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The $17.8 Trillion Market from Silicon Wadi

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted June 22, 2007

According to, the tiny state of Israel has more engineers and scientists per capita than any other country in the world.

The Most Dangerous Man in China

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted June 21, 2007

It will come as no surprise that the military planners deep within the Pentagon continue to wrestle with the growing threats posed by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. But the biggest risk to America might not be an old red General bent on invading Taiwan, but an economic technocrat. His name is Lou Jiwei, and in many ways he’s the most dangerous man in China--especially if you are in the market for a mortgage.

A Perfect Birthday for a Middle Eastern Bull

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted June 20, 2007

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL: As the clock struck midnight on June 10, I had just arrived in Amman, Jordan. My local hosts, vibrant young entrepreneurs and rising stars in government investment initiatives, insisted that I have a drink. Sunday brought mixed gifts of inside information, international travel, and little sleep.

Gates Squirms, Jobs Chuckles

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted June 15, 2007

When it comes to taste in all thing digital, Steve Jobs is a man with an uncanny knack for the pulse of consumers everywhere. It’s a simple fact that’s not lost on his biggest rival, Bill Gates.

Good Money After Bad

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted June 15, 2007

At a commercial real-estate conference earlier this week, Alan Greenspan downplayed concerns that the Chinese might sell their significant holdings of U.S. Treasuries.

Investing in Water

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted June 14, 2007

Investing in water makes perfect sense. These companies are going to make money. . . because no matter how much it costs, there's no substitute for water--period. The laws of supply and demand don't apply here. Only demand rises.

Disruption, Web 2.0 Style

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted June 12, 2007

As Web 2.0 wave continues to evolve, a falling housing market has become the least of every realtor’s nightly worries. Buried beneath the surface is something potentially more disruptive than any quiet open house could ever be.

What do Stocks Have to do with the Price of Pork in China?

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted June 8, 2007

By tripling the tax on brokerage transactions, the Chinese government succeeded, at least temporarily, in restraining the surging Chinese stock market. But my expectation is that the correction will be short-lived. It's not that the Chinese stock market is not a bubble, as it clearly is, only that more air will likely inflate it further before it finally bursts.

Enough Energy for 30,000 Years

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted June 8, 2007

In terms of coal production, the US will likely hit its peak between 2020 and 2030. And that has nothing to do with all that legislation coming down from Capitol Hill (as well as individual states) that will continue to make it harder and harder for coal-based generation to prosper.

The Business of Peace

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted June 7, 2007

KETURA, ISRAEL: What do you get when you mix an Israeli father and a Jordanian son? A bright idea and a hundred million dollars.

Your FICO Score on Steroids

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted June 7, 2007

As Barry Bonds continues to assault the home run mark established by Hank Aaron in 1976, I’m reminded of the last great home run record to fall. That was in 1998 as Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa dueled it out over the course of a long hot summer to see who could top Roger Maris’s magical record of 60 home runs in a season.

Threats and Opportunities: Israel Knows Both

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted June 6, 2007

In the same way that the State of Israel was not born into a vacuum, it is essential to put Israel's energy development in a regional context. Today on the Red Sea, I heard European, Jordanian, and of course Israeli perspectives on Israel’s future in the age of Peak Oil.

America's Growing Cyber-Defenses

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted June 5, 2007

As the series of cyber-attacks in Estonia demonstrated this spring, the battles of ones and zeros fought out between hackers and security experts all over the World Wide Web are by and large bloodless affairs.

Better than British Petroleum

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted June 1, 2007

Sam, our intrepid international investing guru, isn't here to say "I told you so." But we know he's thinking it from afar.

The Bloodless Battles of Cyber-Space

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted May 30, 2007

Like a stealthy member of the Special Forces, the first digital intruder slipped in completely unnoticed. A collection of ones and zeroes disguised like all of the rest, it sneaked deep within the system, riding in along with an endless stream of data.