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It Consumes Half the Energy Produced by Mankind

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted May 28, 2020

Half of all the energy produced in the world; half of all the electrons flowing out of the world's coal, nuclear, and hydroelectric plants; flowing from its solar and wind farms... all goes into one type of device...

Elon Musk: A Hero, or a Villain?

Written by Jason Stutman
Posted May 2, 2020

Elon Musk is catching flak for his lockdown criticism, but he may actually have a point. Wealth Daily editor and notorious Tesla critic Jason Stutman analyzes Tesla CEO Elon Musk's latest controversy...

This Sector Is Getting Bought Out Faster Than I Can Write

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted April 9, 2020

As you sit there, stuck at home, reading or watching reports of a mounting death count, a collapsing economy, and a deepening panic, it may be hard to believe that there is a technological revolution quietly raging...

Will DoorDash Go Public in 2020?

Written by Monica Savaglia
Posted March 10, 2020

Last week, the food delivery company DoorDash confidentially registered its IPO with the SEC. With coronavirus fears disrupting markets and new legislation for delivery companies, going public in 2020 might not be the best decision for the company...

The Spread of Coronavirus Has Zoom Video Surging

Written by Monica Savaglia
Posted March 3, 2020

As COVID-19 reaches the U.S., more people will be affected by it and most likely quarantined. Wealth Daily editor Monica Savaglia explains why Zoom Video is surging because of this...

Amazon's (Nasdaq: Amzn) Bold New Plan to Disrupt the Traditional Grocery Market

Written by Jason Stutman
Posted February 22, 2020

Amazon is testing out new micro-fulfillment technology in a bid to disrupt the way we buy our food.

China's Hydroelectric Monster

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted January 2, 2020

If you think this Chinese hydroelectric dam looks soulless and ugly, as if it were approved and designed by Soviet Communists, you're not far off. It spans the Yangtze River and isn't just the biggest hydroelectric dam in the world; it’s also the world's most productive power station...

Wyze Confirms Data Leak

Written by Monica Savaglia
Posted December 31, 2019

Smart home camera and device maker Wyze Labs is yet another company affected by a data breach. The company has confirmed that 2.4 million of its users have been exposed during this breach and has begun to investigate the full extent of the damage.

Why I Changed My Opinion on Jack Dorsey and Twitter, Inc. (NYSE: TWTR)

Written by Jason Stutman
Posted December 30, 2019

Twitter is making a radical change to its social media strategy, and it could change the internet forever. Wealth Daily editor Jason Stutman breaks it down and how it may impact certain investors...

The Pentagon's Favorite Little High-Tech Security Contractor

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted December 19, 2019

Security is all but recession proof. When it comes to AI-powered video surveillance technology, the biggest consumer is the U.S. government. After doing some digging, Wealth Daily editor Alex Koyfman managed to find a young, small, relatively unknown contractor making the best stuff on the market...

Protect Your Wealth from Identity Theft (And Grow It With These Cybersecurity Stocks)

Written by Samuel Taube
Posted November 17, 2019

Identity theft is on the rise. Wealth Daily contributor Samuel Taube goes over what to do if your identity is stolen. He also showcases the cybersecurity stocks on the front lines of the battle against identity theft... and shows you how to profit from them.

Buckle Up, the Internet Race Is Just Getting Started

Written by Monica Savaglia
Posted September 10, 2019

Amazon's Jeff Bezos and SpaceX's Elon Musk are battling it out for space dominance. Both are investing billions into LEO satellites in hopes that it brings them billions annually for the years to come. Wealth Daily editor Monica Savaglia clues investors in on how to capitalize...

Will CRISPR Bring Hope or Turmoil?

Written by Monica Savaglia
Posted August 6, 2019

There’s been a lot of controversy involving CRISPR Therapeutics' (NASDAQ: CRSP) gene-editing technology, CRISPR. And to be fair, gene editing is a very sensitive topic. There is still a lot to learn about what’s justifiable. However, there are some really groundbreaking studies happening involving the technology that could bring hope to the lives of millions.

Investing in Elon Musk's Neuralink

Written by Jason Stutman
Posted August 3, 2019

Elon Musk's Neuralink is trying to merge brains with computers. Jason Stutman explains how to invest in the emerging technology making it possible.

Will 5G Be a Dream Come True?

Written by Monica Savaglia
Posted July 30, 2019

5G is the next generation of wireless technology, and it has the potential to bring internet access to 100 million American consumers who lack high-speed internet connections of at least 25 Mbps. Technology and the nation are advancing every day, and no one should be left behind.