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Irrational Exuberance in China

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted February 9, 2007

Recently voiced concerns from the Chinese government that their surging domestic stock market was crossing into bubble territory helped to set off last week's sharp decline, including a single day plunge of 6.5% (the equivalent of more than 800 points on the Dow Jones). While a bubble may indeed be forming in Chinese stocks, my guess is that there is room for a lot more air before it finally pops.

The Devil is in the Details

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted February 8, 2007

When it comes to mortgage finance, the devil is definitely in the details. And those hard-to-read disclosures that are sprinkled throughout your loan application spells them all out just like they are required to do.

Welcome to the Surveillance Society

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted February 7, 2007

Out of the smoking ruins of 9/11, a new world emerged. Part scared and part determined, governments around the world are increasingly turning to surveillance of anyone and everyone in hopes of preventing the next attack. And while you may not realize it, your movements are being watched, tracked, and catalogued every day because of it.

Iraq Is A Hard Place

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted February 7, 2007

Things in Iraq are getting worse by the hour, and anyone who believes the sectarian violence will just go away, is crazy. Where we stand on Iraq, Iran, and other Middle East musings.

Taking Stock of New Global Markets

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted February 6, 2007

Last week's announcement of a strategic alliance between the New York Stock Exchange and the Tokyo Stock Exchange wasn't just a handshake between peers - it was the opening bell of a new era of investing.

Canada's Secret Natural Gas Crisis

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted February 5, 2007

Peak gas will become a major problem over the next decade. Canada's natural gas industry is in jeopardy. And with the U.S. being so dependent on Canadian gas, this puts our economy at risk from the resulting shortfalls.

Not Much Left to Protect

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted February 2, 2007

This week, during his testimony before the hostile Senate Banking Committee, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson sought to justify the Bush administration's China policy.

Roping the Energy Bull with Moly

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted February 2, 2007

The future of molybdenum is very promising, especially with the recent surge in the energy sector. Consumption of moly will increase over the next decade. And its wide applicability will increase demand.

David Lereah's Last Wish

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted February 1, 2007

David Lereah could use a rabbit's foot or two. Or perhaps he ought to consider combing through the grass in search of a four-leafed clover. Either way, he could use all the help he can get.

Investing in IPTV

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted January 31, 2007

Wealth Daily Editor Steve Christ reports on investing in IPTV, a digital video stream delivered by Internet protocol which is set to revolutionize television over the next five years

History Unhinged

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted January 30, 2007

"There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know," said Harry S Truman. He should have added a corollary - that there is nothing more dangerous in the world than ignorance of an enemy's history.

Liquefied Natural Gas Outlook

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted January 29, 2007

Although liquefied natural gas has experienced relatively low growth over the last five years, its outlook is looking brighter.

Introducing Peter Schiff

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted January 26, 2007

When it comes to the arena of international investment, few bring as much knowledge or skill to the game as Peter Schiff. Now, we're proud to add his editorial voice to the Orbus team.

The Home Building Slowdown

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted January 25, 2007

The madness of the nation's housing bulls reached new highs this week as they continued to chortle that the show must go on. Desperate for fresh evidence that the boom still has legs, they even stooped so low to quote a government report, of all things.

The U.S. Navy's New Plan to Reach Out and Touch Someone

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted January 24, 2007

When the 16-inch guns of the battleship Iowa fired in anger on our enemies, their firepower was as remarkable as it was deafening. They threw shells the size of a Volkswagen over 20 miles to reach out and pound their adversaries. But compared to the destructive power of future naval guns, those of the Iowa are like the relics that were fired from the tall ships.