visible; they slow down queues; and typically, they're good at finding two things: your jewelry and your loose change. 

At best, metal detectors offer deterrent in the form of intimidation. 

Potential offenders see the line at the checkpoint and get to decide on whether to find something else to do or to work around the checkpoint. 

With this new technology, the scenario will play out differently.

An individual bent on doing harm attempts to enter a densely populated public area. 

He doesn't see a metal detector. He doesn't even see a checkpoint per se. Just a line, moving swiftly through a building entrance. 

Seems like a ripe target, so he gets in line and waits and proceeds through to entry, a firearm, explosive, or edged weapon at the ready. 

Only this time, as he passes a point in the line containing the sensors of this revolutionary new system, something unexpected happens. 

Whereas everyone else in line walks through freely, unhindered by this invisible checkpoint, this individual is immediately halted by a team of rapid-response security personnel.

Putting Lone-Wolf Killers Where They Belong

And by halted, I don't mean stopped and politely asked to submit to a pat-down. This individual is tackled, restrained at gunpoint, searched, and removed from the area without any additional formalities. 

He never gets the chance to take out his weapon. He never gets the chance to hurt others or himself. He doesn't get to make headlines across the world. 

How does it work? The premise is simple, but the technology is anything but. 

You see, hidden within the structure of the building itself are sensors capable of detecting not just metal, but a very specific category of metals. 

They can tell the difference between a nice Swiss watch, a pocket full of quarters, and something more ominous, like the metal of a gun barrel, a knife blade, or a bomb casing. 

A kind of smart metal detector, it doesn't simply weed out potential suspects for further examination, but actually pinpoints prospective offenders with a success rate nearing 100%.

The company pioneering this technology isn't some highly diversified multinational corporation looking to cash in on a niche market. 

The company does this and just this. 

It's not just an idea or a concept, either, but is already being installed for testing in public places determined to be high-value targets for politically motivated attacks. 

You Don't Know What It's Called Yet, But in the Next Few Years, Everyone Will

The technology and the company behind it have been endorsed by Tom Ridge, former head of Homeland Security.

And next month, they're planning a public rollout of their latest prototypes, an event that will mark the beginning of the biggest publicity push in the company's history. 

It's a game changer when it comes to security for two reasons: First of all, it works better than anything that preceded it; but second of all, it does its work without the obvious presence that current solutions cannot get around. 

It does not disturb the public by being there, front and center, reminding them that they're entering a potential target. 

The only ones who need to fear are those whose intent is to wage war on the unsuspecting populace. 

For these reasons, I am a proud shareholder in this company, but, unfortunately, I cannot give you the name and ticker symbol right here. 

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Fortune favors the bold,

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