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2013: The Year of Lies, System Collapse, and Silver

Wealth Daily's Weekend Edition

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted October 13, 2012

While reviewing my online bank account at the end of August, I briefly thought my credit card had been compromised...

Until I'd meticulously gone through each and every transaction, I was certain someone had been using my card to ring up bills at restaurants and gas stations. The statements just seemed too high for my spending habits this summer.

But then I realized the spikes in food and gas really added up: driving to the beach a few times for long weekends and groceries for several big family picnics and tailgating at summer concerts...

Fortunately, I didn’t fret too much because I already knew inflation was bad and only getting worse.

I knew this year's droughts hurt farmers; I expected oil to go higher.

I also knew there was a way to hedge all that inflation...

Hedging Inflation: Why It's More Important than Ever

After QE3 was announced, the true malaise of our nation became crystal clear: Inflation will continue to force millions of desperate Americans to rely on the government for everyday needs.

Ron Paul recently warned our nation’s welfare crisis may soon end in imminent chaos.

Individual as well as corporate welfare issuance is at an all-time high — with no signs of receding.

Tad Dehaven at Cato estimates the government spends almost twice as much on corporate welfare than on social welfare. The business sector has been conditioned to rely on taxpayers, and the struggling taxpayers have learned to rely on an increasingly debt-ridden Big Government.

Paul asserts the dependency issue is largely fueled by deceitful government promises.

We all know someone who relies on Social Security and Medicare benefits, and I think most of us would agree it's a fair entitlement; these people have been paying into programs their entire lives... but it's a whole other animal when the programs and funds people are dependent on become “worthless due to government default or rampant inflation.”

If you consider the number of seniors on Medicare and/or Social Security, the millions on food stamps and welfare, and the masses employed directly by the government, it totals a shocking 165 million of approximately 308 million total Americans.

If 53% of our nation’s people are relying on unfulfilled government promises, what’s going to happen when the government can no longer keep up and its entire financial system collapses?

Complete and utter chaos would ensue. Riots, burglary, and sheer lawlessness could spread like wildfire in cities and towns.

The austerity measures and riots in Greece are merely a precursor to what will happen in the U.S. if the government can’t agree on more fiscally-restrictive measures regarding entitlements for America's dependents.

But if you sit around waiting for that to happen, you’ve only got yourself to blame for not properly preparing...


The Silver Lining

This is why big banks, billionaires, and investors are flooding into the precious metals markets.

Silver and gold are the only zero-risk assets right now.

And that explains why silver and gold demand is inflicting a serious supply crisis, as miners drill more rapidly and invest in huge projects in emerging gold belts around the globe, Mexico especially.

That's why it is still possible to maintain a recession-proof retirement.

You can come out on top in spite of all the coming chaos — if you invest in these assets.

The numbers tell the story: Silver is up over 18% in 2012 and up at least 27.5% since mid-June, only four short months ago:


Imagine where silver will be in 12 months…

If you’re considering moving out of a position to grab some quick gains, Silver Wheaton’s CEO Randy Smallwood believes you’d be making a grave mistake. Experts anticipate silver will soar to $40 an ounce within six months and end the 2013 rally with 47% gains, putting silver at $50.

As you can see, there is a silver lining in the Fed’s inevitable "QE Infinity"...

If analysts' predictions come true — and we do experience QE4 next year — silver could launch even higher.

Smallwood explains: “… it all comes down to how many U.S. dollars are being printed to carry or restart or build on the economy here in the United States.”

Refuse to be suppressed by things you cannot control. You may not be able to stop the Fed from aligning with the government to support a wasteful bureaucracy at the expense of taxpayers like you and me...

But you can use that information to better invest your wealth and savings in safer assets.

Best Wishes for a Prosperous Future,

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