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Life on the Courthouse Steps

Posted November 9, 2006

The story of Zudhi Karagjozi is as old as America itself. From a modest beginning selling real estate in Queens, NY, Mr. Karagjozi grabbed his first rung on the ladder, continued to climb, and when he was done he was the proud owner of Kara Homes, one of the largest builders in New Jersey. Like so many before him, he too rose from his immigrant beginnings to the very zenith of the American Dream.

The EU's Dark Age

Posted November 7, 2006

Though the European Union has attempted to address topics of trade and economic sustainability as a solid front, a half-hour blackout this weekend laid bare the day-to-day frailties of the continental body and its components.

Why I Stayed Up All Night Working on this Letter

Posted November 3, 2006

Well, I actually did sleep-from 4 am to 6 am-but it felt like I was up all night. It took a lot longer to review than I thought it would-primarily because there are so many exciting things to say about what we're doing.

Bill Gates on Technology

Posted November 2, 2006

It's no secret that I think the future of technology stocks looks very good. But it's not my involvement in the sector that makes me say that-it's the potential of the sector that got me involved.

An Avalanche of Mail

Posted November 2, 2006

When I introduced the “Mortgage Matters” aspect of this column last week, I was prepared for a fair amount of interest. But what has come in since that column ran has been nothing short of an avalanche of inquiries.

A New Knife for Washington

Posted October 31, 2006

If a government dominated by one party should run like a hot knife through butter, why does it seem more like the current US leadership is cutting burnt steak with a cold spoon? Brazil's Lula may soon show Bush a thing or two about the winning edge of true coalition building.

Investing In Junior Mining Stocks

Posted October 27, 2006

While the junior mining stock market is slow at the moment, I thought this would be a good time to review how to pick a quality junior mining stock. Many juniors at this point are greatly undervalued, while others don't deserve the valuations they have.

Introducing "Mortgage Matters"

Posted October 26, 2006

Gene Hackman is a great actor. He played the lead in one of my favorite films from the 70s, "The Poseidon Adventure." It’s the unforgettable story of a cruise ship that is struck and capsized by a massive tidal wave at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Warning: Sell These Tech Stocks

Posted October 24, 2006

Now I know I've gone on and on in my previous emails about how great the technology sector is, and about how much money we stand to make by investing in it. But I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't talk to you about the risks of investing in this sector as well. I'd be an irresponsible and reckless individual if I didn't talk about the potential downside here.

Wal-Mart's Worldwide Weight Shift

Posted October 24, 2006

As the big-box retailer par excellence convenes industry analysts in fabulous Teaneck, New Jersey, the company's expansion plans are reorienting far away from the Garden State.

The Big Yawn

Posted October 23, 2006

Our mining stocks this past month have been mostly a "big yawn." The seasonal surge in the metals that we usually see going into the fall appears to be on hold.

Is Tech Investing Only for Professionals?

Posted October 20, 2006

By far the question I most often get asked about investing in technology stocks involves the level of difficulty.

NEWSFLASH...The Fat Lady Has Sung

Posted October 19, 2006

Baltimore, Md.—It may have taken a while and may have been long overdue, but it has finally happened—the fat lady has sung at last. And in singing as she did, she unleashed a monumental downpour on the dreams of housing bulls everywhere.

Forget Wall Street...The "Great Wall" Is Where the Money Is

Posted October 18, 2006

Just the other day I talked to you a bit about the Wireless Wave-the mega-trend taking shape in wireless technologies and services. Today I'd like to get a bit more specific.

New Discoveries Needed

Posted October 18, 2006

As we have been patiently waiting over the summer months and into early fall for the next up wave to take hold, a few juniors have performed well. Why is this, when most other juniors have suffered due to lack of trading volume or interest in the market?