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Seeing the Good in the Bad

Written by Monica Savaglia
Posted July 7, 2020

As someone who enjoys making a profit, Wealth Daily editor Monica Savaglia likes focusing on what’s going to push her towards the light at the end of the tunnel at times when the world seems darker than ever. And right now that light is going to be the $1.1 trillion biotech industry...

How the Second Wave of COVID-19 Will Affect the Stock Market

Written by Samuel Taube
Posted July 4, 2020

The sudden uptick of COVID-19 cases in a number of states implies that a second wave is coming. Today, Wealth Daily contributor Samuel Taube examines its probable effects on the stock market.

How 5G Became “Urgent Technology”

Written by Jason Williams
Posted July 3, 2020

COVID-19 may have stalled the economy, but it's made the race to deploy 5G connectivity even more important than ever.

Is Tesla's Board About to Give Musk the Heave-Ho?

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted July 2, 2020

Though demand for Tesla products is at all-time highs, and new, even more exciting models are on the way, the whole system may be in jeopardy. And the reason behind this potential disaster has nothing to do with Elon Musk. Wealth Daily editor Alex Koyfman explains why...

Was That the Greatest Quarter Ever? 

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted July 1, 2020

Yesterday, the second quarter ended. In terms of investment returns, it was a blockbuster. In fact, it was the greatest investing quarter of Wealth Daily founder Brian Hicks' entire career — and by a wide margin...

Facebook Getting What It Deserves

Written by Briton Ryle
Posted June 29, 2020

Wealth Daily editor Briton Ryle is LOVING the comeuppance that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is getting right now. This is 100% the arrogant Mark Zuckerberg's fault. Here's why...

How the Caps on Bank Dividends and Share Buybacks Affect You

Written by Samuel Taube
Posted June 28, 2020

The Federal Reserve is capping bank dividends and prohibiting share buybacks throughout the third quarter after stress tests painted a worrying picture of the financial sector’s health. Today, Wealth Daily editor Samuel Taube examines the situation in more detail.

Coronavirus and the Economy: It Isn't Over Yet

Written by Jason Stutman
Posted June 27, 2020

Until now, the economy has been buoyed by aggressive stimulus measures and monetary injection, but this model is only sustainable for so long.

It’s Time to Transfer the Wealth Back

Written by Jason Williams
Posted June 26, 2020

U.S. billionaire wealth has grown by $584 billion since the start of the pandemic. That’s more than the total sent to 150 million Americans as stimulus checks. Wealth Daily editor Jason Williams shows how to transfer the wealth back...

What Is the Real Purpose Behind Musk's Mysterious New Factory?

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted June 25, 2020

Right now, news of a new, mysterious Tesla factory is making waves through the mainstream media. Wealth Daily editor Alex Koyfman ponders what Musk has in store for his new mystery factory...

Is Quicken Loans Going Public?

Written by Monica Savaglia
Posted June 23, 2020

The mortgage company Quicken Loans has been thriving in its industry despite the market volatility we’ve seen thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the Mortgage Bankers Association said that mortgage applications soared 9.3% in the first week of June when compared to the previous week. This could be the perfect year for Quicken Loans to go public. Learn more here...

Why Treasury Bonds Might Not Be a Safe Haven for Long

Written by Samuel Taube
Posted June 21, 2020

The Federal Reserve has pledged not to take interest rates into negative territory - which actually has sobering implications for the market for treasury bonds. Today, Wealth Daily contributor Samuel Taube discusses why the zero lower bound could be the end of the bonds’ status as a safe haven investment.

Fed up With America? Me Too...

Written by Jason Stutman
Posted June 20, 2020

Wealth Daily is seeking input on a new private investment service. We are considering launching a new private investment service for inspiring expats and people considering retiring abroad. Here's what we're thinking...

New Jersey to Invest Millions in California Retirement Program

Written by Jason Williams
Posted June 19, 2020

New Jersey just added $400 million to a “program” started decades ago in California. Our editor, Jason Williams, found a loophole that lets you collect thousands no matter what state you live in...

The Best Indicator of a Top I’ve Ever Seen

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted June 17, 2020

Wealth Daily Founder Brian Hicks got a frantic text a few days ago from an old friend who grew up next door to him. What they and many Americans like them have asked about is very revealing about where investors can look to next...