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Soft Landing Gear

Posted October 4, 2006

A robust trade in Russian-made counterfeit aircraft parts is worrying many in the aviation industry. Emerging markets can help secure a soft landing for the global economy as the US descends from record altitudes, but the components need examining.

How to Buy Canadian Stocks

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted October 3, 2006

Massive capital opportunities are waiting for you right across the border in the Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange. Here's how you can get in NOW...

Home Prices Meet Mr. Market

Posted September 28, 2006

Baltimore, Md.-Of all of the many things that the internet has given us, I think that Ebay is one of the coolest. It’s the only place on earth that I know of where you can buy a 1957 Johnny Unitas football card, a Florida Vacation home and a lucky tube of air all in the same visit.

NewsFlash - No New Dead Dinosaurs

Posted September 26, 2006

It's been the top question in every radio show I've been on in the past two weeks. "Why is the world suddenly awash in oil?" I writhe in my seat every time, furrowing my brow not out of confusion but frustration. The world seems all too ready to paint itself into the fossil fuel corner yet again.

Privatize Your Wealth Today

Posted September 25, 2006

Today Americans enjoy unlimited benefits from new technologies in our wired world. But those wires send information in two directions, and the access to our personal data has never been more open for abuse.

Housing's Humble Pie

Posted September 21, 2006

Baltimore,Md-Thomas M. Stevens should have known better. After all as the reigning president of the National Association of Realtors, he is a guy that ought to have some bona fide real estate savvy. How couldn’t he?

Don't Worry, Be Happy...Gold is Going Higher!

Posted September 20, 2006

Just as it looked as if the summer doldrums were ending and gold was beginning to creep higher, WHAM, we have a huge sell-off that takes gold below $600 an ounce!

How Swede It Is!

Posted September 19, 2006

It's long been the stoic model of northern European moderation. Though Sweden's seasons vary wildly, the dole doesn't. But there is still economic contrast - high benefits, and unemployment too high for comfort. This past Sunday's elections may change that.

The Most Undervalued Metal on the Market Today

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted September 18, 2006

Zinc prices have slumped nearly 10% in just two weeks. And the 12-month rally has seemingly stalled as prices have remained relatively flat since April. But the fundamentals that have been driving the long-term zinc bull haven't changed one bit.

Real Estate's Unholy Trinity

Posted September 14, 2006

Buying a home is an exciting experience. In fact, it’s kind of giddy, because for a lot of people it represents something of a fulfillment of a dream. That’s how deep the belief in home ownership is in America and the rest of world. But as exciting as the experience is for the homebuyer, it’s extra exciting for the members real estate industrial complex, especially the realtors, the loan officers and the appraisers

Remember the Other Eleventh

Posted September 12, 2006

The news crawler on the morning of December 11, 2001 scooted across the bottom of the TV screen at its normal pace. The previous night's sports scores, some stock prices...Oh, and China was admitted to the World Trade Organization!

Time to Buy Palladium

Posted September 11, 2006

While investors are very familiar with gold, silver and platinum, palladium is often overlooked when considering it as a precious metal for investment purposes.

The Wrath of the "Mortgage Moms"

Posted September 6, 2006

First it was the “soccer moms.” And then it was the “security moms.” But today, according to a story in the Washington Post, our nation’s political future is now in the hands of the “mortgage moms.” And given the state of today’s housing market, they are clearly on to something.

China, Vietnam, and the New Domino Theory

Posted September 5, 2006

Though I doubt he’ll land on the roof of the Hanoi embassy, US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson’s arrival in Vietnam this week is symbolic. Vietnam – vacated in bitterness by Marine helicopter three decades ago – is the newest staging ground for western capitalism.

Caffeinated Commodities

Posted August 29, 2006

Every day it’s a new brew. Coffee can give you a heart attack. Or it can fight cancer. It can make investors rich or turn poor farmers towards the cocaine industry. Today we filter the economics inside a cup o’ joe.