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Slack Starts 2021 With a Global Outage

Written by Monica Savaglia
Posted January 5, 2021

Slack (NYSE: WORK) started off the new year at a low point. For most people, it was the first day back to work after the holidays, and they couldn’t even log into Slack to start their first workday of 2021. Early Monday morning, Slack reported that a global outage was having a significant impact on its platform.

Megatrends: Part 1 — 5G

Written by Jason Williams
Posted December 18, 2020

Wealth Daily editor Jason Williams brings you part one in a four-part series on megatrends that will shape the markets and drive investor profits for the next decade or more. This week, Jason focuses on 5G and the backbone of the new network...

5G: A World Where Even Your Internal Organs Are on Social Media

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted December 17, 2020

Medical marvels like remote patient monitoring will be just one among dozens of revolutionary new technologies that will be hitting the commercial and consumer markets before the end of this decade. For investors, the big puzzle is finding the one which maximizes the gain potential while minimizing the pitfalls

The Rush to IPO Before 2020 Ends

Written by Monica Savaglia
Posted December 8, 2020

IPOs on U.S. exchanges have already raised a record $156 billion this year, and there are still a few weeks left of December to make even more. Airbnb and DoorDash are set to make their public debuts this week, and if all goes well and each IPO is priced at the top of its price range, both companies will make a combined ~$6.2 billion.

Stressing? This Wearable Helps You Get a Hold of Yourself

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted November 12, 2020

No chemicals, no permanent changes, no side effects. You can use this device to steer your mental condition based on six settings: happy, calm, sleepy, alert, focus, and relax. The best part: The stock is already public.

Will the Government Break Up Facebook and Google?

Written by Samuel Taube
Posted August 1, 2020

Last week, the CEOs of Apple, Alphabet, Facebook, and Amazon were grilled by Congress in a tech antitrust hearing. Was the Congressional action just political theater, or could it have real consequences for investors? Wealth Daily contributor Samuel Taube investigates…

Living on the Edge

Written by Jason Williams
Posted July 24, 2020

This war being waged on the middle class has lasted decades. The American Dream is getting mighty tenuous these days, but Wealth Daily editor Jason Williams has a solution to secure yours that he wants to share with you today.

Global Elite Declare War on Middle Class

Written by Jason Williams
Posted July 10, 2020

A war is being waged against you by the global elite. You can’t fight it, but you can protect yourself. Wealth Daily editor Jason Williams wants to help you survive the death of the middle class and thrive in the new world...

Coronavirus and the Economy: It Isn't Over Yet

Written by Jason Stutman
Posted June 27, 2020

Until now, the economy has been buoyed by aggressive stimulus measures and monetary injection, but this model is only sustainable for so long.

Here Comes the Second Wave

Written by Briton Ryle
Posted June 15, 2020

Last week, the Fed and the coronavirus teamed up to lob a couple shells over the bow of the SS Bull Market. Wealth Daily editor Briton Ryle discusses how a second wave of COVID-19 could impact the businesses we invest in and depend on...

Is Robotics the Pinnacle of Big Tech?

Written by Jason Stutman
Posted May 16, 2020

Robotics is advancing at an incredible pace, and investors who know how to ride this trend are set to see enormous profits. Wealth Daily editor Jason Stutman explains how investors can gain exposure to this ground-breaking market...

Profit From the New Normal After COVID-19

Written by Samuel Taube
Posted May 3, 2020

It’s nice to think that life will go completely back to normal when the coronavirus pandemic is contained — but that’s unlikely. Certain rules, social customs, and economic changes are likely to persist long after COVID-19. Today, Wealth Daily editor Samuel Taube discusses how to profit from the new normal...

Israeli Mossad Style Approach to Coronavirus Tracking

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted April 16, 2020

The technology behind this state-of-the-art human tracking capability is something the Israeli government has been developing, for years, to deal with a different kind of threat: Extremist attacks on civilian and military targets...

This Sector Is Getting Bought Out Faster Than I Can Write

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted April 9, 2020

As you sit there, stuck at home, reading or watching reports of a mounting death count, a collapsing economy, and a deepening panic, it may be hard to believe that there is a technological revolution quietly raging...

Bill Gates and His $644 Million Yacht

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted February 13, 2020

Last week, rumors circulated that Microsoft co-founder and retired tech tycoon Bill Gates joined the rarefied ranks of mega yacht owners, with perhaps the most insane pleasure boat of them all.