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U.S. Fighting Strength to be 1/3 Robotic by 2015

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted December 27, 2006

For generations of science fiction writers the idea of robotic hordes ruling the battlefield has been fertile ground for their active imaginations. From “Star Wars” to “The Terminator”, the rise of these machines has been the fodder for some great entertainment. But while these extraordinary machines have captured our imagination in both film and print, the reality of battlefield robots is being played out on battlefields all over the globe.

Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Peak?

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted December 22, 2006

The fact that global demand will rise year after year as our craving for oil continues isn’t questioned. One might assume the natural course of action would be to ramp up exploration in order to meet it, right?

Study Projects 2.2 Million Sub-Prime Borrowers to Lose Homes

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted December 21, 2006

In a 58-page study released yesterday, the Center for Responsible Lending (CRL) predicts that some 2.2 million sub-prime borrowers will lose their homes to foreclosure in the coming years, forfeiting over $164 billion in household wealth in the process.

The Quantum Investor "Person of the Year"

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted December 20, 2006

Time magazine may have punted their choice of person of the year by lamely choosing "You," but here at Quantum Investor our choice was a whole lot easier. That's because in the course of our work we stumble upon this visionary at practically every turn in the road. His name is Stanford Ovshinsky, and in our minds he is the closest thing to Thomas Edison that we have ever seen.

Music of His Own

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted December 19, 2006

NEW YORK, NY: In the City That Never Sleeps, it's easy to think the whole world has come to you. But being here, you realize that though the senses are treated to a 24-hour international array, there is no substitute for seeing the world for yourself.

The Geopolitical Wildcard

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted December 18, 2006

There is nothing more bullish for gold, not even the rapidly accelerating woes of the U.S. dollar, than the destabilizing scenarios that would come with serious global geo-political chaos.

One Way Off the Hook

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted December 14, 2006

The latest foreclosure figures were released yesterday, and in a word they were ugly. According to RealtyTrac, the leading online marketplace for foreclosure properties, another 120,334 properties nationwide entered some form of foreclosure during the month of November.

The Smart Pill's Fantastic Voyage

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted December 13, 2006

Before there was the “Smart Pill,” there was “The Fantastic Voyage.” That was the 1966 science fiction thriller that featured an amazing trip by a miniaturized submarine and its crew into the body of a comatose spy in order to save his life.

Are Humans Smarter than Yeast?

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted December 13, 2006

As we all know, the warning signals we have received about energy, food, species extinction and global warming are just the most prominent issues.

Political Science Fiction

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted December 12, 2006

Whimsical literary musings sometimes come true. The journey described in Jules Verne's From the Earth to the Moon, for example, materialized over a century later. His Journey to the Center of the Earth did not. Academic theories may also be realized, but some are confined to the realm of fantasy.

Be Selective When Investing

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted December 11, 2006

As someone who is constantly evaluating junior mining stocks, I am finding that it is becoming increasingly important to be even more selective when buying shares.

Animal House Lending

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted December 7, 2006

For Scott Greenlaw, CEO of Merit Financial in Washington State, 2004 was one great year. His mortgage company was closing deal after deal and he had been selected by the Puget Sound Business Journal as one of its distinguished “40 Under 40,” a group of young entrepreneurs and rising stars in the business community.

Watching TV on Your Mobile Phone is Closer than You Think

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted December 6, 2006

Every time my new mobile phone rings, I can’t help but be amazed by it. It’s a Motorola Razr phone, and it is so small that half the time I can barely find it even though it’s usually in my pants pocket.

US Lands-World Soars

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted December 5, 2006

Two reports issued in the recent weeks highlight the role that international markets play in moderating declining American economic growth.

Uranium Mining in Australia

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted December 1, 2006

Gold World editor Greg McCoach examines the investment climate of uranium mining in Australia.