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Invest in Bitcoin? How About the Technology Mining it?

Written by Alexandra Perry
Posted August 11, 2017

Want to invest in Bitcoin? How about investing in the technology that helps create it?

What This Resource Shortage Will Mean to You

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted August 10, 2017

I don't believe in overnight success. It's always the product of the daily grind. That was the situation with the man on the other end of a phone call that left me terrified...

The Ethereum of China Gets a New Name: NEO

Written by Alexandra Perry
Posted August 9, 2017

What is NEO? Formerly known as Antshares, it's the newest digital currency to break the top 10...

Stupidity in Investment-Land

Written by Briton Ryle
Posted August 9, 2017

There's a lot of stupid out there in investment-land right now. Wealth Daily editor Brit Ryle discusses how you can't fix stupid, but you can avoid being part of it.

An IPO Success for Redfin (NASDAQ: RDFN)

Written by Monica Savaglia
Posted August 8, 2017

Redfin's (NASDAQ: RDFN) IPO showed investors some much-needed proof that the IPO market isn't winding down.

How Investors are Profiting from America's Opioid Crisis

Written by Jason Stutman
Posted August 6, 2017

America is facing an opioid crisis of epic proportions, and one little-known drug company is reaping the benefits.

The Coinbase Bitcoin Scandal

Written by Alexandra Perry
Posted August 4, 2017

Coinbase reversed its stance on Bitcoin Cash. Now, Coinbase investors can get the new digital currency... But by the time they do, it could be worthless.

The "Picks and Shovels" of Bitcoin

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted August 4, 2017

Don't buy Bitcoin. Buy the "picks and shovels" of the Bitcoin industry. Wealth Daily editor Luke Burgess shares a strategy for how to profit from bitcoin mining...

Pro Investors Don't Pay Retail

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted August 3, 2017

When you buy shares of a company on the retail market, you're not really investing. You're trading. Here's how to get started actually investing...

Is Bitcoin on Its Last Legs?

Written by Jason Williams
Posted August 2, 2017

After fending off threats of a split last week, it looks like Bitcoin has finally lost the battle. A split is imminent, and it will lead to the obsolescence of the grandfather of digital currencies. But there's still hope for investors...

The Cloud War is Just Heating Up

Written by Monica Savaglia
Posted August 1, 2017

Cloud "veterans" like Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) are feeling the pressure as more and more competition emerges onto the market, raising one question: Who's going to take the lead?

Preparing for Bitcoin Cash

Written by Alexandra Perry
Posted July 31, 2017

Bitcoin Cash is about to hit the market. For Bitcoin investors who are looking to get in on the action, look no further...

What the SEC Ruling Means for Ethereum and Bitcoin

Written by Alexandra Perry
Posted July 31, 2017

The SEC just made a major play in the digital currency world. And it could affect the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum moving forward. Investors take note...

The Investment That Has Musk and Zuckerberg at War

Written by Alexandra Perry
Posted July 31, 2017

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are locked in a battle over this one investment. And considering this investment could be worth $20 billion, investors should take note...

Invest like Jeff Bezos: The World's Richest Man

Written by Jason Stutman
Posted July 29, 2017

Jeff Bezos just became the wealthiest person in the world. Here's how he did it, and where he's looking to invest next.